Monday, November 13, 2006

When You Wish You Could Become Invisible...Or Had Already Been So!

I've been busying doing fiddly little things around home and, while doing so, my mind, by its own volition, decided to sort and sift through thoughts and memories. Embarrassing moments, of which I have had many, far too many to mention, came to the forefront of my mind. I've been having a few giggles here to myself recalling some of my most classic moments! I'll share one of those moments with you.

I'd not long relocated from Gympie to Brisbane to work when my new boss's wife gave birth to their first child. Not yet 21 years old, I was still a little shy in the company of strangers. I had only met the wife once at that stage, and at the time of our brief introduction and small talk, she was 'very' pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby boy about six weeks after I'd commenced working with her husband. The proud new father, my boss, suggested that I go to the hospital during my lunch break to visit with her and to view their newborn. Feeling I couldn't decline, off I went alone, to St. Andrew's Hospital in Brisbane. I'd never been there before that particular day, so that was quite an event in itself!

Upon arriving at the, I'm like most people, I guess...I hate hospitals and I turn into someone else everytime I set foot in one...which isn't my choosing...I quietly walked down the corridor following instructions of the sign that said "Maternity Ward"! Neither looking right nor left for fear of disturbing patients, I eventually found the room in which, Shirley, my boss's wife was.

Stepping inside, four or five people gathered around the bed greeted me warmly. I smiled bravely, returning the smiles of the new mother and her happy visitors. I started to chatter inanely, when out of the corner of my eye, I spied Shirley's face peering around from the screen dividing her bed from the person with whom I'd been exchanging pleasantries! A person who, by now, probably thought I was a friendly, well-meaning, visiting Salvation Army Sister Jo or whatever and was probably waiting for me to start shaking the box!

I withered, wishing to disappear out of sight...and the world! I begged Shirley, whom at that stage, I was still calling "Mrs", not to mention my embarrassing error in recognition to her husband, my boss. I couldn't stand the thought of them laughing behind my back at my blunder! She vainly tried to appease my feelings of desperation and I feigned I was put at ease. However, immediately upon arriving back at work, I went to my boss's office and told him the complete woeful tale! He was very understanding and gentle towards my fractured self!

For fourteen years I worked with him as his secretary and 'right-hand-man'...he and I built up the Queensland office of the national company (fashion industry) between us, hiring more staff and moving to larger premises. From two, we grew into into a staff of 16. Through the years, he, his wife, Shirley and I became good, firm friends. I was there for the birth of their two sons. I was like and still am, an older sister to the boys. John has since passed away, but Shirley is still my very good friend and the 'boys' still keep in touch with me. The eldest worked with me for a while on Hinchinbrook Island.

My embarrassing moment at the eldest boy's birth became a 'family joke' and many a time over lunchs, dinners or whatever, we would bring up the subject, relive it and laugh our heads off. We still laugh about it to this day!


  1. I'm sorry but I laughed out loud...It was very funny because I think we have all done something similar in our lives. It is like when someone hits their elbow everyone laughs except the person it happened to. Great story ~grin~

  2. ;) Glad you had a laugh, is a funny story, even though at the time, I was so horribly embarrassed I felt like dying! lol

  3. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Hi Lee, if that's the worst story about you there's not much need to worry, mind you I did say IF.

  4. Ummm...well...Peter...I've got a few stories...some I'm not sure whether I should relate...I'd hate to destroy my image! ;)

  5. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Gidday Lee, I'm pleased you enjoyed reading about my "take" on ye ole' Brisbane town, altho' I must admit I enjoy reading your stories. It's as good as reading somebody' (yours) autobiograpgy. I'll look forward to your next chapter.

  6. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Oh Lee, I can sympathise with you. It's awful when you're already painfully shy and lacking in confidence.

    I have a few stories too, one especially that involved me, a boat and a young guy's bum! I'll tell you one day.

  7. Hiya Wazza and Robyn...yep...embarrassing moments hit all of us at times...just some more than often! ;)

    I've enough stories to fill a library, this space! ;)

  8. Funny story -- heeheehehe, sorry.

    It's strange when you say about memories appearing in your head. Same thing happens to me and sometimes I have no idea where it arrived from - but stranger still is that although I have a lot of vague memories about some things - the memories that are my strongest are those of my 'embarassing moments' - like you, heaps of those, every cringey detail..