Thursday, August 03, 2017


            When a gentle breeze brushes your cheek
             It is a caress from me - a tender loving butterfly
            Never feel blue when life overwhelms - all appears
           If ever you are helplessly falling into a dark deep 
           Confidently reach out knowing I am by your side
          The miracle of unceasing deep love surrounds you
          Lift yourself up high to see beyond distant 
          When you wake know I’ll be beside you the day
          I  am the brightest star above sparkling like 
          Constantly my endless love will be your guide                           
          Always I will be sitting on your right shoulder
         Guiding you to achieve your aspirations your
         When you feel lost or alone take a deep breath - be
         Look to the stars at night cherish the sun’s warm 
         Confirmations I am always watching over you
             I wish you love – I wish you happiness
                         You will never walk  alone...

Sharon with her daughters...Shyloh, 9 years, and Makayla, 11 years old

Article from the Noosa News.....

"Noosa mourning the death of mum of two Sharon Cuthbert"

Noosa News

August 1, 2017 9:54am

A QUEENSLAND community is in mourning, following the tragic death of a mum of two who died after being hit by a truck last week.
Tributes have poured in for 39-year-old Noosa Council employee, Sharon Cuthbert, Noosa News reports.
Sharon Cuthbert was tragically killed when she was struck by a truck in Coolum. Picture:
Mrs Cuthbert was killed on Thursday when she struck by a truck on School Rd, Coolum, about 5.10pm.
It is clear Ms Cuthbert had a profound impact on the community, with many people taking to Facebook to mourn an “amazing, lovely, caring friend” that “blessed their lives”.
Council CEO Brett de Chastel said Mrs Cuthbert would be ‘sorely missed’.
“Our Council is in shock following the tragic loss of Sharon in last Thursday’s accident,” he said.
“Sharon was a much loved member of our staff having worked at Noosa Council for over 10 years.
“Sharon will be sorely missed.
“Her radiant smile and friendly approach made her so popular with both her colleagues and our customers.
“Our thoughts at this time also go out to her family who are in deep shock at what has happened.”
Friend and Noosa News employee Nadia Colbourn said Mrs Cuthbert’s maiden name had a special meaning to those who knew her.
“Her first (maiden) name was Angelo, which is Italian for angel,” Ms Colbourn said.
“She truly was an angel. She was a sweetheart.”  End Article

Above is just one of the many reports in the newspapers over this past week. 

Sharon was my half-brother’s daughter (step-daughter).  My half-brother, Warren helped raise Sharon and her sister, Kristy from when they we young children aged around five and six.  The young family live at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast; Warren and his wife, Sharon’s mother live at Tewantin, near Noosa Heads, also on the Sunshine Coast.

Sharon, a young, vibrant mother, who doted on her girls and her husband, Michael, was tragically, senselessly killed on Thursday, 27th July, 2017.    

She had just arrived home from work.  It was 5.10 pm.  She pulled off the road, onto the footpath...onto the driveway leading into their yard. She was standing about six feet from their carport.

A large truck towing a mulcher recklessly sped along the street, mounting the footpath, it struck Sharon.  She didn’t stand a chance.

Her two little girls, Makayla, aged 11 and Shylah, aged 9 years, were inside the house with their father at the time of the tragedy....only metres away.

A very happy little family unit of four, is now, without rhyme or reason...three.
I keep asking the question “Why?”’s a question to which I know there is no 

I’m at a loss...I feel hollow inside....a dark cloud of sadness has descended over envelops and weighs won’t leave...

Two little girls have had their mother ripped from their lives....they’re left without their mother....their father, Michael, has lost the love of his life.

Sharon’s funeral is being conducted as I’s being held this morning...commencing at 11 Gregson and Weight Funeral Homes, Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast.  Sharon will be interred at the nearby Tewantin Cemetery.

The driver of the truck has been charged with culpable driving causing death.  After testing alcohol and methamphetamine were found in his system.  Knowing how gutless our justice system is, he will probably get only a rap over his knuckles and sent on his way.

Yes....I am very,very sad....and yes....I am very, very angry.....a pointless, unnecessary loss of life of a wonderful young woman.

The poem, shown above, I composed on Tuesday.  I had two copies of it on quality blue paper- Maky’s favourite colour; and the other on quality red paper- Shylah’s favourite colour.  I’ve had them professionally framed, and this morning posted the poem along with some other little gifts for the girls in the hope they will gain some comfort.......


  1. I am so sorry - what a tragic event - that is so sad and uncalled for. I will pray for her family - she was beautiful!

  2. What a sad story. You have my sincere sympathy.

  3. How awful. It's such a tragedy for a family to be torn apart like that. May the driver of the vehicle suffer badly.

  4. Our lives can change forever in a second. I am so sorry for your's and your family's loss.

  5. I am so sorry about this, it's just too unfair.
    I hope the culprit gets so much more than a rap on the knuckles. Being drunk and drugged is no excuse. A life has been lost, a wife and mother, gone. And he probably doesn't even realise what he did.

  6. My deepest condolences on your loss. Your beautiful poem gave me goose bumps.

  7. Oh my - what a tragedy for your family! I'm so sorry for the loss of this wonderful woman. Your poem is such a loving tribute - beautiful. Hugs!

  8. What a sad story. You have my sincere sympathy.

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  9. right in her own front yard sad indeed. so very sorry for your loss and for her family's loss.

  10. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and heartfelt words.

    I feel for the young family. I feel for Sharon's mother...she, too, is affected deeply...having lost her daughter.

    We're not related by blood. My half-brother was Sharon's step-father...but it doesn't lessen the sorrow I feel.

    I'm at a loss to know or understand how anyone gets past a tragedy like this.

  11. Oh Lee .... I am so sorry! I did hear this on the news and was distressed to hear of this beautiful young woman losing her life and I didn't know her. How sad and angry you must feel. Such an unnecessary loss and yes the truck driver will get away with a rap on the knuckles. Sharon's husband and children will get the life sentence. Gentle hugs and whippy kisses to you. Your poem is a wonderful and I'm sure, one day, those little girls will gain much comfort from it. What a lovely thing for them to have.

    1. Hey Charlie,,,,the tragedy has struck a chord with many up that way. Sharon wa well-liked and involved very much with the kiddies' activities etc. She had a wide circle of friends.

      Thank you. :)

  12. Now I know why you were feeling down. Just when life seems perfect and simple, something terrible like this happens. Your poem - partly drawn from your own experiences of loss - is a very lovely and very kind creation that I hope the two girls will gain some comfort from as they grow older. Farewell Sharon - forever beautiful and thirty nine for all time.

  13. What a terrible senseless tragedy that will impace those three lives forever. My condolences to them and to yourself as you struggle through this time.

  14. A tragedy that has deeply touched you and her entire family. The poem brings tears of love and sadness. And we scream how and why. So very sorry.

  15. What a great sadness to befall any family, I can only wish the entire family strength for today, tomorrow and always.

  16. Yorkie, Delores, Annie and Blogoratti...thank you for your kind comments.

    Yes, Yorkie...I didn't want to write a "childish" poem, if you understand my meaning; I wanted to write a poem that the two little girls can grow that still has relevance into their adulthood.

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

  17. Lee, I am so very sorry for this loss to you family.
    Your poem that you wrote is beautiful.
    I don't know if you know this, my name is Sharon Kay...I have always been called Kay but when I meet a Sharon, I always tell them my first name and I tell them, I have never met a Sharon that I didn't like.
    Wish I could just fly to Australia and give you a big hug. xx

    1. Thank you very much, Kay. Sharon was such a happy, vivacious young woman, loved by many...this past week or so has been testament to that...overwhelming so.

  18. It's something that has affected me a lot. I'm really saddened by what's happened. How can this be? I thought my own life was bad but it's nothing when you see what has happened here. Such a tragedy. :(

    1. It has affected me deeply, too, Treey...I just can't get it out of my mind. My heart breaks, particularly for the two dear little girls who no longer have their mother. I've had a permanent sick feeling in my stomach since I learned of the tragedy. What has happened is shocking...absolutely shocking.

      Thank you for your comment.

  19. Oh, Lee, I can't begin to tell you how saddened I by this. My heart goes out to you and her family.
    The poem is poignant and wonderful.

    1. Hello is a terrible, terrible very sad, indeed. Thank you for your comment.

  20. Oh Lee, I am just so sorry to read this.
    My sincere condolences

    All the best Jan

    1. Hey Jan....It's a very tough time, emotionally, for the young family concerned...very, very sad for them....beyond one's imagination.

      Thanks for coming by.

  21. I'm so glad you had that lovely family to change the day to happy for you. I was thinking about that employee who was brusque with you, that you should have whacked him in the head with your stick. :)


  22. I am so, so sorry, Lee. How fucked up. Similar thing happened to my mother-in-law. Please email if you need a virtual hug.

    1. Thank you, RK. And you are is so fucked up at times. So unfair and just not right.

      I spoke with Sharon's husband today...he's a good,fine fellow. The little girls went back to school on Monday...just half the day for their first day back since their mother's death. One step at a time - one day at a time.

      I appreciate your hug. :)

  23. There are no words adequate to express what I feel.

    1. I understand, Graham...sometimes words are never enough. I feel for those two little girls, in very, very sad.

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  25. What a terrible senseless tragedy that will impace those three lives forever. My condolences to them and to yourself as you struggle through this time.