Sunday, April 29, 2007

Miss Appropriate's Misbehaviour

Coyly as normally was her trait
She asked if it was appropriate
To kiss on a first date
Or longer should she wait

Replying he scratched his pate
Explaining it could be fate
With that he could relate
If he was her soul mate

In that case there's little to debate
His passions may abate
Causing him to be irate
Then he, she'd have to sedate

Oh! She did gasp, that I would hate
Now I'm in such a state
Off she ran through the gate
In fear he could be accurate

That Is That....

She looked at him through querulous eyes
Aloof he coldly turned away his head
To retain her composure she vainly did try
Not only have you tossed me from your bed
But also from your life she tearfully said
In memory of what you and I once shared
Can you give me your reasons why....

(Poems written by Lee)

I'm being a bit lazy this morning by posting a couple of my poems. My excuse is that I believe poems should be read more than once.

When I was a child growing up in Gympie, my mother modelled in a number of fashion shows for the “Bo-Peep Salon”, which has long gone. My mother was a tall, slim, striking redhead. Her rich, natural auburn hair and blue eyes were products of her Scottish and Irish heritage . Her shoulder-length hair was worn swept high off her neck into a fashionable coiffure. She displayed a natural style and grace both on the catwalk after years of learning dance as a child, and when simply walking down the street. My mother carried herself extremely well.

As a little girl, I was quite shy and somewhat cautious of strangers. However, I surprised not only myself, but my mother and grandmother when I agreed to appear in one of the fashion shows. On reflection, I think they must have been coaxed and coerced me with the promise of a new book or doll, or both. I was around seven or eight-years old at the time. My family of dolls were of great importance to me. So were books, a love of which has remained with me throughout my life.

On the evening of the parade, the "lure of the footlights, the roar of the crowd" wiped all my fears and shyness away. Dressed in the white, crisp cotton-voile dress with green flower embroidery upon it that was my outfit for the parade, I felt like a princess. Separating the bodice from the full gathered skirt, a green satin sash, matching the green of the embroidery, was tied in a large bow at the back. As I glided down the catwalk to the tune “Teddy Bears’ Picnic”, childishly believing I was emulating my mother’s movements, lost in a fantasy world of fairies, teddy bears and picnics, I didn’t want the dream to end. Sadly, it did when I noticed my mother and the lady from the "Bo-Peep Salon" who'd organised the parade, beckoning to me from behind the curtains at the top of catwalk that my moment of celebrity was over.

How badly I wanted to ignore their frantic urgings for me to leave the spotlight, but the teddy bears went home, then the music and the picnic ended! And so had my modelling career and my "five minutes of fame"! (Even though I had tried to extend them!)


  1. Happy Monday to you.
    Am I first? Shucks it's 11 AM.

    Good poem.

  2. Well I don't consider posting your poems lazy. I am glad to have read them. I'm not a poetry person although what does that mean? Only that I hated reading the poetry they dished up in school. I enjoyed these two and would have been quite happy to study poems like this in school.
    For a not poetry person, every day I read a blog called Pursuance of Truth, which is a collection of haiku and tanga poems and similar which I really enjoy.
    As usual I enjoyed the story too.

  3. Marc, you are off the mark this morning! ;)

    Hi jmb...I enjoy poetry...and enjoy writing it when I'm in the mood to do so.

    Thanks to you both for your comments. :)

  4. I like your poetry, Lee. I'm certainly not a poet, the only things I can write are dirty limericks...snicker.

    And I bet you stole the show as a child model, too. You know what they say, never compete with kids and animals, they'll get the limelight every time.

  5. I wish you had a photo or two of that, Lee. I bet it would be one of your favorites.

    The innocence of childhood is something special, and it sounds like you remember at least this instance of that precious time.

  6. I thoroughly had fun, Robyn...I didn't want the moment to end.

    Hello Don...the memory and feeling of that night has always stayed with me and the picture of that dress has remained in my mind to this day. I wanted to take it home with me!

  7. So you expected some sillyness did you? We just found another new bird for our "Life Book". See Stormy's blog. You know, I think you two would get along famously!

    Well. It's 1030 PM Sunday here, so I'l say TTFN.

  8. I'm sure Stormy and I would, Marc. :)
    Have a good night's sleep.

  9. lee,
    Nice rhyme! You're a very talented girl and have and will enjoy more "5 min." of fame. ;-0

  10. Gympie has been clamoring for a retun of the model for years now Lee.

  11. Rel and are both too kind...and funny! ;)

  12. Anonymous3:11 AM

    five minutes as a child are worth an hour as an adult. A good memory to hold on to forever.

  13. Yes, it is, Steve...thanks for commenting. :)

  14. Hi Lee ~~ Liked the poems and I am glad you had your 5 minutes of fame.
    You were probably stealing the show!!

    Yay for the Cricket - it was a strange last game in sunny Barbados
    and so odd to be near dark for last 3 overs. Main thing is we won. Made my
    day after losing to Brisbane in the football. Take care, my friend, Love,

  15. Hey Lee,
    Love the poems ... I think poems are meant to be shared.
    I haven't written any for awhile ... might dig out some old ones, though !!
    How cool, being a model for a day !! Bet you have some great photos !!
    Take care, Meow

  16. Hi Merle...that certainly was a crazy mix-up at the end of the should not have happened but at least the result remained the same! Go the Aussies! ;)

    Unfortunately, Meow...I don't have any photos of that glorious moment other than the ones that remain in my mind. :) Keep writing that's good for the soul.

  17. Lee, I think you have done everything at least once. You are the adventurer.

  18. Hi Lee,

    Your dress sounded lovely, and I love the thought of your standing there enjoying the spot light while in the wings your being flagged back in by mommy and the woman in charge.



  19. I love reading your poems. Your story was endearing too! I'm glad you shared. :-)

  20. Lovely poetry, lovely post, Lee.

  21. G'day Corn Dog, Janice, Robbie and Serena....It's funny how some things stick in your mind...that particular "event" has never faded far from my mind's view. ;)

  22. Love your "ate" rhymes, Lee! That's a fine description of your Mother because so few writers talk about the way a person moves - yet it can be the very essence of them, can't it? You have captured this. Well, I'm sure you enjoyed your "fame" there and were perfect in the part! Auguri dalla Sicilia.

  23. Hello Welsh...It was always part of my growing mother, and my Nana, her mother, telling me to hold my shoulders back, stomach in, head up. Mum had done a fair bit of modelling in her younger days before she married etc., and a little more locally when my brother and I were young, plus she had studied dance for many years as a child, so she had a natural grace and a certain "style" about her when she walked.

    Glad you enjoyed the poem. :)

  24. Those memories remain crystal clear to us. Did you do any acting or subsequent stage theatre work later? Nice rhymes, the first has a little Gilbert & Sullivan style to it……..
    Of that there is no manner of doubt, no probable, possible shadow of doubt…….
    `No possible doubt whatever, no possible doubt whatever`. Search in and out and round about and you’ll discover never
    A tale so free from every doubt
    All probable, possible shadow of doubt ----
    All possible doubt whatever!
    Best wishes

  25. As a matter of fact, I did Lindsay. I was in a drama group for a while...and it was lots of fun. :)