Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Overboard...Completely, Totally Dunked!

I heard a report this morning that in Britain no depiction, or very little, of the birth of Christ is showing up this year in their Christmas cards, decorative displays etc., due to the wish not to offend Muslims and other religions! It doesn't take much to guess that it's the Muslims they are tippy-toeing around! Last year the use of the word "Christmas" was rare and far between. The word that replaced "Christmas" was..."holiday" decorations, "holiday" celebrations etc.!

Christmas is Christmas as Easter is Easter as New Year is New Year. I guess we could turn "New Year" into "Old Year Passing"! Is that offensive to anyone? What about 'birthday' we have to change that also because it might offend someone? What about "Sunday Lunch"? We could change that to "The Day After Saturday Lunch"!

This CHRISTMAS in Britain cards, window displays, home decorations et al are not showing Nativity scenes, or the three Wisemen...probably no stars either!

I don't know about you, but I've had 'political correctness' up to here and beyond! I've never been a fan of political correctness. I believe it is being abused to the extreme these days. It has gone too far...stepped over the line!

What beats me is, why are we so damned scared to offend the Muslims? The Muslims sure as hell aren't scared to offend us (one glaring example being il-Hilali...and there are thousands of other examples, far too many to list here in my blog!)...and the Muslims sure as hell aren't scared to threaten or to kill us! Bowing down to Muslims and giving in to Muslims in these manners is completely wrong, in my opinion!

I'm not afraid to offend the Muslims...I think I might set up a Nativity scene in my front garden!

An early Merry Christmas to you all...


  1. Merry CHRISTMAS to you too Lee!!! Oh boy, do I agree with you on this post...I can't believe how our beliefs are being pushed aside, just so we "don't offend the others"! They've taken prayers out of school, Christ out of Christmas, what will be next?? I respect all religions but I expect them to respect mine too and I don't care who it is, I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS to them!!! Hugs xox

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    That's a good starting point for our "Put Christ Back into Christmas Campaign" I'm not getting fully worked up about it yet but you can bet there will be plenty said a little further down the track.
    Merry early CHRISTMAS to you too.

  3. Hi there Pea and Peter! I'm so boiled up and stirred over this. It really is a load of BS!!!!

    As I mentioned previously in a post, I'm not a 'religious' person, as such. I hold my own beliefs. I went to Sunday School every Sunday when I was child. I'm not a church-goer, but I'm not a heathen, either! This tippy-toeing around Muslims, for fear of upsetting their feelings...and it is the Muslims that this ridiculous political correctness is all a crock full of the proverbial!

    And a double MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both! ;) I think I might start playing some Christmas carols early...and loud!

  4. Anonymous1:19 AM

    This smells badly of media beat-up

  5. I doubt it, Aurelius...this started a few years ago...and it's getting worse!

  6. Hello

    I agree with Lee that this started over here in the UK a few years ago, and that Jesus el al. are featuring less and less on our Christmas cards.

    But this has really nothing to do with muslims and is simply because we're not a religious lot. We much prefer a winter scene or a robin perched on some holly.

    And we still frequently use 'Merry Christmas' as opposed to 'Happy Holidays'.

  7. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too :-D

    Peter sent me over and he's right, this was an awesome post.

    Have a great day!

  8. Anonymous6:00 AM

    HEAR! HEAR! Lee, I too become inflamed about all this so called political correctness. What happened to "When in Rome do as the Roman's do". Would we be able to change things to suit ourselves in foreign countries, I don't think so!!! It does not matter if one believes in religion or not really, Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of "Christ". One of the most well known documented facts in history. How can we let this happen? I am all for everyone having their own opinion, however, not when they want to change everyone else's to agree with theirs. I'm with you, Margaret

  9. William and Karen...thanks for stopping faces/voices are always welcome. :)

    Hey Margaret...nice to see you, too...I hope you suffered no damage during the storm Wednesday night, but reaped its reward of rain. I hear the Sunshine Coast copped a bit of a blow.

    Everyone is afraid to offend everyone else. Place names are being changed to appease imagined affronts, traditions altered...and is the world a better place for all this craziness...the answer is a big "NO", in my opinion!

  10. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I dropped in from Peter's site. You have my vote. This crap is getting out of hand. Have a Merry Christmas.

  11. AMEN to all you said, Lee!

    (...or does that offend someone???)

    It's sad the way things have changed!


    (BTW- found your site through Peter!)


  12. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I think politicians try to think to much.
    If people would take a close look at the month of December they would see many relidions celebrate that month.
    By taking away from one to appease the other is only discriminating against the one loosing.

    Instead of embracing the religious freedoms our contries possess they are being stepped on for votes.
    In Canada we can buy greeting cards for every religious holiday no matter what religion you need it for.
    I celebrate Christmas every year and send out a pile of cards all over the world, it's one of my favorite holidays.
    But I have also begun to notice that being in a country that takes in many immigrants that other religions are becoming more and more prominant in the community.
    There is a good possibility that there will be less Christians here at some stage.
    Now when that happens, does Christmas still stay as a national holiday or is it replaced by a holiday in respect to the religious beliefs the majority of the population has.
    I think politicians are going at this the wrong way.
    They should be welcoming the religious beliefs of others and celebrate them as a nation.
    We fear what we don't know, maybe it's time we looked at our fears. If we all learned a little about those we don't know about, we wouldn't need idiot politions trying to tell us how to live.

    Have a nice day

  13. Welcome to my blog, Steve,Junierose and Walker...and thank you for your comments.

    I do agree with your sentiments about 'politicians trying to think too much', would work better if some of them had something to think with! ;)

    Are we all becoming so sensitive that we have to be treated with kid gloves? I think not! I just refuse to comply! I will not be politically correct just to make the do-gooder civil libertarians happy!

    Thanks to Peter for directing you all here...that was a nice gesture.

  14. But Lee, I would just like to point out that this simply is not true.

    In Britain we are not purposely taking the Christ out of Christmas.

    It has, over the years, definately become a more commercial event with the focus moving away from Christianity, but this is to do with consumerism and not fear of offending Muslims.

  15. There is that, too, William...but the other still remains!

  16. Et tu Australia? I hope they don't succeed in taking Christ out of Christmas down there. This is happening to not offend the Muslims? What are they doing in Australia anyway? Their book says not to live among non believers. There is also the conversion by the sword bit, but nothing about immigrating in small groups and being buttheads about it. I agree with Margaret, what ever happened to “When in Rome..”. Here in the States most of the primary schools take a 'winter holiday'. That sounds a bit pagan and contrary to the whole point of Christmas. We have the atheists to thank for this. BTW, what does an atheist's tombstone read....All dressed up and no place to go. (ba-da-bing)

  17. Hahahaha, gtotracker! Good to see you...thanks for popping in!

    It's all getting so ridiculous, everywhere! A bit of Christmas goodwill, traditions and beliefs have never done me any harm (there may be some who disagree with this! ;))

    This is Australia...we are Aussies...and if those who come here with other beliefs and religions don't like it...well, airlines have some good cheap rates going! Either blend in with our way of life or ship out! That's what I believe! I'm with Margaret on this, too! the way, Merry Christmas! ;)

  18. Methinks you are being a stirring Scotsman, William...just so you know...I'm of Scottish and Irish go for your life! I can keep up with the pace! ;)

    We've had a Muslim population here for years and years, William. Afghan traders were running around the outback with their camel trains the century before last. We had Chinese by the thousands at our goldfields in Queensland and Victoria the century before last. The English took up the $10 fare and boarded ships. The Scots and Irish came here looking for a better life. The Germans settled in great numbers in South Australia. The Italians and Greeks graced our shores in droves after World War Two in particular, and before then the Italians worked hard amongst our cane fields.

    All the above integrated into Australia, adding to our traditions and culture without demanding or commanding special treatment. Nor did any of these people threaten our safety, nor did their religious leaders offend our women folk and call them 'meat', deserving of rape!

    The 'climate' is different today...unfortunate and sad, but it is.

    And...I shall still remain non-politically correct!

  19. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Hello Lee ~ Great post and so many of us agree with your views. If people
    do not like our ways and Christmas
    greetings and celebrations, let them go back to whence they came. I am sure we could not go to their countres and tell them what to do. Keep up the good work. I also do not like tp see Xmas
    as an abreviation, let's have the real thing. Happy Christmas a bit early.
    Take care, Merle.

  20. Hi, I never use "Xmas" either...that's just laziness, I believe!

    It would seem I'm not alone in my sentiments. It's all getting so stupid and out of hand!

  21. Hello Lee

    It is not for me to comment on how Australia has coped with immigration or learned to intergrate.

    As a British man who has unfortunately never visited your country it would also be both arrogant and naive of me to talk about your current political climate.

    My only point is that in Britain there has been no change to our Christmas due to our Muslim population.

    It is not political correctness gone mad as it is simply not happening.

    It would be interesting to know where you heard your report.

  22. It was on a morning breakfast show on television here, William...a report from London by a Jonathan Coleman...

    Don't misunderstand or take offence at my 'having a go' at you, was done in good humour...good Aussie humour! ;)

  23. No offence taken.

    It's just important to be wary of the difference between a media report and the actual reality.

  24. For sure...that I know, but I also know political correctness is going way over-board in too many areas.