Friday, July 26, 2013


Western view from up here on the mountain...taken just around the corner from where I live
Ad The plateau at the right rear in this photo is the hill upon which I dwell - Tamborine Mountaind caption
Me smiling - or is it Shama?
Remy pondering what to write in his blog...or is it me?

Have you ever noticed that some people suit their names or vice versa...either which way? 

Once upon a time I worked with a guy named Dick. He certainly was name-appropriate; if you know what I mean!  Unfortunately, there are a few too many uncontrollable Dicks running about our world; no matter where we live.  They should all be locked away for their safety…and ours!

There is a rumour going around; it’s been running rampant for years, actually.   The rumour is that after a while we humans begin looking like our pet/s (if we have a pet, of course.  It’d be even more disconcerting if we didn’t have a pet, and we started looking like a dog or cat)!

Now that I’ve had pause to ponder the subject, there have been a few instances where I’ve noticed a resemblance between some pet owners and their respective pets!

If once upon a time you used to have straight hair, and you’ve noticed lately that your once-straight hair is turning curly without the help of your hairdresser or rollers, you’re probably a poodle owner.  If your ears have suddenly had a growth spurt and are flopping around a bit, blame it on the cocker spaniel lying over there on the rug in front of the log fire or heater. 

When the morning paper is thrown over your front fence and you refuse to budge, making no effort whatsoever to go out to collect it, you’re mostly likely morphing into your cat. I have two furry, four-legged rascals, so there is no hope for me!

It’s just as well giraffes aren’t popular household pets.  Our ceilings are not high enough to accommodate the changes ahead.

What started me on this train of thought was an interesting, yet somewhat sad and unsettling documentary I watched about an experiment wherein a woman raised a chimpanzee in human society.  When only days old the chimp had been snatched, screaming, from its mother’s arms.  Of course, the story doesn’t end there, but my point, without becoming long-winded (I think it already has), is I could see a marked resemblance between the chimp and his human “mother”! 

Also, there’s a world-renowned, much-lauded and awarded female primatologist who shall remain unnamed herein who closely resembles my time-wasting, personal observations! Again, this is only my own humble, uninformed, probably over-imaginative opinion with no scientific research or facts to prove it; one, I’m sure, many will dispute. In my eyes, it looks like the primatologist has spent too much time with the chimps, if, once again, you understand my inference. 

I won’t even think about broaching dog shows!  I think I’ve covered it all; and have probably said too much already.

I’ve been wondering if the same phenomenon applies to cars and their owners.  I think it does.  At least, it does in my case.    

My poor little car, Bessie, is almost as old as I am.  Bessie limps along; I hobble along.  She’s showing a lot of wear and tear; so am I.  The rot is setting in for both of us. She won’t go anywhere without me; and vice versa. Bessie, like me, only travels as far as IGA Supermarket and back home again. That’s our limited range of travel; but we're happy with that. We’re not an adventurous, curious pair. We're loners, and we're happy being that way, too!

I have my visa extended every time I need to travel further afield to the Post Office or the Westpac Bank. 

I very rarely go off the mountain.  If I can help it, I never leave the hill. 2006 is the last time Bessie and I, as a duo, descended the mountain together to the nether regions.   

However, I have had my passport stamped before accompanying others in their vehicle a few times; not many, to visit the Gold Coast to see a movie; but only when I desperately wanted to see a particular movie on the big screen; for example – Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”; and “Water for Elephants”. Also, I’ve escaped my mountain greenery for the odd lunch or two.  Not “odd” in a weird way…but in a “rare occurrence” way.

My feet are firmly planted on top of the mountain. I rarely venture further than the invisible elastic rope tied around my waist allows. It rebounds very quickly, taking me with it; and that suits me just fine. 

The Gold Coast has never been enticing to me, even when I was younger.  The Sunshine Coast is my preferred habitat. 

I do love the beach and ocean, but I don’t like concrete jungles; and that is what the Gold Coast has become.  It’s the second largest city in Queensland. I can live quite comfortably and happily without cities playing a role in my life.

These days I have no desire to go to Brisbane, either.

However, that’s just me. That’s how I am. It makes me neither right nor wrong.

It’s no rumour that I’m a bit weird!  I freely admit I'm becoming more eccentric as each day passes.  I'm proud to be an eccentric!

 Even more so nowadays, my old car and I are becoming as one! I’m full of aches, pains and groans. From the sounds that emanate from my little car when I coax her to start, we suffer from similar ailments.  Perhaps I need an oil change!

Getting motivated on rainy days is an ailment we both suffer; but as I refrain from going out on rainy days, preferring to snuggle up indoors, it doesn’t cause despair to me. I love rainy days; and I love staying indoors on rainy days. 

Bessie draws quite a few quizzical, critical looks from passers-by; as do I, no doubt! We both do our best to ignore them.  As long as we can still visit the supermarket, that’s all I ask.  I’ve no desire or need to travel far and wide.  I live a simple life, purposely and with purpose; and enjoy doing so.

What I can’t purchase here on the hill; I do so online without the anxiety caused by wondering whether Bessie and I will make it down the mountain, let alone back up again; or having to deal with the hustle and bustle of large, busy shopping centres, and the mayhem on the roads and motorways where everyone is in a hurry, impatient to arrive at their destinations.  To top it off…I hate large shopping centres.  Allowing my fingers to do the walking and purchasing online in the comfort of my own surroundings suits me down to the ground.

Until I can save enough money to buy a replacement car (which will be sad in a way – as I’m very attached to Bessie; and she to me, I'm sure), my car and I shall remain best mates, We'll continue to ignore the questionable looks tossed our way. We’ve shared much together; we’ve travelled far and wide through the years and through Queensland. We mean no harm to anyone. We hurt no one; nor have we yet lost our dignity!  We get dressed up for every game…and trip!

An elusive worthwhile win in the Lotto would help. One must have his/her pipe dreams and fantasies!

If I’ve started to look like Bessie, too bad; I don’t mind if I now resemble a Ford Festiva!

On the same theme, many couples after cohabitating for numerous years begin to look like each other; or so some do believe!  If this is true, I’ll bet London to a brick Maria Shriver is glad she kicked Arnie out of the nest! Sharon Osborne should take the time to look at her options, as well – just to be on the safe side; perhaps that’s the reason she’s had so much facial adjustment!  It’d be okay if both partners were female with Angelina Jolie as one partner; or the other way around; with one partner, Brad Pitt!  You know what I mean!

Oh! Dear! I’ve detoured from the beaten track!  Such an easy thing for me to do – with or without a vehicle.

Banana-Blueberry Bread: Grease and flour 2 loaf pans. Cream 1/2c butter and 1c sugar; beat in 2 eggs; add 1c mashed ripe bananas. Measure 1-1/2c plain flour; reserve 2tbls; coat 1c frozen or fresh blueberries in reserved flour; set aside. Add 1tsp baking soda and 1/4tsp salt to flour; mix well; stir in 1/2c quick-cook oats; fold into banana mixture; add 1tsp vanilla; fold floured blueberries into batter; add 1/2c chopped nuts; pour into loaf pans; bake about 50mins in 163C oven.  

Savoury Banana Drop Scones: Mix together 250g soft cream cheese, a little milk and 1-2tbls chopped fresh chives; set aside. Combine 2 large, very green bananas, mashed, 25g finely-chopped onion, 1 crushed garlic clove, pinch each oregano, thyme, salt and pepper; add 1 beaten egg; mix into dough. Heat oil in pan; drop spoonfuls of mixture into hot oil; fry until set; serve piping hot with lashing of cream cheese-chive topping.  

Peanut Paste-Banana Sandwich: Use fresh whole wheat slices or toast the bread; whatever you desire; slice ripe bananas; spread honey and peanut paste on bread; add banana slices; cover with other bread/toast slice.
Apple-Banana Sandwich: Mash bananas with lemon juice and lemon zest; add 1c shredded carrot; place lettuce leaves on pumpernickel; smooth banana mixture over lettuce; top with a couple of apple slices. Spread peanut paste on the pumpernickel first, if you like – experiment!


  1. Girl I am way behind on readin'. Just finished the last four of yours. You always make me either smile or LOL at how your gray matter works. I often have seen the same animals with 4 or 2 legs traveling together. My imagination runs unchecked most of the time. If someone looks like a certain name, it is hard for me to rewire their real name into me brain. As for some folks, well they are certainly examples of evolution. Our so called first lady MOOShal. Nuf said. Enjoyed all the post. Peace

  2. If it has been quite a while since your last oil change, I would think twice about having one now. For your seals may not be able to hold the much thinner fresh oil, and that would leave a terrible mess around the house--not too mention the added smoking and back-firing. Of course, I hear that Adullamite has become quite good at house cleaning...

  3. You're a lady of like mind and kindred spirit, Lady Di. I'm glad I'm not alone in my mind wanderings! ;)

  4. Now there's a thought, Jerry. Adullamite does confess to having a flair for housekeeping!! Hmmmmm.....

  5. There is truth is what you say.
    I am beginning to look like the laptop.
    I go slow for no reason, catch virus's and cease suddenly.

  6. Adullamite...we could have a competition to see who goes the slowest. I think I'd win! I don't (touch wood) catch viruses...I've never had the flu in my life and the last time I had a cold was back in 1998.

    However, I do cease suddenly...I can freeze on the spot!!

  7. So what does that say about me if I drive a red Mustang? It looks like you're in a lovely place. "there are a few too many uncontrollable Dicks running about our world; no matter where we live." Too true!

  8. Wow! That says a lot, RC! I love Mustangs!

    I remember going to race meetings back in the Sixties especially to see the Mustangs race; and being so thrilled to see them for the first time. At the meet, the first time they were racing here, at a popular track at the time...Lakeside, we were so enthralled watching the Mustang we missed seeing the biggest crash of the day...just in front of us on the track!

    And after all...they are Fords! :)

  9. You live in a gorgeous place!

  10. Yes, up here on Tamborine Mountain is a nice place to live,'s not far from the cities, if needed...and I never find the need! ;)

  11. I would probably never leave that mountain either; looks nice. I am starting to resemble my car as well; I'm getting as fat as a pickup truck. I wonder if I buy a compact car if I would easily lose weight as well?

  12. Very interesting - I'll have to discuss it with Simi!

  13. Hi Dexter...perhaps it would be wise to lose weight before buying a compact...otherwise you may find yourself compacted inside it, unable to get out again...or just be happy and stick with the pick-up! ;)

  14. And what did Simi think about it all, Pat?

  15. Now I want one of those sandwiches!

  16. One of each...they're on their way to you, Cosmo...keep an eye on your mailbox. :)