Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Like 'Earl' Karma Will Win In The End!

A story from Britain captured my interest the other day. A swimmer lost his wallet during a late night swim in the sea, believing, of course, that was the last time he'd see it.

However, a diver caught a lobster with the wallet clasped tightly in its claws! The diver traced the owner of the wallet after finding his business card in the rather damp wallet. So there was a happy ending for the swimmer who had his intact, but slightly lobster-worn wallet returned to him.

No such happy ending to the poor old lobster, though! Apparently, the diver cooked and ate him! Sorry, folks, but I feel sorry for the lobster. He did a good job finding the wallet and what does he get for his responsible efforts? A hot cooking pot! Not very fair, to my way of thinking. 'What goes 'round...comes' round'!


  1. Why, oh why, would you carry your wallet on a swim?

  2. Word has it he was a little bit worse the wear from a night's drinking! ;)