Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's True...Fact Is Stranger/Better Than Fiction....

I'm still operating as a 'one-eyed bandit' eye is a little better than it was this time yesterday...I can open it about a millimetre!

A wonderful story from of 3 year old Chinese twins reunited in the US. The girls had been abandoned on the side of a street by their family. One family from Chicago adopted one of the little girls and then a week later, the other twin was adopted by a family in Miami.

The adoptive mothers came across each other online and after communicating for a bit, one and one added up to two. Another amazing thing is both mothers named their little girls 'Mia'. The twins have now met and their new families have promised to keep in touch and allow the girls to visit each other whenever possible.

Now, that's a happy ending!

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