Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.  

You can use just one of the set of words; or you can use both sets of the words in your creation.  The choice is yours...
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by me....
and these are my final words for the month April....

"Words for Wednesday" will be on ELEPHANT CHILD'S blog in May (see my Blog list as the right side of my blog) and in June. In May Elephant's Child will provide the words, and in June they will be prompts provided by Margaret Adamson and her friend Sue Fulcher.

(Help me out here, please, Elephant's Child....I don't have the name of their blog!)

Thank you everyone for participating this month.  Everyone's take on the words supplied each week was terrific.

This week's words are:-

Week Four Wednesday Words:-
Week Four




Again....have fun.....

PS:   In answer to my question re June's "Words for Wednesday".....the month of June's words will be on Elephant's Child's blog (as well as May) on behalf of Margaret and Sue.


  1. And, I'll kick it off once again....

    "Her AUDITION was set for 5 pm.

    Being punctual was part of Mimi’s DNA. She’d arrived well over an hour before the appointed time.

    Somewhat out of breath, overcome by a MYSTERIOUS, uncharacteristic bout of nerves, Mimi was keen to compose herself before she walked through the door to confront what could be the most important decision she’d so far made regarding her chosen career.

    Today’s audition was to be the most positive step she’d taken towards her future. She believed if she was successful today, there would be no limit to what she could achieve - the world would be her oyster.

    The prospect of having a role in the next high-budget FANTASY film, the third in the blockbuster series to be produced and directed by the widely-acknowledged NEUROTIC, but brilliant Jonas Schilling was extremely DAUNTING. However, she’d made a COMMITMENT not only to herself, but to her parents as well, that she wouldn’t let his brusque reputation DISCOURAGE her from fulfilling her dreams; dreams she’d held since she was a young child.

    Regardless of his manner, Schilling’s MASTERFUL, DEFINITIVE approach to film-making was revered throughout the industry. He was held in high esteem by his peers...and those who worked under him...metaphorically, not literally; the latter was impossible, even for one with the wildest imagination, to imagine!

    Rumours of his VIRULENT attitude and no-quarter-given approach to those involved in his films, whether in front of the cameras or behind, were rife.

    Schilling’s notoriety preceded him. Mimi had heard so many stories she believed they couldn’t all be rumours. Bracing herself, in her heart Mimi felt most of the stories, if not every single one of them, were factual.

    The previous evening it had been her MISFORTUNE to have been told of a disturbing incident involving a friend who had appeared in Schilling’s previous production.

    Determined to pass her audition, Mimi quickly erased from her mind what she’d been told. Nothing was going to stand in her way. She would allow nothing to faze her; she wouldn’t be deterred by anything or anyone.

    Ready to DEFY her fears, Mimi stood tall. Taking a number of deep breaths, she entered his office, and into his luminous presence.

    Refusing to yield under his steely gaze, Mimi gave it her all."

    1. Brave Mimi. I too hope her all is enough.

    2. It was, EC....she's now been nominated for an Oscar more times than Meryl Streep, and she's won more Oscars than Streep! :)

    3. I'm no Mimi, that's for sure. Facing such a daunting producer after hearing all the nasty rumors, I would opt out completely and wait for something far easier. I'm so wimpy, one sharp word at the slightest misdirection would have me dissolving into tears and getting fired from the set.

    4. Awwww....I'd go along with you to your audition, and keep the ogre in his place! :)

    5. Hooray for Mimi and Hooray for Lee too. The words this April have been lots of fun.

    6. I'm glad you enjoyed them, Annie. And thank you for joining in with the fun. Your tales are always worth reading. :)

  2. Oooh...I hope Mimi's 'all' was enough. Thanks for a great month Lee....it's been a blast.

    1. Hey, Delores. I hope you've enjoyed the words given for this month. You've used them well, so I think therein lies the clue that you have enjoyed the fun and games. Thanks for participating. :)

  3. June's prompts will be on my blog too. Margaret and her friend Sue send me the prompts, but it interfers with Margaret's blogging schedule so I will post them on their behalf.

    My take for the week.

    Sally's life is beset by misfortune. Indeed, the definitive description would have to include the words daunting, doom and disaster.
    Those mysterious bumps in the night ? Her home slowly settling into a sinkhole.
    The rash she got on her neck? A virulent infection which antibiotics couldn't touch.
    Her commitment ceremony with Laura? Stopped in its tracks because Laura fell in love with the celebrant.
    Did it discourage her? Did it hell. Instead she chose to defy experience and treat every day as an audition for the fantasy life of her choice.
    Neurotic or a masterful reframe? You decide.

    1. Hahahahaha! I love it, EC! :)

      Thanks for the information re next month's "Words for Wednesday".

      And thanks for playing the word games with me this month. :)

    2. I love it EC! Bit cheeky of Laura to fall in love with the celebrant at the last minute.

    3. Ha, ha, ha, my friend. Great job EC. Poor Sally was definitely beset with with gloom.

  4. 'definitively' a 'daunting' list. But my 'commitment' is strong, I 'defy' these words to 'discourage' me. My 'neurotic' need to conquer will hopefully see another 'masterful' chapter appear on my blog on Friday, this time without the 'misfortune' of a 'mysterious' disappearance of my work.

    1. River: Big smiles - and I hope your work doesn't disappear ever again.

    2. I look forward to reading your second creation using the words on Friday, River! I'm sure, like all others you have written, it will be great.

      I love your comment using the words. Much fun, and not a challenge for you at all! :)

    3. Go for it River. Things get a little eerie for all of us.

  5. Good for Mini.
    Well done in your writing Lee. All you ladies should write a novel or do short stories!

    1. And, you, Margaret, should join in with the fun! And they are fun to do!

      Thanks for coming by! Hop on in...the water is fine! :)

  6. I'm beginning to see just how hard writing a whole novel is. I knew it on a superficial level of course, but developing this story, my story, is turning into quite the challenge.

    1. You can do it, River. I have faith in you...you prove each week you can do it! :)

  7. My commitment to music in the Tamborine Mountain area was legendary so it was no surprise when I was asked to chair the judging panel at the first “Battle of the Bands” audition. Some chair-people can be rather neurotic for they find the responsibility daunting but in such stressful roles I am quite masterful and nothing can discourage me from making tough decisions. I defy anyone to dispute this.
    It was the judging panel’s misfortune that the first bands on stage were Elephant’s Child and Kitchen Connection. The former offered an indescribable cheesy number called “Mysterious Love” which jarred on the senses and the latter had a wailing banshee of a lead singer called Lee who was dressed in a tiger print cat suit – complete with tail. It’s not something I shall forget in a hurry.
    The next band up was from Yorkshire in England. They were a tight, heavy rock quartet called Virulent and they were absolutely brilliant! They did a rock version of the Australian national anthem – “Advance Australia Fair” which had the audience in raptures.
    We thought they were definitely the winners until we heard the last band – Definitive Fantasy. They were like a hybrid cross between Pink Floyd and Queen and their offering was an original number called “Drifting Through Life” written by the lead singer – a petite firecracker called River. We were delighted to announce that they’d be going through to the final in Brisbane.

    1. You started with the Battle of the Bands and twisted it into the Battle of the WFW. Heck will pay for putting Lee in a tiger print cat suit with a tail. Great fun story Yorkshire Pudding:-)

    2. I forgot to mention that the Kitchen Connection drummer was a wild-haired woman in studded leathers called Granny Annie. She played drums like Animal in "The Muppets".

  8. Sigh. Cheesy? Indescribable? Consider me skulking off in shame.

    1. I discourage you from skulking off in shame, EC. You have nothing about which to be ashamed.

      Instead, turn around; take my hand - stomp off with me; not in a backward direction, but forward towards he who is so ill-informed, and slightly neurotic to have issued such insults.

      There are some who live in their own fantasy world for mysterious reasons known only to themselves. It is their misfortune, and theirs alone. I often wonder if such people audition first to enter the world of illusion, or do they enter without trial or test.

      To be called a "banshee", although slightly insulting, to me it's not daunting.

      In fact, it cemented my resolve. Although that wasn't Mr. Pudding's intention, it had the opposite effect on me. It was a backhanded, masterful, definitive stroke; one that has inspired me, rather than deflated or defeated me.

      If I am considered to be a banshee I figure I may as well live up to the name. Make it my commitment to live up to Gaelic folklore.

      I step forth purposely with an aura of impending doom towards he who is so foolish and so careless to have cast reckless aspersions.

      Jonas Schilling might be thought to have a virulent attitude. Compared to me, he is a kitten. With regards to the tail you sense swishing back and forth - it is not the tail of a tiger, but one of a scorpion...one with a almighty sting at its tip!

      Defy us at his peril. His credentials I dispute; his knowledge and insight I also dispute.