Saturday, March 21, 2020


When times get tough the true colours of most shine through.  Over the past few months here in this wonderful country of ours we’ve been surrounded by more colours than a rainbow as people have, without reservation or hesitation, reached out in support of those who were affected by the devastating bushfires. The reaction to extend assistance in one way or another has been heartwarmingly uplifting. 

Selfishness was pushed aside as genuine good deeds and consideration for the welfare of others became top priorities.

That was until some self-centred, ignorant, greedy folk started the toot paper wars, immediately followed by a competition to see how many supermarket shelves they could deplete of stock.

In far too many instances it’s been “toodle-loo” to good generous actions and thoughts towards one’s kindred humans.  

Be polite, people! No throwing items at supermarket staff. They’re not the creators of this current melodrama. Furthermore, they are far more decent than those who hurl abuse and projectiles at them!

Behave! Have some dignity! Show some class!

Toss a smile.  Doing so is more beneficial than tossing a fit, or frozen goods! 

Step back! Wave a white flag in apologetic surrender!  Stop being so rude! The behaviour on display lately by too many folk here and elsewhere is disgusting.

I honestly do not understand people.  Who or what do they see when they look in their mirrors?   

It is little wonder I keep to myself, preferring my own company and that of my two furry mates.  I don’t have to put myself into isolation...isolation is my “normal” choice...and has been for years. I never get bored.  The word is so foreign to me,  I may not even know its correct it "bored" or "board"?   

Similar applies to lonely...I never get lonely.

Allow kindness be second-nature...promote kindness and thoughtfulness...let both overshadow the other unattractive traits!

Perhaps instead of whingeing about having to "self-isolate"...a lot of people should use the time to get to know understand what makes them tick!  Maybe if they began to understand themselves, they might begin to grow compassion for others!

The grass is not always greener on the other side.  Across the way from me here where I dwell there isn’t a lot of grass, green, or brown. Overshadowing grass growth, trees and shrubs rule, which is fine with me.  This block of land upon which my humble little abode sits is covered with green grass....and trees.

The total area of lthe tree and shrub-covered land on the opposite side of this lane is probably around 5 acres aka 2.02 hectares...thereabouts... give or take...I’ve not taken out my tape measure and measured it....

Like most birds, this old bird loves trees and shrubs.  I no longer perch on their limbs, though.  My limbs aren’t limber enough these days to allow me the luxury. The old grey mare ain’t what she used to be! 

Actually, I’ve not roosted in tree branches since I was a kid; not since we used to build tree houses. Tree houses, which were, in our wild imaginings, golden, crystal palaces; or whatever else we wished them to be on any given day, or theme of play.

A few weeks ago I felt extremely blue when I discovered the garnet in a ring I’ve worn for many had been my mother’s ring...was missing.   

My late mother received the garnet ring for her 18th birthday. Somewhere along the way, I know not where or when, the rich red stone dislodged. 

Upon discovering my loss, the surrounding air went out in sympathy with my mood.  It turned navy blue
Even though reality struck immediately, fruitlessly, I searched high and low.  I knew I’d never see the scarlet gem again.

Because I refuse to remove the ring, the blues hit each time I look at the bare setting.  The stone is irreplaceable. The ring’s updated, current state shall remain.  I shan’t blush red if others think my decision is weird. It’s mine to make.

At times, the mean reds, too, will strike when I notice the empty mounting.

My hair may have turned grey, but my grey matter remains intact...not impaired in any way. Some may disagree, but that’s okay.  I know me better than they do. 

My face has never turned purple with rage.  However, I’m sure I’m not Robinson Crusoe in saying the following.

There have been times I’ve been in a black mood. There have been times I’ve experienced the feeling of being white with anger.
I have turned bright red from sunburn, and eventually turned brown. Other times, I’ve peeled like an orange.

On the subject of oranges...when I was a kid, I loved feasting on packets of Jaffas at Saturday afternoon clarify...only one packet per attendance. Rather than rolling them down the aisles, I preferred eating the delicious treats.  My belief was...why waste the chocolate balls covered in orange-flavoured shells?  Golly! Pocket money was too precious to squander on such a foolish folly as lolly rolling! 

Presently, I’m eagerly awaiting the lemons on my little tree to ripen.  Each season it’s a prolific producer of lemons...therefore, it is not a lemon!

Garlic Lemon Prawns with Broccolini: Lightly spray rimmed baking pan with oil. Whisk together 1tbs lemon juice, 2tbs x-virgin olive oil or avocado oil, 1tsp finely chopped lemon zest, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 1/4ts red pepper flakes, and 1/2tsp salt. Add 400g large, shelled, deveined, tails on, prawns to the mix. Transfer to pan; spread evenly; leave remaining liquid in the bowl. Toss 1 bunch broccolini, cut into small florets in remaining liquid; spread on the pan with the prawns.  Thinly slice half lemon; arrange slices on top of prawns/broccolini. Bake in preheated 200C oven, 6-10mins, or until prawns turn pink and opaque. Broccolini should be crisp tender. If you want it more tender, remove prawns, and cook broccolini a few additional minutes.

Jaffa Mousse: Melt 225g dark chocolate melts and 2 strips of orange rind in bowl; melt over simmering water, bowl not touching water. Set aside to cool 15mins. Remove and discard orange rind. Whip together1c thickened cream and 2tbls Grand Marnier.  Beat egg whites of 2 eggs in clean bowl until stiff peaks form; gradually add 1/4c caster sugar, beating well between each addition.  Whisk egg yolks into chocolate; and then fold in the cream. Stir 1/3rd of whites into chocolate to loosen; then fold in the remaining whites.  Spoon into serving glasses; chill until lightly set. Decorate with Candied Orange: very thinly slice 1 navel orange; blot to remove excess juice. Place onto a cooling rack over oven tray; sprinkle with 1/4c caster sugar. Bake in 140C oven, 1-1/2-2hours or until slices are dry; cool thoroughly. Dip slices into melted chocolate; allow excess to run off. Place on paper-line tray; set at room temp. Store in air-tight container. 

Acrylic painting by me...


  1. Pity about the garnet! Anyway, the ring is beautiful with or without the red stone.
    I totally agree with Gandhi's quotation and with your thoughts on people's emptying the stores' shelves.
    Awsome acrylic picture! You've definitely got talent.

    1. Yes, DUTA...I was very upset when I discovered the gemstone was missing. But, I know it's gone...never to be found...sadly.

      Gandi's words are so pertinent to what is occurring these days.

      Thanks for your kind comment, and for coming by....take good care. :)

  2. I too am sorry that the garnet has gone missing.
    And quietly rage at the greed, the selfishness and the stupidity on display (the idiots who flocked to Bondi Beach are a classic example). And the churches who said that they would continue to celebrate communion with a shared cup are another.

    1. Hey, EC. Losing the garnet was like losing another piece of Mum...losing a piece of my heart.

      I rage, too, about the embarrassing, bad behaviour that is going on at present. Those people should be ashamed of for the ignorance of those flocking to Bondi Beach...and similar to some Gold Coast beaches...again, I shake my head!!!!

      Take care, EC...thanks for coming by. :)

  3. I am sorry about the garnet! I know how much it means to you.
    I agree with Gandhi's quotation.
    I also agree with you on people's emptying the stores' shelves.
    We need to pray for this world!

    1. Hey Sandie...there is no cure for stupidity, it would seem!

      Thanks for coming by...take good care. :)

  4. That is one of my favorite quotes of Gandhi. I am sorry about the ring. I have a few special items that belonged to my Mother and my Grandmother and they mean so much to me. Here people have been polite and kind to one another yet the shelves at the store are often empty. I think people are scared and don't know what to do so some of them hoard things. It is not right and it hurts others. I went to the store and many shelves were empty. I could not even get milk. I am learning to go very early. They open early just for those of us over 60. It's like we are learning how to navigate a new world.

    1. Hey, Bonnie...Yep! It is a new world, isn't it? And, it is worrying. A global depression is certainly taking over.

      Let's hope everything rights itself soon...very soon.

      People just have to use common sense...remain calm...and consider their fellowman.

      Thanks for coming by. :)

  5. I'm another one shocked by the rioting of shoppers. WTF people?? Get a grip for F's sake. Clearly these people have never had to make do or do without, their sense of entitlement is so huge. They need to get out the history books and see how people coped through the Great Depression years.

    1. So very true what you say, River. Over-indulged generations who wouldn't be able to find their way if the lights went out...if you understand my meaning...and I feel sure you do.

      An useless mob of f***ing idiots! I don't know why they've made a run on toilet paper because they wouldn't know if their arses were on fire!!!

      It angered me greatly when a couple of the IGA staff at our local supermarket told me the other day that they were victims of customers throwing goods at them. One clown tossed a frozen chicken at a staff member, for god's sake!!!!! And it is locals who are behaving badly!!!! They should be named, shamed and banned from the store, in my opinion! Bloody idiots!

      The crew who work at our IGA are a happy, friendly, helpful lot, and they certainly do not deserve that kind of disgraceful treatment! No staff at any establishment does.

      Thanks for coming by...take care, my friend. :)

  6. It is very disappointing about the bulk buyers. There is plenty for us to do at home, but I feel paralysed. Our normal life has gone. You are happy on your isolated hill, but in my large city where I like to roam, I don't know what to do. Maybe write better blog posts.

    1. Hi Andrew...Tamborine Mountain isn't "isolated"...there are many great spots to roam about in...waterfalls, wonderful parks, gardens, rain forests etc., etc. The list goes one...We have much to offer....just not the madding crowd of cities, and the hassle of non-stop traffic. Each to their own, of course.

      You like to roam about cities and among people. I don't. That's not my scene, or desire. And, to be honest, I guess it never has been, even though I did live in Brisbane for 14 years...but many years ago...from 1965 to 1979. Much has changed since those days. I'd hate to live in Brisbane now...or in any city for that matter.

      I'm sure if you put your mind to it, and stop feeling like you're a prisoner within your own four walls, you will find lots of things to amuse yourself may be surprised. :)

      Thanks for coming by....take care. :)

  7. Like your painting.
    Disgusting behaviour of many Australians with their bulk buying, anyone would think that they had to go underground for the rest of the year!
    We just go shopping as usual, plenty of veggies were available, meat not so much but we will manage.
    Never get bored when on my own which is not that often these days.

    1. G'day, Margaret. Yep! We're not going to starve. I'm not going to starve, neither are my two furry mates.

      If people realised the plentiful supply of fresh fruit and vegetables available...they may wake up to their stupidity! I, too, just go shopping as I normally do, and purchase what I normally purchase...that is until the other day! There must be a hell of lot of people baking these days. There was not a packet of flour, plain or self-raising left on the shelves! It's crazy...people are crazy. I wanted to buy just one x 1kg packet of plain flour, because I've run out...simple as that. No hoarding intended!

      I've never been bored in my life...nor have I ever felt lonely. I just don't understand the way some people think. I don't need to have others around me, or be around others, for me to be entertained.

      It is a strange world we are living in these days...inhabited by many strange people! lol

      Thanks for coming by...take care. :)

  8. Hello Lee.. I find the difference between the mood with the bushfires and peoples concern for one another to now with this virus astounding. The language used on social media is course and abrupt.. even the PM - who would be under immense pressure admittedly- quite impatient with a reporter in his Sunday evening press conference.

    People are fearful but even more important for us all to be kind to each other.

    Distressing about your garnet stone - don't give up looking. I lost my engagement diamond - felt sure it was in the garden somewhere. Following week I was cleaning our shower room and saw what I thought was a bit of silver paper...there it was in the corner of our tiled shower this tiny stone glittering - about to be sluiced down the drain!! I felt very lucky to find it.. so good luck with keeping a birds eye out. Stay safe Lee

    1. Hi Elle...Nice to see you. Yes...with some people their true colours do come out...and they're not nice colours.

      I think the PM is doing a good job. He is under a lot of pressure...things are changing by the minute...and I doubt he has had much sleep over the past couple or more weeks...just trying to keep up with everything and reporting it to the populace. He is in that awkward position...damned if he does...damned if he doesn't.

      I doubt I'll see the garnet again. I hope I do...but I'm not holding my breath. It could have fallen out anywhere...Thanks for your good positive thoughts towards my finding it...I hope that is the eventual outcome. :)

      Thanks for coming by...take care. :)

  9. Shoppers there exhibiting bad behavior? Goodness, haven't seen that yet but we don't get out to the stores much. They have a couple hours set aside just for us senior shoppers at the local grocery store. Hopefully we elders will be better behaved. If we can get some warmer temperatures I'd like to get outside and get ready to plant a garden. I'm not sure we're in the right climate for lemon trees though.

    1. Hi Dave, Some stores in some areas here are opening at special hours for the elderly and disabled, too. When I do my grocery shopping, I've always gone out early to do it. Our local supermarket opens at 7 am...always...and I'm one of the early shoppers...always. Early just suits me better. I couldn't be bothered going out later to do my shopping...I'd wait until the next morning...

      I usually only do one shop a week, anyway; and as I've written...I've always been one to have well-stocked cupboards...that's nothing new with me. I won't starve.

      With spring having begun up your's a good time to be planting some home-grown vegetables...and there's nothing better than home-grown! :)

      Thanks for coming by, Dave....take good care. :)

  10. There's a children's program here in some schools called Manners of the Heart. It's something i believe everyone needs now!

    So sorry about the ring. If you have not been out of your house with it, are you sure you won't find it?

    1. That is for sure, messymimi...too many have forgotten theirs. But, we must, also, praise those who are doing good deeds...and there are many. More should be made about them, and less about the idiots!

      The ring has been on my finger permanently for the stone could be anywhere. Now just the gold band and empty setting remains permanently on my finger.

      Thanks for coming by...take good care. :)

  11. Like your painting =)!

  12. LEE.I have read your story twice. Oh how so true. I entered this world in 1926. My dad a WW1 vet died at 39 in 1930. Fostered By Barnardos until the Brit Navy collared me in 1942. I lived in a country village off the grid and all the deprivations that went with it. The depression came and went unnoticed by me, I was too busy enjoying the little things in life that people these days have missed out on. Thank you for writing such a nice post.

    1. You are most welcome, Vest. How nice it is to see you.

      Some folk are so wrapped up in their own selves they don't have a clue. They are in for a rude awakening...and it will be to their benefit in the long run...that is, if they get their heads out of their arses!

      Thanks for coming by, Vest...take very good care of yourself...stay safe and well. :)

  13. Lovely post. Lovely painting. I hope, when you least expect it, your mom's stone turns up.
    Stay safe. Stay healthy.

    1. Hey would be a miracle...a welcome miracle if the stone did resurface, but I'm not hold my breath. Thanks for the positivity. :)

      You take good care, too...stay safe. Similar applies to all your family and loved ones. Thanks for coming by. :)

  14. The more I hear and read of what has been happening "out there" in the world, the more I don't mind being in isolation for so long. Getting through this thing must be awfully hard for some people but I honestly don't think that excuses rudeness and ignorance. Oh, and I could never understand why anyone would roll their jaffas around at the Saturday matinee, either! (Probably the same idiots who stockpile these days. Forget I said that!)

    1. Hahahaha! No! I won't forget what you said, Pauline! Your comment cracked me up! lol You're probably correct! I bet they're sorry now that they wasted them!!! :)

      There are no excuses for rudeness or ignorance. I wish some would realise that! Wake up to themselves!!

      Thanks for coming by...take good care. :) And, again, thanks for the laugh! :)