Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Alice & Her Friends...Painted by me 5 years ago for two of my grand-nieces

Moreton Bay Bugs

 Time spent pondering the future and now
    While the past
fades rapidly I know not how
  Today I spent learning about me as a whole
  And a peaceful calmness enveloped my soul
Once torn into a dark mass of dismal pieces
     As fond memories revisit the shadow decreases
                                                                                               By Lee

Inexplicably some incidents and some people stay locked away in our fathomless memory bank never again to see the light of day; lost; forgotten forever; while, for whatever reasons other memories of people, places, events, words, thoughts remain crystal clear.

Perhaps the former is not actually the case.  Maybe our memories of every experience; of every person we’ve met throughout our life are filed away in the back regions of our mental (not metal) filing cabinets. Bookmarked like bookmarked sites on our computers; patiently waiting to be re-visited; re-discovered; often by accident. Not discarded, but merely stored away from sight; out of our conscious mind; not deleted from our subconscious mind - our hard drive.

When I go through my computer’s lengthy bookmark list I discover myriad sites considered once to be interesting; worth setting aside for a rainy day.  Like my list I’ve a gazillion memories bookmarked in my mind; filed away for that very day - whatever the weather - whether damp or dehydrated…for a time when all will be re-revealed. 

What needs to be done is for me to locate the key to my mental filing cabinet.  It’s around here somewhere.

I may have not yet found the key to my inner vault, but often I do find a trigger that opens a locked door while in search of a particular item to satisfy a thought impulse. Soon thereafter I unexpectedly discover more doors I’m unable to resist entering.  Powerless, I’m led along corridors and through entrances that have remained closed for years.  Unwittingly I become waylaid. An unforeseen exploration abducts my attention. The minor search activated by my original thought multiplies in proportion.

Having veered off track I probe deeper and deeper, lost in the wonderment of discovery; of renewed recollections.

Similar to Alice during her journey through Wonderland when she followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, my curiosity becomes aroused. So, too, are detailed misplaced memories about past events and deeds; of people I’ve met.  And, like Alice I become “curiouser and curiouser”.

Helpless against the revelations, intrigued, I’m guided down paths I initially had no intention of strolling.

The definitive quarry of my primary quest is unconsciously dismissed. Entranced, I wander along interesting avenues tracking clues impossible to ignore.

Time spent; lost, but not wasted on re-awoken memories; and then, continuing forth, being directed onto others.
Engrossed in fascinating discoveries - re-discoveries - minutes, then hours fly by. All too often my detours - my digressions - cause me to forget my initial goal (it’s been put on the back-burner; bookmarked to be dealt with later - if I remember what it actually was).

The unplanned deviations awaken forgotten memories filed away in the deepest recesses of my mind.

The rekindling of past experiences; of people once met; some never seen again, is welcomed; often with tear-filled eyes.

A photo, unobserved for years, uncovered by chance amongst unrelated memorabilia.

A letter on yellowed, ragged paper; read multiple times upon initial receipt, stowed away in a safe place located unintentionally; re-read.

Memories stimulated of times forgotten.

Once cherished moments re-ignited; old flames remembered with warm comfort, not cold.

Roasted Leek-Zucchini-Bacon Soup: Heat 1-1.2tbs olive oil and 30g butter in roasting pan over med-heat; add 5 washed, sliced leeks, 2 large, coarsely-chopped onions, 1-1/2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 juniper berry, 4 black peppercorns, 1 whole clove and 1 bay leaf; cook 3mins. Add 3 large, coarsely-chopped zucchinis, 2 sprigs thyme and 6 trimmed, chopped bacon rashers; cook 2mins; transfer pan to oven; roast at 180C, 40mins; stir often. Transfer vegetables to large pot; add 1ltr chicken stock; simmer until reduced by half. Add 600ml cream; simmer 20mins. Process until smooth; pass through sieve; transfer to saucepan; season; bring to boil; serve.

Seared Bugs & Asparagus Fettuccine: Melt 30g butter in saucepan; cook 2 finely-diced white onions and 4 crushed garlic cloves over med-heat until soft and translucent. Add 400ml vermouth; deglaze pan; add 80ml Thai fish sauce, 80ml sweet chill sauce and 1ltr cream; bring to boil; simmer until reduced by half; add 400g raw, shredded Moreton Bay bug meat; cook 3mins or until almost cooked. Add 800g al dente fettuccine, 12 slightly-cooked asparagus spears, 2tbs chopped basil leaves, 1tbs chopped coriander; toss over med-high heat 1 to 2mins.

Roasted Mustard Rabbit: Cover 1 whole rabbit, cut into pieces (or chicken if you’re chicken) with 1c crème fraîche, 3/4c Dijon mustard or wholegrain, 1tbs each chopped fresh thyme and sage, 85g thinly-sliced pancetta, cut into thin strips, 4 thinly-sliced garlic cloves and 2 bay leaves.  Mix well with your hands; cover; let sit at room temp 1hr; or chill overnight. Spread pieces in single layer in oven-proof pan; top with marinade; roast in 175C oven about 45mins; remove rabbit and set aside; put pan on stove-top over med-heat; add 1c chick stock or white wine and 1/2c heavy cream; lower heat; simmer; reduce sauce until thick and creamy; pour over rabbit/chicken


Elephant's Child said...

Not only do I not have that key, I am pretty certain that a lot of the material in my head is misfiled. Frustrating.
I envy your recall. Rather a lot.

Lee said...

Hey there, EC. I'd love to have a video tape (or tapes) of what's stored in my memory. I've always had a good memory. But I can't remember where I left one set of keys! ;)

Thanks for coming by. I hope all is going well for the Skinny One...take good care...both of you.

River said...

my mental filing cabinet is locked, welded, wrapped in chains and buried under the ocean floor. And there it will stay.

Helsie said...

Yes, isn't it amazing how a smell or a taste can sometimes transport you back in time? I find smells are a very strong trigger especially . Do you?

Lee said...

Hi River...I'm glad I'm able to open doors to memories. I don't dwell on the past, but I do enjoy recalling the times; the people; the events. Amongst the good, happy and fun memories are the the sad and bad; but that's all part of life's tapestry.

Thanks for popping in. :)

Lee said...

Hi Helsie...many things trigger off memories for me. For one, music is a strong trigger.

I hope you're enjoying Paris...have a croissant for me. :)

Thanks for coming by. :)

Carol in Cairns said...

Hi Lee, a wonderful post. Thank you. Umm ~ is it just me or did you repeat yourself? Notice the teacher coming out :)

Lee said...

Hi Carol, I just noticed that...thanks...I don't know how that happened. Perhaps Blogger was playing games. Thanks...I've just remedied the duplication.

Nice to see you. :)

Dexter Klemperer said...

Nice post. As I get older my mind runs into more and more dead ends.

Carol in Cairns said...

Duplication? Like this perhaps :)

Hi Lee, a wonderful post. Thank you.

Lee said...

G'day Dexter...It'll have to stop doing that, Dexter....perhaps you should get a map so you can find the through-ways - the free-ways...with no obstructions.

Nice to see you...thanks for coming in. :)

Lee said...

Hi Carol, I just noticed that...thanks...I don't know how that happened. Perhaps Blogger was playing games. Thanks...I've just remedied the duplication.

Nice to see you. :)

Could be be, Carol! I can recall seeing a duplication, though...after you pointed it out to me. However, itt could be just a memory from the not so distant past, of course. ;)

Thanks for coming in...again.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Lee who? Anyway, that was a GREAT poem!

Lee said...

Lee Me, Jerry. Jerry who?

Thanks for dropping by, Jerry. :)

Lynn said...

It's so wonderful that you can recall everything so vividly. There are special times in my life that I think about and wonder if I could have even realized how fleeting they were. But there are special times now, too.

I always love to read about your adventures.

Riot Kitty said...

I think you need to write a memoir. I'd buy it! Love your poem. That is beautiful.

Lee said...

Hey Lynn...I think we do immediately recognise as special some moments; particular times as they're happening; and then, there are those times, for whatever reasons, also remain with us, even if they seem insignificant.

Thanks for enjoying my ramblings. :)

Lee said...

Hi RK...I'd have to change a few names if I wrote my memoirs...either that or spend the rest of my life being sued! lol

Thanks for popping in, RK. :)

Wendy said...

Not only can you write (well), but you are poetic too. Not to mention that you have a memory like an elephant!

And I agree, you should consider getting a voice recorder to jot down your recollections... of which you appear to have in abundance :)

Another great post, Lee.

Arlynda Lea Beuterbaugh said...

My husband tries so hard to be cute, but...

Lee said...

Thanks, Wendy, for your kind, encouraging words. I'm the president of the Procrastinators' Club, I think.

Nice to see you. :)

Lee said...

All men are trying in so many ways, Arlynda! lol

Adullamite said...

Dear Poet,

You are right that memories can reappear suddenly. A small thing, a picture, a smell, a word can all bring back memories. They are all in there and just need a link to bring them out.

Adullamite said...

And I think you will find men are never trying, that is a woman's job.....

Lee said...

Adullamite...are you trying to trick me into believing there are two of you?

How very trying! Haven't I enough to do trying to deal with one of you than trying to handle two?

Robyn Lee said...

Hmmm,that's a profound post, Lee. I do know what you mean and I, too, have done exactly as you describe. It's not a waste of time but an enjoyable dip in to the deepest recesses of the memory and finding treasure!

Kay G. said...

Okay, here's the thing...you are an ARTIST!!! I LOVE that painting that you did of Alice In Wonderland!!
My goodness, have you sold any of your works of art? Do tell!

Chatty Crone said...

Lee I do the same thing. Things I once considered so important. I just went through a real file cabinet getting ready to move and I dumped about half of it. We change. Love your photos. Thanks for bringing me some laughter,

Lee said...

Hey there, Robyn...yes...it's fun and it's quite amazing the way some memories are stirred and rekindled when you least expect it and by the most unexpected ways.

Thanks for coming by. :)

Lee said...

Hi Kay...I sort of, kind of did sell one painting...friends bought a new fridge and their "old" one was in mint condition...a big, very-well kept fridge with freezer section the bottom. They were the kind of folk who looked after their stuff meticulously. They were buying a new fridge and sold the other one to me...their asking price was $400.00 which was huge bargain in itself...they took $200.00 in cash; and one of my paintings that they'd had their eyes on for the balance...so in a way...yes...I sold a painting for $200.00. It was a landscape.

Thanks for your kind words. :)

Lee said...

G'Day, Chatty...it is always a pleasure to see you. I'm glad I was able to bring some laughter to you. :)

Take good care and thanks for popping in. :)

gracie9501 said...

G'evenin MsLee and LTNS! I find when I'm out riding Gracie to help another young B.A.C.A. HERO - the smells on the open road can even cause an overlap of ancient memories - and when my memory briefly fails at other times that's when I claim the affliction of "sometheimerz" ! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

Lady Di Tn said...

Those memory triggers can be almost anything and can happen at the least expected time. Then the wool gathering begins. Some doors to the past however, are best left locked. Beware my fair red headed friend and not crack open any of those. Peace

Lee said...

Hello Gracie9501 - my memory fails me at this particular time. I'm sorry, but I can't place you. Do I know you from somewhere?

Lee said...

Hey Lady Di...no memory door is safe from me!

My hair, however, is grey not red. I've never been a red-head - my mother was a natural red-head, but I used to be a brunette with a deep auburn tinge, I guess...in my spring and summer years. :)

Thanks for popping in, Miss Kitty. :)

gracie9501 said...

Ms Lee - that darn Google ID - this is Katfish!

Lee said...

I had a feeling it was you, Katfish...honestly, I did...I was only thinking about it again last night and you were the uppermost culprit in my mind! lol

Great to see you, as always. :)

Stop changing your identity! lol

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Mrs N wont let me cook rabbit - wont eat anything Disney made into a film. Rabbits, ducks, deer, dwarfs..