Thursday, August 10, 2006

Love Is In The Air!

The latest uncovered terrorism plot puts a chill through everyone's veins. Allah must be a most cherished God to command such obedience and love!

The international in scope of this latest threat is a diabolical example of the hate these despicable Muslim Fundementalists have towards the Western World. Also, they have no respect for their own Islamic brothers/sisters. The lives of thousands and thousands of innocent people were in their destructive flight paths.

This plot which focussed on US aircraft shows the terrorists have little imagination because it's similar to one planned back in 1995 to blow up eleven planes with nitroglycerine mixed with contact lens solution.

No quarter must be given to these would-be mass murderers! It's an unfortunate world we live in at present but vigilant we must continue to be. One can only dream of a peaceful that is all it is, a dream, as long as these people exist.

If they expect my respect then they had better think again!

Love is all around? Wouldn't it be lovely if this was so?


  1. Hi Lee,
    Just popped in to say hello, I have been reading through your blog - I am very disappointed with the way the whole world seems to be these days; more violence, not less; more hate, less love - I try not to watch/read the same items over and over but it's hard with local tv, and paytv, and the internet all seemingly mesmerised by pain and suffering... oops, you've started me off!.

    Never mind, I am looking for Aussie bloggers, especially 'elderbloggers' for my blogroll.. would you mind if I added you?

    *On the Gold Coast*

  2. Not at all, dellab...I'd be happy to have you aboard! Welcome to my 'kitchen table'....I try to cover lots of's not all bad news! :)

  3. Hi again Della...sorry I didn't use your name in my previous comment!