Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happiness Is...

The sound of rain on my roof

When I hear a husband saying nice things about his wife, in front of his wife, in front of others and I know it is said with sincerity, respect and love (or vice versa)

The smile from a child

Waking up in the morning!

My new refrigerator!

Watching any of Jamie Oliver's cooking shows

When I finish transcribing these cassettes

When I get paid for transcribing these cassettes!

Finding that there actually is my "knight in shining armour" and he hasn't gotten lost, only delayed! (Or should that be mislaid....umm...I'll have to ponder on this one for a while!)

Not hearing anyone knocking on my door

Stepping out from a long, hot shower after a busy day

My two cats meowing a "Hello" every time they come inside during the day...just to let me know they are here

A week of hearing rain on my roof

Two weeks of hearing rain on my roof

Rain over a long period of time in the drought-affected areas, with good follow-up falls

Having all my bits and pieces, books and memorabilia around me

Not seeing a carpet snake sunbaking on my roof!

When I know for certain the carpet snake is no longer around!

When washed floors have time to dry before someone walks all over them

Hearing from someone who matters a lot to me

Hearing often from someone who matters a lot to me

Not receiving tele-marketing calls

When my computer doesn't freeze up on me or is on a "go-slow"

When I don't accidentally delete a page/s of word-processing or a whole post!

No hassles

Finding something I thought I'd lost

Remembering something I thought I'd forgotten

Forgetting something not worth remembering

Remembering to forget something not worth remembering


  1. Well apart from the carpet snakes and the drought you could have said these on my behalf too. Also no cats.
    You get my drift!
    Very thoughtful list, Lee, and we should all take time to make a similar one.

  2. Hi Lee,

    Waking up in the morning! Youv'e gotta be joking.... although not waking up in the morning doesn't have much appeal either.
    Apart from that one hiccup, that's a great list.

  3. lee,
    Perhaps, miss-laid?
    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
    The little pleasures are as savory as the large, many times.;-)

  4. Hi jmb,Peter and Rel...I was at a loss what to write about and I've been pretty busy all day, so I thought I'd slip this post in quickly...I know there are a lot more I could add to the list, but my brain went dead on me! ;)

  5. Happiness is sometimes an elusive sate, I think maybe it more of a decision at times, to count your blessings with a long list of "gratitude’s: happiness!! I have a book entitled 1000 reasons to be happy. But I noticed you have not included writing or blogging on your list ?.

    Best wishes

  6. Hi Lee ~~ Enjoyed reading your list
    and also your Let's Eat post and have copied the recipes. Thanks for sharing those. Thanks for the comments and I am glad you liked the Deck of Cards. It's a great story.
    I used to like Alice Faye when I was very young. I saw her in "Hello 'Frisco, Hello" and would love to see it again. Not sure if Betty Grable was in that one with her or another film. Take care, Lee, Love, Merle.

  7. Hi, I didn't put writing or blogging on my list...I'd been doing word processing most of the day, so I'll blame that for forgetting! ;)

    Hey there Merle, I hope you enjoy the recipes when you make them...strawberry season is not too far away. :)

  8. Great list!
    I'm a morning person so waking up in the early morning is good..

    you can have the rain though..more then one day and it depresses me.

  9. you could not have described it any better. These are things that most take for granted even I do at times and I am realizing that so much now, thanks for the reminder.

  10. G'day Deslily...rain never depresses me. The more the merrier, I reckon...particularly in this country.

    Good to see you, Shelly. It's easy for all of us to take things for granted,'re not alone. :)

  11. Snakes...blech!

    My dogs always make me happy. I think they think I am the Big Dog.

  12. lol Corn that you bring it up...I guess my cats think I'm Top Cat, too! You're not only Corn Dog, but Top Dog! ;)

  13. How could you leave Arnott's Mint Slice Cookies off your list?!

  14. That's on your list, Don! Happiness for me is....dark chocolate Tim Tams
    and Cherry Ripes!

  15. Lovely post, though the thought of those carpet snakes scares me! I love the sound of rain on a roof, too - makes me feel cosy and "safe".

  16. Yep, me, too Welsh re: the rain on the roof...I prefer that than the sound of a carpet snake on my roof! ;)

  17. Happiness is when all of my hi-tech stuff is finally in working order.

    Happiness is when my red bird sings to me when I am on the front porch. His song is different when he sees me.

  18. Awww...that's nice, Marc. :)

  19. And a good noon-time to you Lee.

    The Northern Cardinals are sweet birds.

    We started out with a couple regular pairs a few years back. For a while this year, we had at least a dozen including the last couple years worth of offspring.

    The "big daddys" have chased off the younger males, and the females went with them. They show up for food, and then leave for their own nest territories.

    The old "daddy" knows that I put the seeds out, so he is not too afraid of me. He has a feather top knot that he lowers when he looks at me and eats seeds from the feeder outside my window about 3' (1M) away. It's his way of telling me he is at ease with me so close.

    I need to get my camera set up and ready to hand so I can get a few shots of his demure appearance. He reminds me more of a chicken sometimes.

    Speaking of cameras, I will shortly buy the Pentax 10D. I have been worrying over this decision for a while. It is a 10.1 MP SLR with anti-shake built into the body of the camera instead of in the lens like the Nikon. The Nikon lenses are too expensive. I can use almost any Pentax lens of recent manufacture with the 10D.

    I have at least a thousand scanned 35mm film pics on CDROM that I can't use, because they are not of high enough quality. I'll save the film camera for special projects.

    Now I bored y'all to sleep. Not you Lee, your day is only half over with.

  20. Or Lee's day is only half started. Sound better??

  21. That sounds better, Marc...although I have been up since is now around I'm not sure which way to look at it really! lol

    You'll be thrilled with your new camera. I look forward to seeing pics of your favourite visitor. I encourage the birds around here, as well...I love having them around.

    Thanks for your comments, Marc. :)