Sunday, June 03, 2007

It Is Decided!

The champagne is chilled and ready! The name is chosen! The christening is about to start!

My shiny new laptop is now named...."Kitty".


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Kitty. Umm... I guess that's good for a nice lady's computer. And you are a nice lady. However, I'm sure you want this computer to be rugged and tough. How about a second name. something like 'Brute'. Na, guess that won't work.

    Kitty, it is.

  2. lol I thought it's second name could be "Hawk", Steve...what do you think? ;)

  3. Oh, that's nice! That means it will get on with the cats! I'm having a g & t for you and Kitty!

  4. Will it come when you call?
    What brought this on? I thought Donna was carved in stone.

  5. Yes, Donna did have every right to feel that she was the favoured one. So this this layabout tart, Kitty, has pushed her out...why?

    There will be tears.

  6. No, Donna wasn't exactly carved in stone, jmb...I was still a little indecisive...and then like a bombshell, Kitty appear as the more likely candidate. I guess it's better than Pussy! ;)

    jcosmo newbery...what can I say
    Ms Kitty sure is a lay-about tart
    but she has loads and loads of heart
    a not so rough diamond and oh so gay
    So after much thought I did sigh
    my choosing Kitty needs no reason why

  7. All hail Miss Kitty (and Mr Dillon.)

  8. Hi! Ho! Peter! You are the only one who has made the connection! ;)

  9. Well...Congratulations on setting up and operating your new laptop. I think maybe your name is apt, assuming it was your cats who added encouragement by way of some soothing purring throughout the whole operation.

    Best wishes

  10. Kitty will appreciate your celebrating her arrival in my life, with G & T. I christened her formally yesterday with much champagne! ;)

    Hey there actual fact, the cats celebrated when my computer guy finally left. They don't enjoy the company of others at all and hate it if I have visitors! lol

  11. Welcome to the world Kitty!!!!!!

  12. Thanks from Kitty, Rebecca! ;)

  13. lee,
    How about Galore for a last name? Sort of Ian Flemmingish. ;-)

  14. On my honor, I never thought of that, Rel! ;) Very good!