Saturday, August 25, 2007

Slipping a Quickie In For Good Measure!

(The painting, still not yet complete was my third effort when I took up painting a couple of years ago...and the graphite drawing, again, was one of my first efforts at that particular genre)

My weekend has been one of spontaneous events, pleasant surprises. Yesterday morning I received a phone call from my ex-sister-in-law and her husband. They live not far from where I play...just around the corner and down the road a bit, to be exact, less than a kilometer away. We don't see a lot of each other as they are always very busy with their work. Lyndall manages a medical centre in Brisbane, therefore she lives in Brisbane during the weeks, only returning to the mountain on Friday evenings for her weekends. Peter, her husband is a barrister with his chambers down on the Gold Coast. He commutes daily to and from his work place. So, it was a pleasant, spur-of-the moment surprise invitation to join them for lunch at their home. They'd stoked up the fireplace, chilled a bottle of champagne and warmed some Turkish bread to be enjoyed with a homemade dip in readiness for my arrival. Peter was busy in the kitchen cooking a leg of pork, plus the obligatory vegetables. He thrives on donning an apron, picking up a sharp knife or three. Me, I just love it when somebody else cooks for me!

Quickly, I showered, dressed, grabbed a bottle of red and headed off. I hadn't planned anything for the day. In fact, I was still propped up in bed reading the Saturday "Courier Mail" when the telephone rang. We had a very pleasant afternoon, a delicious lunch and a fun time catching up on the past few months, coming to the conclusion we'd not seen each other since I had them here at my cabin for lunch back in February! Where to does time disappear?

I've known Lyndall since she was fourteen, so a lot of water has flowed under many bridges since then, for both of us! We email each other often, but never seem to scrounge enough time together to catch up. When we do manage to do so, we always have a wonderful time together.

Today, again I had nothing planned. I received a little windfall in Saturday's Lotto....I got four straight numbers and a supplementary number. Now, one would think that would bring untold wealth, wouldn't one! Well, stop your cheering...all I received back was $34.00! I'm not complaining, however, $34.00 is better than nothing at all!

Being the spendthrift that I am, I raced to the newsagency to collect my winnings. I stopped off at the bakery to indulge myself with some decadently wicked goodies, then off to the supermarket I skipped, where I purchased a whole rib/scotch fillet, pressure-packed that was on special, thinking it would come in handy down the track a bit. I then called into the liquor shop next to the IGA supermarket and bought a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz, to add to my store of bottled juices of the grape. I decided it would be part of my fare for next Saturday's lunch. Shiraz and duck make a good pairing, I believe. Needless to say, my $34.00 winnings soon disappeared, plus more, but none was wasted.

Blue sky that has remained hidden for the past seven days, made a brief appearance. However, heavy, grey clouds decided they didn't want to be overshadowed so they re-appeared, pushing the blue sky behind them. Once more they unload their burden and the rain falls upon our once parched, browned by grost ground. Its thirst still not sated, the ground selflessly and willingly welcomes it.

My cats, who enjoyed their morning of freedom, have just come racing inside, looking accusingly at me. Hey! I don't control the weather. Check with big Al...that's Al Gore or Gore-gonzola!

Remy and Shama have been going a little stir-crazy having been confined to quarters these past few days. I tidy up and straighten the mats in the back area, only to discover within a few minutes they're all topsy-turvy again. These two four-legged, furry mates of mine have great fun skidding around causing mayhem! I must teach them the rules of housework!

Nothing is planned for my afternoon, other than to pick up my book. I'm reading "The Rainbow" by D.H. Lawrence, who is one of my all-time favourite authors. I read "The Rainbow" many years ago, but I felt in need of a dose of Lawrence, so grabbed it off one of my bookcases. Every so often, a wave of "need" takes control of me and I just have to read a D.H. Lawrence book, no matter if I've read them all before. He was a most descriptive writer. His writing flows beautifully. In my very humble opinion, I believe Lawrence should be necessary reading.

So that's me for this off-and-on rainy Sunday afternoon. I hope that you all enjoy your Sunday, equally.


  1. ..but I'll bet that when you see anyone you haven't seen in a while that's a friend, you pick up where you left off, sometimes feeling like no time has passed at all.

    yet somehow.. time goes faster than we'd like it to.

  2. Hi Lee ~~ Lovely surprise and I am glad you had a good day. I love your painting and also your graphic sketch
    You are one very talented lady. Even a small win is good, as it happens so seldom. Glad your washing is getting
    ANOTHER rinse. The rain is great for you Queenslanders. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  3. Hi lee, I thought you would have put your Lotto winnings aside for Cliff's Blogstock '08.

  4. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Rain and a good book and a few errands thrown in for good measure. We don't get a lot of time for that in L.A. :-( Rain is so rare and short anymore. With all the sunshine and things to do, if someone asks how your weekend was on Monday morning, you feel compelled to have a list of things that you did.

  5. Lee, we need a video of those 2 cats running amuck. Maggie does the same with the small dining room rug. I know she has had fun if it is laying on the big rug or out in the hall.

    You either like Al or Hate him, we lived on his Aunt & Uncle place when I was small and my sister was his baby sitter. Oh the stories I could tell. He hung out with Donna and Steve Armistead and I was friends with the younger Armisteads,Carol and Sara. So if you need more I need a secure email. I always tell people I am from Carthage,home town of Al but not to hold that againist me. ha ha

    I loved the story of old friends gathering. Painting for just two years. WOW!!!!

  6. Lovely drawing and painting. You are so talented, Lee. Congrats on the lottery win - "better than a kick in the teesth", we say in Britain - and you've spent it very wisely, I think! Glad you've had such a good weekend. Let me know when you've taught the cats housekeeping!

  7. Yes, Deslily...good friends always pick up from where they left off...time in between visits quickly disappears into no time at all.

    It was a nice surprise, Merle...we always have a good time when we get together. :) The rain certainly has been great, but the poor folk around the Noosa region might have different thoughts with the flooding they've been having.

    Hahaha...I think I might need a bit more that #34.00 for Cliff's Blogstock, Peter. I told him I would attend if I win the lotto between now and then! ;)

    Rain has been very, very rare around this neck of the woods too, Robbie. That is, up until last week. It was much needed. I love the rain. I'm not one for running are here, there and everywhere, so I don't care if people look at me quizzically! I'm used to that! lol I enjoy being at home and find lots to keep me amused and busy. ;)

    Hi Lady Di....our animals do know how to make fun for themselves, that's for sure! As for Al Gore, I'm definitely not a fan of his but it is certainly interesting your knowledge of him and his. ;)

    Yep...I decided to try my hand at painting and drawing only a couple of years ago...teaching myself as I go along and I thoroughly enjoy it.

    Good to hear from you all...thanks!

  8. The painting and drawing are great!.....My cat Buddy is in the cathouse for killing a baby cardinal this morning. I'm sure the event made his Sunday a banner day. We could use a little rain in Houston, not torrential.

  9. Ah, I like surprises like that - and I love it when someone else will cook for me. But the rain - you can keep that. The sun actually came out here today and I wandered the Leas as there was an antique car show there. I am not the least bit interested in cars but some members of my family while they looked at the cars (I did take the obligatory glance) I looked at the sea - which to me is far more satisfying.

  10. Well now, sounds like you have had a busy day, but an enjoyable one. Congrats in the winnings and you're right it may not have been much, but it did enable you to buy that wonderful meat and drink. Just remember when you cook it to invite me ... smiles.

  11. snuck in while I was replying to my earlier commenters! I'm not sure about being "talented", Welsh...but I give it all a try! lol
    Thanks. :) I doubt these two rascals of mine will ever take heed of me regarding housework...unfortunately! ;)

    Oh...that happens periodically, AM...mine rarely catch birds...mostly they just sit out amongst them, ignoring their feathered neighbours...but once in a while they come in with one, but that isn't often, thank goodness. And mostly when that occurs, I manage to save the bird. I can count on one hand, with fingers left over how many they've caught. As you say, it's nature. Us humans do worse to each other every moment of the day...worst luck. We never learn, whereas I believe our cats do. :)

    I'd be like you, Rebecca, rejoicing at the view of the sea. I like cars...but I think the sea would have preference. :)

    Good to see you again, Inside Our Hands...actually, I cut off a thick steak and grilled it for myself,
    preparing a nice fresh mushroom in red wine sauce to go with it. I was pleasantly surprised just how tender and juicy the steak was. I thought I'd try a piece of it and if it turned out to be tough, I would marinate the rest in red wine and roast it, but instead I cut it all up into thick steaks for later "devourment"! It's too nice a piece to be roasted. It was on special and it was a very good "buy". So, now I have five thick steaks sitting in my there's enough for you when you come over! ;)

    Thanks one and all for your comments. :)

  12. Teach cats rules? Lotsa luck. Cats despise rules and hold those who impose them in contempt. ;)

    Sounds like they have their own style of surfing. I am with you on grilling steaks. Any other method is an abuse of a good cut. The wine or beer does not taste as well while watching an oven, either.

  13. Hey, are correct! These two of mine have me well-trained! ;)

    Ahh...the steak was delicious...cooked to perfect and eaten with gusto! Good to see you. :)

  14. I just had to come back to tell you that it rained here today!!! Well it was more like all the angels decided to spit at the same time. But is very unusual for any precipitation at this time of year.

  15. Ahhh..see, Robbie...I sent it over to you. It's all blue skies here today. :)

  16. I haven't read any Lawrence - disgraceful, isn't it?!

    I like your flower painting but especially like your drawing.

  17. I have a few people in my life that whenever I see it's like we were never apart. but yet we never seem to get together often enough.

  18. It's so disappointing when you get all those numbers and just $34. But wisely spent indeed.
    I love DH Lawrence too, although I haven't read him for many years. One of my best friends was married to DH Lawrence's wife's cousin. Frieda von Richthofen, who ran off from her husband and three children to marry him. My friend calls her the black sheep of the family.

  19. $34 WOOO HOOO. I never win anything. Something is better than nothing. Good going.