Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Really Not In the Mood!

It's been a very upsetting morning. My landlords informed me yesterday their little kitten, Ollie, that they only got about three weeks ago, was missing. It was the second kitten of theirs that had gone missing over the past few weeks. The first one, Polly, they had only picked up from the RSPCA centre back in October. She was a lively, lovely little thing, full of adventure. She disappeared. They then got Ollie, a beautiful little fluffy grey neutered male kitten. He was a real little pet. I looked after him for a couple of days early in the week when my landlords went away to the coast. Ollie was a darling little sweetie and very affectionate. He didn't wander far at all, preferring to stay inside.

My landlord just emailed me to say he found an eight-foot carpet snake/python amongst plants near and under his verandah. It had the tell-tale bulge in its belly. I ran up to 'The Manor' immediately upon receiving his email, tears flowing down my face. He had immediately killed the snake, more in anger he said. I'm glad he had done so, because I wouldn't have been held responsible if I'd seen it still alive! I know there are some of you out there that are against such actions, and I know it's illegal to kill the damn things, but I'm not afraid to admit when it comes to my pets or a bloody carpet snake, or any snake for that matter, my pets come first! If they venture into my territory, they do it at their own peril!

I'm very upset about poor little Ollie. I know...I'm a big "sook"...always have been...that's who I am. I think I'll jump into the car and go for a drive...after locking my two cats inside...they're already here with me. I need to clear my head and lift this sadness from my heart.

I'll return later as I have a couple of recipes I want to share with you for the weekend. I was sorting them out when I received the sad news about Ollie.
The drawing is by me...


  1. Oh, that's horrible! No wonder you're upset. I'd be all to pieces, too. Poor little kitty. Why is it illegal to kill the snakes? Are they endangered or something? Legal or not, I'd have killed it, too. I think one has every right to protect one's family, and that includes the pets.

  2. Hmmm...what was that you said about no snakes in your neck of the woods. No thank you! When they are big enough to eat cats, they are too big for me.

    I'm sorry for the loss. It really is sad. I sure hope the drive helped you.

  3. Snakes are a protected species here, Serena. They certainly are endangered if they come near me and mine!

    The carpet snakes/pythons are constrictors, robbie...they mesmerize their prey first. The little kittens wouldn't have stood a chance with the effing thing! Well, he's had his last supper and I'm not at all sorry that the snake is dead! An eye for an eye, I say...

  4. I'm so sorry, Lee. That is heartbreaking. I am a real animal lover except for snakes and horses. Can't abide those 2 animals. They do too much damage. I spent my youth shooting snakes.

    Leaving for area 51 on Sunday. I'll be sad if the car breaks down. It's not in the best of condition. Maybe I should say, I'm leaving for an adventure Sunday for a week.

  5. Thanks, Corn Dog. Horses I love...but snakes...I abhor! And even more so today. One had better not come near me, that's all I can say!

    I hope you have a great trip, Corn Dog...enjoy yourselves...I expect to see lots of pics on your return. :)
    The car will go well, you just wait and see. The run will do it good. Take good care of yourself...and I look forward to your return to blogging. And all the fun stories you will have to relate. :)

  6. It's very easy to become closely attached to pets, I know we would be devasted if our cat went missing too. As to snakes, no thank you...

  7. Our pets do become a very important part of our lives, Ellee...that's for sure. I know my two are my best mates and I spoil them rotten, but that's the way it should be if you have pets. They are part of who we are. Thanks for commenting. :)

  8. When my son was younger, he wanted a lizard. I was offered a free snake, complete with cage, etc., from someone at work, and figured, "Hey! A snake is just a lizard without legs," and got the snake for him.

    I named it "Boots," just to keep it in its place. I had never seen a snake like it, so did some research at the library. (For the young folks out there, the library is the building where we used to keep the internet.)

    I found out it was a "reticulated python." For habitat, it said, "Don't build a cage. Dedicate a room for it." The longest known reticulated python was just over 10 meters (33 feet) long.

    An inquiry at the local pet store got me, "Did you ever hear about a snake killing its owner? It is always a reticulated python that does it."

    Needless to say, I found another home for the snake, and my son never got his lizard, either.

  9. Hello know my story about the python when I lived on Hinchinbrook Island...the one that took, Ruska, my ginger cat. I have no time for them at all. And after today's effort...even less, if that is at all possible.

    When Remy and Shama were little, about the size and age that Ollie was, I came home from shopping one day and found a carpet snake inside my cabin. Shama was acting strangely. It was her actions that drew my attention to it. That particular snake didn't last long with me and my trusty tomahawk and 14-inch bladed knife! Then last year, I came home from a friend's place about 4.30pm to discover a huge carpet snake heading towards my cabin and Remy, my male cat was sitting between the cabin and the snake, in the snakes path. My trusty shovel came in handy that afternoon! I will protect my pets and if a snake wants to enter my territory and that of my two cats...too bad for the snake if I am around!

    I killed a red-belly black snake inside my cabin one night at around 9.30pm. Again, it was the cats that drew my attention to it.

    With the new security screen door that was installed yesterday, such unwelcome visitors should no longer be able to enter my sanctuary.

    Nice to see you, Don...thanks for visiting. :)

  10. Lee,I would of joined you with the killing of the snake. Maybe a shovel,machete or something to dismember the snake. My heart is with you on the passing of Ollie. I do always think of one thing when something like this happens. God brings us to this point and he will bring us through it. Smile, Lee know that you are loved.

  11. Awww, sorry to hear about Ollie!

    This is a good example of the fact that when I have animals.. they are INSIDE animals! It's probably rare that a snake that big is near domestic animals.. CARS on the other hand kill way too many domestic animals... so for safety sake.. INSIDE animals only here!

  12. Lee that was so terrible. I would have been right beside you in killing that snake! Hope you are feeling better.

  13. Hi Sandra, Deslily and Neocon...thanks for your comments and concern. They are much appreciated.

  14. Poor little Ollie...he looks like my Oscar as a kitten. Cats and pythons are not a good mix, invariably the python wins. Hope you're feeling better today, Lee.

  15. Thanks, Robyn...yes...I am but it was difficult to get the picture out of my mind last night, but a friend, who lives down your way actually, helped me get my mind off it...she and I chatted for quite some time last night and that was good. :)

  16. Oh, that is awful. I know how you must feel, Lee...

  17. Yes, it is awful, Welsh....I didn't go to sleep until after 2am...I guess I just needed the time to try to clear the images out of my mind.

    Ended up watching part of the movie "Bandits" again...Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate's a funny tickles my funny bone, anyway. I'll watch anything with Blanchett in it...I think she is marvellous.

  18. Hi Lee,

    Sorry to hear about your foster-kitty. We've lost both of our cats to the wild (probably coyotes) and our neighbors cats (our foster-kitties) to who knows what. It's really sad.

    I'll admit I like "friendly" snakes -- and most of the ones we have here are friendly. However, harmful snakes are killed on sight. A snake that eats (or poisons) cats or other pets is NOT friendly!

    Fortunately we haven't had any in the house!

  19. Let's hope it stays that way, Stormy.

    Snakes are long as they keep in their own place...and not infringe upon my a few have done over the years...then I get a little agitated!

  20. Thay was terrible poor little ollie.i don't like to ahare my space with snakes either. My two cats are wonderful company and I would do anything to protect them from such a horrible death. I can relate to your feelings on the sad loss.
    Great drawing BTW
    Cheers Margaret

  21. Lee, I am so saddened at what happened to poor Ollie.

    The best kind of snake is a dead snake...

    Nice drawing. You are so talented!

  22. Thanks for your comments, Margaret and southerntragedy...they are appreciated.

  23. Rotten snake! Poor kitten. the law of the jungle in full force. Of course, he killed the snake!
    I am so glad we don't have real bad snakes here.

  24. Well, snakes are not welcome on this property any more. My landlord once was tolerant of them but not after this episode.

    I've never been tolerant of them. I believe if they want to infringe upon my territory and mine that's in it, it's open slather!