Saturday, June 02, 2007

Whoohoo! Yippee!

I feel like all my Christmases have come at once and then some! I'm typing this post on my brand spanking new Sony laptop! I've yet to become totally familiar with it, of course, but I am certain we are going to become very dear and loving friends...very up close and personal, if you know what I mean!

Edgar is sitting to the right of me a little put out that his place has been taken over but I have assured him that he, too, shall remain in my heart.

I'm not sure what I'm going to call my new laptop...I have yet to discover its special personality traits. But it is so beautiful, I think it deserves a female name....I'm kind of keen on "Donna" I think I'll probably end up calling LT that...what do you think?

I'm now running on Vista which did cause a few headaches during the transfer of data etc., but my clever computer guy, Alan, with persitence and patience and aided with my constant supply of glasses of red wine last night together with brewed coffee and toasted cheese sandwiches today when he returned for a few hours to complete the installation, he finally solved all problems he encountered. That red wine works every time!

Now I'm going to be even more attached to my computer. I might make room on my bed for "Donna". Well, I do have the space as it's a king-size mattress and there are only Remy, Shama and me presently occupying it!


  1. Hi Lee ~~ Congratulations on the new Laptop. Mine has Vista too and that's why I had trouble getting the right modem. We get very attached to them don't we. I called the old one
    Old Faithful, but so far haven't named this one. It is lovely to type on etc so will have to be a nice name. Regards to Donna. Take care Lee, Love, Merle.

  2. Well, speaking as a Mac man...

    ...ok, forget that. What sort of red wine?

  3. Hi Lee, wow that announcement came out of left field, didn't know you were even contemplating a new puter, hope Vista is friendly.

  4. Congratulations!! I've been thinking of shaking up my computer universe lately but :::shhhhh:::: don't tell my LT. ;-)

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Congratulation on diving into VISTA and getting your new computer. A new computer is always a treat.

  6. Congrats on the laptop! I am looking into them also.. but.. I am not ready for Vista. So it would have to be a special order. I will get it Vista ready, but I'd wait another year so all the kinks are out of vista lol.. good luck!!!!

  7. Hi Lee,
    Congratulations, I'm sure you are going to love. My laptop is my favourite thing although I do miss my 21 inch screen on the desktop (still upstairs but usually occupied by the "old scientist".
    Mine's called Dottie after Dorothy Dunnett, my favourite author.
    Glad I don't have to deal with Vista yet.

  8. I was thinking you might get a 'lap dance' from your computer but I suppose one from Donna wouldn't do.
    I see how you get people to the house to fix things. The use of red wine and good food to entice workmen is indeed devious... and what else do you need done?

  9. Congrats, Lee.

    The neat thing about getting a new computer is that they are always faster and have lots more storage and USB ports, etc.

    When Stormy bought her new camera, we got a free photo printer (after Ritz\Princes rebates). It has a USB port. So does our scanner. Voila! one cable over to this tiny USB port expander, Plug them all in and they worked immediately. I remember "plug and pray" days, so this is too easy.

    My previous computer was sacrificed to Thor, amid smells of smoking plastic. It had a 20 GB hard drive and I named it Bigfoot since I was used to much smaller drives.

    My current computer is 10 times faster and has a 186 GB drive. I named this one...You guessed it...Really Bigfoot.

  10. DesLily,

    Here in Houston, The stores were forced to load Vista in place of XP, or sell off their existing stock before Microsoft would let them buy any products with Vista pre-loaded.

    You might try Ebay, using caution, of course. A lot of retailers sold stock to the little guys just to get new stock with Vista. Good luck!

  11. Merle, j cosmo, Peter, Robbie, Steve, Deslily, jmb, Cliff, Marc.....

    Thanks for your comments everyone.

    I'm sure Donna and I are going to have lots of fun together. She's very pretty and extremely stylish. She'll teach me a thing or two!

    Surprises are good, Peter...keeps us on our toes and alert! ;)

    Caberbet Sauvignon and Shiraz, j cosmo newberry.

  12. can be the big thing. I recently got my wife a new computer and spent ages getting her re-established in the new one. Still find her with both on sometimes. Considering they are just little chunks of silicon, and impure silicon at that, why not Sandy?

    My wife has always said that my computers are my mistresses and so they have always had women's names. This one's Carmen.

  13. Arrgh! Blooger ate the start of my comment.

    "Yes, changing over can be the big thing...."

  14. hi Lee,'s not as simple as some may think transferring across programmes etc., particularly as this one is Vista. I couldn't have done it way!

    I think I'll stick with "Donna" has a nice resonance to it for me. I'm attached already. ;)

  15. Whoo-hoo on the new laptop. I'm hoping for a new one sometime this year ... not sure about Vista, though ... let me know how it goes !!
    Hope you and Donna have many happy hours together.
    Take care, Meow

  16. Other than a few hassles in the transfer, Meow, Vista, so far, seems just fine.

  17. WARNING!!!!!Warped Humor . Lee, I did know you were one of the WEE PEOPLE who enjoys a laptop. Nor did I know that a computer needs a name. I will name this laptop that Puppy has let me use while mine is still in the shape of Humpty Dumpty, SATAN. It hates me and the feeling is mutual. We adults in Tennesse enjoy Jack Daniels and a full size computer.

    Bless your Heart it does not take much to make you happy, a laptop and red wine.

  18. Congratulations, Lee! You are obviously delighted. Yes, you must give it a name. Donna sounds nice. I'm glad you have reassured Edgar! Wishing you and Donna [?] many happy hours together!

  19. Hi Lady Di and Welsh....I'm decided on a name for my new laptop...."Kitty"! I think that is more Kitty it is! :)

  20. Lady Di...I think you will be pleased that I have decided on "Kitty" as the name for my new laptop! ;)

  21. Ah Lee I think it is absolutely wonderful that your laptop is named Kitty. There is nothing better than a kitty in your lap. Better watch out as most dogs think they are human but Cats think they are GOD. A laptop named Kitty might get ideas. hee hee

  22. HEY, congrats on the new Kitty, Lee. I hope she is purrrrfect for you.

  23. She's most well-behaved Lady Di and CD! ;)