Sunday, August 27, 2006


I'll be minus my hair soon! I'm pulling it out by the roots...rapidly! I've got every word worked out in a crossword I'm doing bar one! And it's driving me crazy!

I'm looking for the name of a 'protest' songwriter by the name of 'Bob' something-or-other...and it's not 'Dylan'. The name has only three letters and the middle letter is 'a'! I've racked my brain (what's left of it...and there's little left of it after this episode!)....I've searched and searched but have come to a dead-end! Help!

I shall not rest until I've worked it out!


  1. I tried, but I couldn't think of it. Google is convinced it's Bob Dylan. So am I. Would love to know the true answer...

  2. Yep...I Googled and Googled, too and could come up with nothing. As you,'s practically all 'Dylan'...I'm almost convinced the crossword is's not me who is wrong! Thanks for your help, tanya.

  3. Lee, try the Ol' Geezer Music Club. Even if you can't find the answer, you'll enjoy your visit.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks you two for your suggestions...but the crossword itself was incorrect and they republished the corrected was 'Bob Dylan"! The clue in the earlier version was a protest songwriter..."Bob...." (last name 3 words!).....I figured it must have been wrong as another word/clue was out of whack as well! :)