Sunday, January 06, 2013


The “new again” excludes me. I’ve not yet tried renewal revival or rejuvenation experimentation; perhaps I should, but I’m still enjoying my first childhood. To date, my second one hasn’t yet come a-knocking. At least, I don’t think it has. I don’t recall it announcing its arrival. Maybe I didn't hear it the day it came knocking on my door; although, as far as I'm aware, my hearing isn't on the wane! Perhaps, I did hear it, but chose to ignore it. I hate unexpected, uninvited visitors, so the latter could very well be what happened.

I suppose I could do with a retread. My exterior is showing some wear and tear, which is an obvious clue, but my mind stubbornly refuses to succumb to the ravages of the rapidly passing years. Rather than go for the "nip and tuck" and a jab of Botox, I just skirt around all mirrors and shop windows without casting a glance their way...simple...and painless! That's no reflection on me!

Be gone, Demon of Aging! You’re not welcome here!

Repetitively we’re told to recycle; reuse; re-adapt; reprocess; recover; salvage; re-utilise; recondition; renew; replenish; regurgitate. Well, maybe not “regurgitate”! I got carried away. So many "re's" - it's hard to keep tab!

Knowing when to stop is, at times, a problem.

George Orwell warned about “Big Brother” in his novel, “1984”, but he failed to mention “Big Father” and “Big Mother”.

The media is replete with reports handing out myriad instructions on how we should conduct our lives. I wish “they” would stop treating me like a child. Repeatedly, we’re told what we should or shouldn’t do. Have the mysterious “they” nothing better to do with their time other than conceive wild and woolly ideas? The rest of us are told to follow, like sheep, the outcome of their researches; and often, those outcomes are disproved within a few years! The results of many researches are pretty feral; some simply hideous! Repeatedly, it’s blatantly obvious some subjects don’t need researching.

I don’t need to be told to recycle; at least not have it shoved down my throat, day in; day out! I agree with recycling. I grew up in an era when little was wasted. We recycled long before recycling became the “in” word. We didn’t need the so-called "experts" constantly nagging at us. I even recycle air here at home! Air comes in; air goes out, then it wafts around outside before re-entering, at which point I inhale it again – often! I exhale regularly, too. So the cycle continues!

Recycling extends beyond decency or understanding in some areas. For instance, our law courts. Our courts are guilty of this extremely disturbing transgression. By handing out their lenient, laughable sentences, the courts appear intent on recycling criminals! It’s a joke, but, like Queen Victoria (not in appearance), I’m not in the least bit amused. Every time I hear of or read about the latest frivolous judicial judgments, I become frustrated and very angry.

It’s beyond my imagination what our hard working police must feel! I bet they’ve little hair left! Reprocessing should be put in place and re-utilised as far as our court system is concerned; a few old-fashioned stiff, unforgiving penalties from the past should be recycled. They wouldn’t go astray if renewed!

I’ll cease beating my drum ..for now! I'll put it and my soap-box away...again, for now!

Let’s dig deep in those storage boxes gathering dust in our sheds. It’s time to regroup; time to re-adapt the recipes of our grandmothers. Let’s cook the recipes as the instructions instruct.

Enough with all the fancy-dancy, Nancy!

Asparagus Roll-Ups: Drain 24 canned asparagus spears; marinate in 1/4c French dressing. Smear 24 slices wholemeal bread with cheese spread; sprinkle over paprika. Trim crusts from bread; put asparagus on top; roll up bread; arrange on pan with last turn of bread on base; place under grill until golden all over.

Baked Drumsticks: Preheat oven, 218C; lightly oil roasting pan. Combine 1/4c mayonnaise, 1/4c Dijon or grain mustard and 2tsp Worcestershire sauce. Combine 3/4c dry bread or cornflake crumbs and 1pkt French onion soup powder; add 2tbs finely-chopped chives. Coat 6 chicken drumsticks in mayo mixture; then dip in crumb mixture; coat well. Chill 1hr. Place drumsticks on roasting pan; bake 20-25mins or until cooked through.

Pot Roast: Brown a large hunk of topside/chuck/round/rump on all sides; remove from pan. In pan, sauté until golden, 3-4 diced parsnips, 3-4 carrots, chopped into chunks, 8 small whole onions, 6-8 tomatoes, quartered, a couple of celery stalks, cut into pieces and 4 potatoes, halved.; remove from pan; add dollop of butter to pan; add 1/4c plain flour; stir until browned; add beef stock to cover beef - quantity depending on beef size; also add some red wine, (optional), toss in a dash of Balsamic vinegar, 3tbls Worcestershire, 2tbls tomato paste, 400g tomato puree, about a tablespoon of sugar and some herbs; season; return to heat; stir until thickened a bit. Put meat in large pot; pour over sauce to cover beef; bring to boil; cover; reduce heat; simmer gently 2hrs; add the vegetables; simmer 30-35mins.

Chocolate Blancmange: Combine 1-1/2tbls cornflour with a little milk. In saucepan over heat, add 2tbls grated dark chocolate and 1tsp sugar to 473ml milk; when almost boiling, stir in blended cornflour; cook 5-6mins or until thickens. Pour into mould that’s been rinsed in cold water; Chill to set; turn out to serve.


  1. I prefer the older, patina laden to the sparkling new flas in the pan. Whether it be furniture or people. time and experience render there own brand of beauty, and I for on, find that more attractive. Old recepies,as well, fill me stomach with memories and sustenace both. I'm an inveterate composter, so recycling is a way of life for me.

  2. I'm with you, Bob; on all points! ;)

  3. I grew up in a family of recyclers as well. To the point where my mother forbade my father to go to the tip because he always brought home more than he took there.
    I compost madly and have a worm farm. Our recycling bin is full each fortnight - and our other bin not. Which is as it should be.
    And I have earned my grey hair and I am not about to spend money to have poisonous chemicals change it. And expressions are good, so no botox. And trout pouts belong on fish.
    Climbing down from MY soap box now.

  4. Everything old is new again, EC...even us! ;)

    I cringe every time I see those pulled, tucked and inflated faces...I really don't understand anyone wanting to do that to themselves. I can see nothing attractive about it.

    I'll put both of our soap boxes away...mine gets a lot of use. but it's stood up well over the years! ;)

  5. It does if we allow it, Cosmo!

  6. Yes, we house our county's prisoners in the next county over and we get a list of the 'residents' every month along with the bill at our board meeting.
    Same names every month. It never ceases to amaze me that someone would go to jail, month after month and not consider changing their ways..
    Also...what's a mirror?

  7. Oh yes...thanks so much for the kind words about Maddie.

  8. You're welcome,'s a sad loss for you and time is a good time, but that it happens over the past few weeks with Christmas-New Year makes it sadder in a way.

    Yep...some choose a strange path in life, don't they?

  9. We are forced into recycling, and in truth it is a good idea, and the council do very well with recycling targets. It gets a bit much in some areas where several bins are required, not here though.
    I do recycle old jokes, posts, pictures........

  10. And, I, Adullamite, have a tendency to recycle stories - probably because no one listens the first time around; they're always too interested in putting their two bob's worth in even thought they weren't part of the original story. Funny how people always seem to know the story you're relating! ;)

    And I do regularly recycle my thoughts...but I won't share those here! ;)

    We have two bins for recycling.

  11. I could use a retread, too, I suppose. But what the heck, I'm just going to roll with the flow. And recycle as best I can. Love the recipes, and the food looks delicious!

  12. G'day Serena...there is no way in the world I would consider any "nipping and tucking" and getting a trout face! I'll stick with a mullet hair if bad comes to worst! ;)

    Nice to see you. :)

  13. I'm sure your "exterior" isn't showing any wear and tear! I agree with you - I so dislike this "throw away" culture. Love pot roast!

  14. Hi Pat; Thank you - you are very gracious! :)

    I've not had pot roast for ages; and I like them, too. When this hot weather ever leaves us I'll cook one for myself...if the heatwave ever leaves!

    It's far too hot down this way at present to cook...I'm living on fruit and salads until the temperature drops.