Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whooohoooo! They've Done It Again!

I do try not to get angry over things but sometimes it's just impossible not to get angry. Lately, there seems to be a lot that makes me very angry! Our 'wonderful' law court system is at it again!

About fifteen to eighteen months ago, a young man who was sleeping off his night out clubbing, on a bus seat in Brisbane city was killed (murdered!). Another young so-called 'man' kicked him and stole his watch. The assailant walked away but then returned to his victim and beat on the sleeping fellow, killing him. While he was at it, he stole the victim's shoes just because he could!

In the Brisbane court today the accused, who was found guilty, received an eight-year sentence! And there's more..he could be out after three years incarceration! Life certainly is very cheap these days, isn't? And there's still top that off, the judge said to the parents of the dead young man...."time heals all wounds"!

Now, correct me, if you wish...I could be wrong...but the sentence handed down to the killer and those thoughtless, ignorant comments by a person paid by us, the taxpayers, really make me irate!

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