Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Tribute To A Good Friend's Best Friend...

This post is for Robyn...a friend I have met up with through my will see her link to the right of your screen.

A couple of days ago she lost her best friend...her beloved Oscar.

As far back as I can remember...and you all know I have a very good, clear and precise memory, I have had a cat as my dearest, most loved friend. Since I was two years of age, to be exact.

All us pet lovers, whether it be cats, dogs, fish, birds, guinea pigs...or whatever, know, understand and empathise with Robyn right now.

I feel such sorrow for her heartache. I'm torn apart almost, but not as much...of she is. I understand what she is feeling.

Robyn says she will never have another cat in her life...I understand why she is saying this at this moment...but I change your time.

Here's to you, were loved well...and you loved well...and you will not be forgotten.


  1. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Here's to Oscar.
    A friend and companion, much loved and adored.
    You are a good friend Lee.

  2. Oh, broke my heart to learn about Oscar. I'm trying to not think about what Robyn is feeling...I know all to well the pain and hurt she is going through. It is so sad to lose a much-loved pet. They are part of who you are.

  3. Oh Lee, thank you so much...I'm crying again.

    You are a wonderful friend and I'm so happy to count you as one.

    You said it so right...our pets are part of who we are. I'm known in my family as the "Cat Maniac", they know what I'm like.

    Thank you again, dear Lee.

  4. Just have good buddies around you, Robyn....we are there for you...we're hovering in the background...within reach.

  5. What beautiful words, Lee. Poor Robyn, I know how heartbroken she must be ... it's like losing our best friend. I hope she knows how many people out here care for her and send her their love ... me included.
    Take care, Meow

  6. Hi Lee ~~ You have done well. Lovely words for Robyn. Thank you for posting that for her. She must be so
    lonely at present, poor girl. Take care, Love, Merle.

  7. Meow and Merle..I know Robyn appreciates your thoughts and kindness.

  8. Oh, dear Oscar. Yes, I know exactly what Robyn is feeling. When a beloved pet dies you feel you want to die too. It's terrible and you can only understand if you have been through it. I know you'll help her, Lee.

  9. Just because it is a cat it doesn't mean that the grieving and loss isn't very real and very painful.

  10. So true Welsh and Lee. I know I've been completely heartbroken over my pets throughout my life...they play a huge role in our lives.

  11. lee,
    Well said my friend!

  12. Anonymous4:30 AM

    it is always hard, losing a loved one.

  13. They do work themselves into the inner reaches of our hearts don't they.
    Oscar was obviously one of the lucky ones.

  14. G'day, Rel, Steve and Cliff..thanks for your comments. I know Robyn will appreciate them. :)

  15. It has taken us (me actually) two or three years to be able to bring new Kitties into our house. Our previous two cats were indoor cats and had gotten out a couple times in Houston, and made it back home somehow. When we moved out here on 16.5 Ac. we were worried that they would get out and get lost. And they did. We never saw them again.

    Well we got two new cuties now, a brother and sister. I wish we could have taken all four, but that would have taken the meaning of "herding cats" to a new level.

    This from LST.

    Should be good for some cheer for Robyn

  16. Lee, Why don't links work?

    I guess it's highlight, copy and paste into the browser.

    BTW Lee, Good morning!

  17. Good evening to you, Marc...I will pass that link on...I'll just copy/ problems :)

    How are those new little kitty-cats getting two are house cats just about 99% of the time...which suits me just fine. :)

  18. Good morning Lee.

    Well, the Kits made their second Vet visit this week. Not happy campers at all, with mutch complaining and crys of fear. I comforted them with a finger through the jail cell bars, which was cuddled up to on the way in the car...made it hard to drive.

    They got home, promptly disapeared into metacatspace from which they only appeared when I refilled dinner. Me? Two stiff drinks and easy chair. I hate Dr's offices, and Vet's offices. All those sharp needles and shots.

    Pixie, the little girl has discovered ice! When the ice maker runs and is dispensing ice, she is in between my feet, standing tall on my leg and waiting for me to drop one for her. It goes on the cat bed, washable.

    This morning she insisted on seeing what was going on in the shower/tub. I turned the water on a little, and she watched, then stuck her nose into the trickle. Absolutely hillarious! She was created with springs in her feet. At least a 12" bounce. She went back and stuck a paw in. Shook it off, put the other one in, shook it off, then brother Specks jumped in and got wet. Bath time was a long affair this morning.

    I have re-discovered that cats are good for the soul. More to come, I'm sure.

  19. For sure, Marc...these two of mine keep me entertained all the time...they certainly get up to fun little lady, Shama, definitely has a sense of humour! lol