Thursday, November 09, 2006

When Is A Rock Star Not A Rock Star?

Some people do have an over-inflated opinion of themselves!

I just heard briefly on 'Sunrise' this morning that Bono, lead singer of the rock band U2, has put a condition to a meeting with our prime minister, John Howard! He, Bono, will only agree to meet with John Howard if the prime minister agrees to increase foreign aid! What a hide! Explains his name, "Bono" rhymes with "rhino"...his hide is certainly as thick as one!

A bit cheeky, in my opinion!

Australia has never been backwards in coming forwards in the foreign aid department, and for a visitor to this country, be it a leader of a rock band who thinks he's the new Messiah or not, to put conditions upon a meeting with the prime minister of this country is laughable. Of course, John Howard refused to a meeting with this pumped-up Irishman! Go back to your own stage, Bono!

Australia has always been very generous, sometimes overly-generous in its foreign aid.


  1. I agree, Bono is a jerk.

  2. Hey, there William and a very cheeky jerky by the sounds of it!

  3. he did something similar with BUSH...but Bush needed the 'ratings' so agreed to a meeting on AIDs vaccines in Africa. I think Bono is a prat and don't even listen to his music. I have long felt that our intellectuals should be promoted above mere musicians and actors as people to aspire to. Imagine if our children aspired to be a Nobel winner in science rather than a Bittany Spears wannabe.

  4. I agree, scorpy. I don't listen to his music either. They get an inflated idea of their importance some of these people. I'm with you, I'd rather my kids (don't have any, but my sentiments remain the same) aspire to be like Dr Ian Frazer, for one example, or Dr Fiona Woods, just to name two off the top of my head!

  5. Bono has helped a lot raising awareness and all BUT like you said, he is getting much too cheeky with his approach! People are starting to dislike his attitude and if he's not careful, no one will want to deal with him at all!!

  6. Anonymous6:06 PM

    You are in very good drum thumping mood again I see Lee, if , as a nation, we didn't already have a very good foreign aid policy there just MAY have been something in Bono's idea, but surely even he knows that you don't bargain with national policies.
    As the Christmas season gets closer there will be much more said on this score.

  7. We are only a small nation in the whole scheme of things, Peter...and that being said...we give a lot in foreign aid and we don't need people like Bono coming in here telling us how to handle our policies. As Pea said, Bono will end up doing more damage to himself if he continues along this particular path. He'd better pull his head in before someone does it for him! ;)

    By the way, I love drums, Peter! ;)

  8. Anonymous10:33 PM

    The current international standard for foreign aid is that a nation contributes 0.7% of its GDP toward foreign aid. Of every $100, that's 70 cents.
    Australia currently contributes around a third of that, or 0.28%.
    So internationally, we aren't pulling our weight. We are, therefore, open to criticism on this issue.
    But U2's recent decisions about corporate relocation mean Bono is not exactly setting a good example himself.
    Oh, and if you rhyme Bono with Rhino, you're not pronouncing it right.

  9. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Hello Lee ~ I hope you have had a very happy birthday. I tried to comment earlier, but could not. Anyway I hope you had a fun day!! I think probably
    Bono means well, but has just got too big for his boots. He should not try to interfere in another country's
    policies. Take care Lee, Cheers,Merle.

  10. Thanks for that data, Aurelius...I knew I could count on you! ;)

    Thanks very much for your good wishes, Merle...I've had a wonderful day/night! One of the best birthdays I've ever was a blast! :)