Monday, October 08, 2007

Falling In Love Again


I've had more than enough out he spat
of this brainless nonsensical chit-chat
who was I to offer him any back-chat
storming to the door he put on his hat
and I guess that was that...

My once happy mood did then fall flat
I felt he was acting unfairly like a brat
in a flood of tears on the cozy sofa I sat
at my feet on a fluffy red woolen mat
empathetically sat my cat

(painting, drawing and poem by me...I've shown these before but thought I'd resurrect them!)

The "Boss" is back and it's "Magic"!

After five years, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band re-united to create "Magic" and magic it is. Instantly recognisable, the energetic, musical genius of the E-Street Band is back where it belongs with the "Boss".
Steve Van Zandt is obviously at home with his bandana on his head instead of his brylcreemed, bouffant hairdo of Silvio Dante in "The Sopranos". I guess now that "The Sopranos" has gone where all good shows go, Steve has more time for his guitar and mandolin. The unmistakable sounds of Clarence Clemons clearly demonstrate that the big man feels right at home back where he belongs with the band he joined way back in the northern summer of 1971.

Only last month, I purchased through Amazon the CD of "Born In the USA", to replace my well-worn LP and cassette. I thought it time. A few weeks prior to that acquisition, I got hold of the double CD "Live in Dublin-Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band" after viewing the special on TV. It blew me away, so I had to have the CD.

Having watched Springsteen being interviewed on "Sunrise" yesterday and this morning, I realised I was falling under his spell all over again. He may not be the most handsomest man in the world, but he's certainly up there in the sexy stakes as far as I'm concerned. He can put his boots under my bed any day or night and also roll up the sleeves of his shirts!

Back in the eighties, after Springsteen released and won the world over with his "Born In the USA" album, I went to see him perform live in Brisbane one Sunday night. There was absolutely no doubt how he achieved his title "The Boss". He had both the crowd and the E-Street Band in the palm of his hand. As is his habit, the concert went over-time, much to the delight of his audience of devotees. I doubt there was one amongst us who wanted to see the end of the show.

It rained heavily throughout the show, but the rain deterred neither performers or spectators. Nothing would, or could, dampen our spirits. At one stage, Springsteen strode down the central catwalk jutting out into the crowd of adoring followers and announced if they were prepared to stand out in the rain to see him, he and the band would play in the rain. He waved the band on and the "Big Man", Clarence Clemons, ran down along the wet catwalk, leading the charge, not missing a beat in his saxophone playing. I held my breath as did the rest of the crowd, I'm sure, expecting any moment to see those massive thighs of his crash down upon the stage. Fortunately, for him (and the stage) that didn't occur. And fortunately, for me, the seats I occupied were under cover, but I doubt I would have complained nor noticed if I'd been out in the rain. Springsteen was mesmerising. And after seeing him this morning, he still is!


  1. Hi kid, I love the drawing and poem. Very nice. I don't share your affection for Springsteen. I hope this isn't where it all ends for us. :)

  2. lol Each to their own, Cliff. Nothing will tear us apart! ;)

  3. Wow you saw THE BOSS. I love his music and I listen to it like a teenageer "LOUD'. But I must confess not lately. I am still mourning the lost of our Great Tenor.

    I want to pat that cat on the head.

    By the way, what happen to the cauldron?

  4. The cauldron is out on my patio with a giant birds' nest fern taking life in it, Lady Di.

    Yep...I saw THE BOSS...and he was outstanding! I've liked him since whenever...way before he became a household word. :)

    I was playing our "Great Tenor", full blast the other day while I was waiting for my chicken to cook on the barbie...sure brings tears to my ears (not the smoke, Pavarotti's voice!)

  5. Lucky you. I'm the wrong generation to be a huge fan but I do like him and understand his appeal.

    I loved your cat poem. People can say what they will about cats but when my husband was in the hospital, my cat knew something was wrong.

    She spent every night sleeping with me or curled up beside me no matter what room I was in. Not her usual behavior at all.

    Once he was home, she went back to being her slightly standoffish self.

  6. Hi granny...personally, I don't think generations matter and never place myself into categories. I think I'll still be bopping along to all types of music when I'm a hundred not out! ;)

    People who don't understand cats are those who have had little to do with them. I've cats in my life from since far back as I can remember and they've all been special creatures.

    My two at present who are brother and sister, are such characters. They are aware of my moods as I am of theirs. :)

  7. lee,
    There's nothing like a live cocert to cement an adoring relationship!
    I saw Neil Diamond live in Saratoga and have been a fan ever since.
    Although I've never seen her live, Olivia Newton John can place her slippers under my coucher anytime.

  8. Hi Lee ~~ Liked your cat pics and poem. Springsteen ~~ Now there is a star and a fave of mine for years. Do you remember when he invited Courtney Cox on stage to sing and dance with him to Dancing in the Dark
    - the start of her career. Long live the Boss. Anxious to hear his new cd
    Take care Lee, Love, Merle.

  9. Hi lee ~lovely paintings and poems in your previous post, very nice. I also liked the chit chat about that cat~ very clever! . Let’s hope it rains soon, to mirror your fond memories of that Springfield concert. Spring is in the air; let’s hope we hear raindrops falling on the roof soon! At least that is the position in most of Victoria, it looks green but it's as dry as a bone underneath !!

    Best wishes

  10. I saw Diamond live in concert years ago, too, Rel...he was terrific live, I agree.His voice was very strong, much stronger than on record.

    Hi Springsteen and you will hear snippets of his new album, "Magic". :)

    We're having a storm as I write, Lindsay...lots of noise but little rain so far. We had another storm late yesterday afternoon with heavy rain and some hail. My garden is loving the welcome moisture. Glad you like the paintings and poems...thanks. :)

  11. Hi Lee, it seems forever since I commented here, but I am all caught up again (with your blog, still heaps to go though) oh the joy of breaking a routine!!!!!

  12. Good to have you back, Peter, after your travels to places afar. You certainly had a lovely trip by all accounts. :)

  13. I got caught up on the title and thought how exciting for Lee. But I see that it is from afar rather than up close and personal.
    Still you did have that wonderful experience of seeing him live.
    I've never been to a rock concert since I guess I'm of the wrong generation for that. But I have seen Pavarotti live in a Three Tenor performance here.

  14. I've been to many live rock concerts, jmb...but never to see Pavarotti live in concert, unfortunately. I did, however, see Nureyev dance live. And he was awesome. :)

    However, the concerts are getting far out of my reach of my pocket these days, so I watch and listen from afar. :)

  15. I am afraid the only 'Boss" i have is my Dad...and then sometimes my daughter....would be nice to meet one who would stand in front of me with a guitar and play me a toooooooon!!!

  16. The only bosses I have are my two cats, Rebecca, but then I let them think that they are! ;)

  17. Hi Lee, I love the pictures of the cats ... just gorgeous ... did you do them ?
    Springsteen is wonderful ... I listen to him quite often, too.
    HOpe you are well.
    Take care, Meow

  18. We have a Led Zepellin reunion happening in the UK which is great news. I ham a Springsteen fan too.

  19. Yes,Connie the artwork is my own as is the verse. :)

    I read about Led Zeppelin re-forming and what a concert that would be to be at, ellee! Wow! I love them, too.

  20. Not a " Boss" fan, but have to agree about Led Zepplin.. Your paintins and poem are great! Snap a pic of the fern in cauldron so we can all enjoy your find.

  21. Hey, AW...I'll do that...when it stops raining (and I don't want it to stop raining!) We need this rain and much more. Lovely, lovely!

    Thanks for your comment, AW. :)

  22. I love Springsteen. Went to see a couple of years ago. Brilliant show spoiled by bad acoustics.

    Do you have the Seeger Sessions? Not typical Springsteen but wonderful. I'll put one on my blog, that's a good idea!

  23. re: Led Zep reunion

    Who is drumming? Bonham's son?

  24. Hi, Liz...I've heard about Springsteen's Seeger Sessions but I've to yet hear any of the recordings. Some panned it, but I think that was probably because it was such a break-away from his usual stuff. I must see if I can get a copy.

    The Dude...I'm not sure if Jason Bonham will be the drummer for the reunion concert. He probably will be , I imagine.

  25. Wish I had seen The Boss. I came to like Bruce Springsteen through one of my sons as is the case with a lot of my music choices.
    Cheers Margaret

  26. Hey! Good to see you, Margaret. :)

    I remember the first time I heard Molly Meldrum talking about Springsteen on "Countdown" many years ago...way back in his early days...and I was immediately intrigued.

  27. Love the poem and drawings, I just got another cat, he's a cutie but I can't think of a name for him though. I can't imagine my life without my cats.

  28. Same here, Shelly. I've always had a cat. I've never been without one, either. We kinda go together! ;)

  29. I put a Springsteen track on my blog but it kept asking visitors to get a licence so I thought it might put people off and removed it. I tried.

  30. Glad you're falling in love again with Springsteen, Lee. Love the cat drawing!

  31. Hi Liz...sorry I didn't see you snuck in on me! ;)