Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Break From Reality!

I've chewed over this one for a while...but then, I thought, what the hell! I will post it anyway!


Both you and I know there will never be an "us"
Divided by ocean so deep differences insurmountable
It is not enough though my love is honest without fuss
I confess to this I hold myself wholly solely accountable

You know I love are unaware just how much
Nothing I can do will change how deeply I feel for you
Recurring thoughts the haunting memories of your touch
Enraptured by your presence my times with you too few

Hopeless murmurings of discontent often disrupt my sleep
In the midst of night I reach out to you in the darkness
My soulful lament you are not aware of how much I weep
Pacing the floor repining your absence and my aloneness

Yes it is true sometimes you cause me anger you raise my ire
But I never want to live my existence without you in my life
It is not only your body I desire but it is you whom I admire
My heartache unremitting my pain obstinately cuts like a knife

Poem written by Lee...who knows when!


  1. I'm very impressed...that's an excellent poem! I once tried writing poetry....notice I said "once"! lol It's funny because I love writing long letters to penpals but don't ask me to write poetry!! That's why admire people like you who have it in them to write such wonderful poetry!! Well done! xox

  2. Thanks, pea...I sincerely appreciate your comments.

    I enjoy writing poetry and have dabbled and played around with it for a number of years. It's just lately I've been digging through my myriad notes in notebooks, pads and slips of paper...tidying a lot of thoughts up and putting them into verse. My computer desk likes a like a paper recycling plant! This past week I became very motivated and inspired and wrote one each day almost!

    Don't be deterred...keep trying...I'm sure you can do it! :)