Monday, September 03, 2007

Sorry! I Ran Out of Time, But I'm Baaack!!!!

I wish I could make these pictures larger for you, but I've had so much trouble as it is just getting them to this point, I dare not fiddle around any more as I've hardly any hair left after this morning...I've wasted so much time as it is! Don't ask me what I'm doing wrong as I have no idea and I'm not in the mood right now to go into any further detail! (Have you guessed yet that I have little patience when things don't go according to plan?)....Duh! If you click on the paintings, you will get a larger version thereof!

Anyway, the painting are by me. "Reflections In Blue" (which is self-explanatory, I believe) I completed late last year. "Sunrise" was completed last week.

These two I intend keeping. The last few paintings I've given away. If I keep going along that path, I'll have none left for myself. It's difficult giving paintings away, I find. Like poetry, they are a personal expression, and are unique to the creator.

When I first began cheffing, I suffered similar anxieties and feelings of "loss" when seeing plates of my food disappearing out the kitchen doors in the hands of the waitresses. So much of one's self is put into the preparation of a meal. I used to become so anxious of what could happen to my "baby" once it left my hands to meet its final destination, the diner! (Nope...there's nothing wrong with in three psychologists would definitely attest to that!)

Time has been my enemy these past few days. It's been playing "hide 'n seek" with me and has been disappearing with no intention of ever returning.

Take this morning, for example...because of all my fiddling around with my digital camera and computer, most chores (pleasant chores) on my planned list of things to do this morning are still on the list, unattended!

Saturday came and went in a bit of a blur. I had guests for a wonderful lunch of duck. As mentioned previously, the entree was a delectable feast of fresh prawns with diced avocado, vine-ripened tomatoes, diced, Spanish onion in dressing made from seeded mustard mayonnaise and Italian dressing on a bed of Mesclun. I marinated the duck overnight in soy and hoisin sauce, brown sugar, a splash of brandy, crushed garlic, a few sprinkles of chilli flakes, crushed ginger, Chinese five-spice powder and a dribble of honey, then roasted it in the oven, periodically basting it with the marinade.

For the dessert, I finally decided to make a peach, apple, chopped crystallized ginger and plump raisin strudel, served with hot custard.

Our day commenced with champagne, followed by Rosemount Shiraz for the red wine drinkers and Rosemount Show Reserve Chardonnay for the white wine drinker in our midst, to be completed with Mexican Coffees (Kahlua and brewed coffee, topped with cream).

Much laughter and debate flowed throughout my cabin as we grazed over a long and leisurely lunch. It was fun.

A new week is underway during which I'll try to harness some time. Bear with me, I do promise you I will finish my "Italian Invasion" tale.


  1. Neocon6:31 PM

    Everything sounds lovely to me except for the raisins in the streudel.


  2. Sorry about the raisins, Neo...pick them out! ;) Thanks for must have been waiting just outside my door! ;)

  3. Neocon6:49 PM

    That's what I always do, Lee is pick them out! Otherwise everything else is just lovely!

  4. Neocon6:52 PM

    I hope that comment hasn't gotten me removed from some culinary group or something! I'd hate it if I were no longer one of the crowd or was not one of the mates, as it were!

  5. lol Of course not, Neo! Hahahahaha! My father-in-law didn't like sultanas in his bread and butter puddings so when I made one I never put them in when he was coming to'll leave out the raisins on your behalf! ;)

  6. Neocon7:12 PM

    Lee, don't leave them out, I'll just pick them out! Actually, I'm very good at it. Oh, my, I love bread and butter puddings (without raisins) so maybe we could come to some accord!

  7. I'm sure we can, Neo...they are not obligatory in B & B puddings! I'll make you "Lee's Internationally World-Famous Bread & Butter Pudding" as it became known when I was on Hinchinbrook Island, when you come to visit! ;)

  8. Hi Lee ~~ Glad your Saturday luncheon went well and you and your friends all enjoyed the food and the company.
    I loved your paintings and they enlarged enough to see them clearly'I think I liked the reflections one best - I'd imagine that would be hard to do, trees above and then again in the water. Anyone who can draw a tree is great in my opinion. Take
    care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  9. Hi there Merle...thanks for your comments. It's good to see you as always. :)

  10. love both the paintings, and sure can understand why you don't want to give them away! It's got to be hard when someone has so much time and emotion put into something to then turn around and give it away.

  11. Is your delay in writing really down to you being unable to move after all that yummy food and drink?!

    Time does hide, doesn't it? And then leaps out and tells you you're late!

  12. Lee
    Loved the paintings. Yeah they are a big part of the artist and it is so very very hard to hand them over for others to keep.
    We have this traffic reporter here in Tn who is always making the statement "You need to pick up some extra time" but he never ever tells us where to pick it up. Maybe when you harness it you can tell him where it is located. LOL.
    I love rasins and like them on a Peanut butter sandwich.
    take care

  13. Lovely paintings, Lee. Well done. That strudel sounds delicious! Yes, do finish "The Italian Invasion"!

  14. Hey Deslily..good to see you. Glad you understand what I'm trying to the same breath...I'm running out of space on my walls! ;) nailed it! I didn't move around much on Sunday, I must admit! ;)

    G'day Lady Di...glad you like the paintings. If I manage to harness time, Lady Di...I might have discovered a way to become incredibly rich!! ;) Raisins with peanut butter...I've never heard about that one...ummm...

    Hey just reminded me that I've still got a piece left over of that strudel. I must have it later.

    Thanks everyone. :)

  15. Those paintings are awesome, particularly Reflections in Blue. Of course, I'd be partial to that one being a Michigan Wolverine maize 'n blue fan (Go Blue!).
    The colors are so bright and vibrant. Makes me think of the tropics.

    Is it just me or does it seem like you're always preparing prawns and/or duck. Must be two of your favorite dishes.

  16. is just you, Dave. I've not prepared duck for quite some previous post regarding duck was about this particular luncheon....I wrote it in advance telling about my plans. Prawns, I do prepare and devour more often.

    Thanks for your painting comments. :)

  17. Lee, Reflections in blue is my favorite too.... and I appreciate your talent, since I can barely draw my breath! Now, you have made us all hungry, but we are even hungrier for more about the italian stallion :)

  18. lol AM....pant! pant! ;)

  19. You do have the talent. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. Beautiful paintings, Lee.

    Just curious, did you ever take lessons?

  20. No, lessons. I'm just teaching myself as I go along. I'm not one for classes or groups, preferring to go it alone. I read a lot and teach myself that way and by "hands on". Thanks for your comment. :)

  21. Lee,
    The reason I asked was Stormy's Mom painted for years, and had no formal training. She painted a "Reflections" that was on our fireplace mantle for many years.

    It's packed away for now, until I get off of my lazy backside and finish out the interrior of our place.

    My Mom, God rest her, was also talented, and did both oil and pastels. I sadly didn't inherit the talent. My two Neices did though.

    Never quit. My mom quit while we were growing up and never painted again. I even bought her a lot of paint tubes, an easel, brushes, and more. She never even tried to get going again. I think she lost her patience with the process.

  22. I find painting to be very relaxing and I can lose myself in it when doing a painting. The rest of the world disappears. It's a pity your mother didn't take it up again, Marc.

    I believe everyone can draw or paint (if I can, you can!)'s the same as with everything else...practice, practice, practice. Plus it's a very "individual" do it "your" is unique to the individual doing the work. With all that beauty and natural life around you there where you live and with your ability with the camera, I'm sure you would do well with the paint brush, crayon or pencil, too. :)

    I use acrylics mostly now...I have done some watercolours, but I like working with acrylics.

  23. I love the paintings Lee, so you can give them to me, if you don't want to keep them.
    I hope you've been busy with interesting things but we are glad to see you back.

  24. Some interesting, jmb...some not so interesting, but necessary. ;)