Sunday, November 19, 2006

Leave Him Alone!

I wish everyone would lay off Ian Thorpe. 'Thorpie' has served this country well in his chosen sport of swimming. If he decides to give up swimming, it is his right to do so. Selfishly, I will miss watching him swim as I'm a huge fan of Ian Thorpe, however, one must realise this young man has devoted his time and energies since he was 15 (and younger) to competitive swimming. It's understandable if he is suffering 'burn-out'. Also, we must understand he had glandular fever earlier this year. The effects of glandular fever can linger on for years.

There comes a time in everyone's life for a 'seachange'...when that time comes, we have no control over its unexpected arrival. We just know something has to change. So, good on you, Thorpie...whatever you choose to do. You have represented your country well. I, for one, am very proud of you and your achievements. Now it's your time to enjoy life without the pressures you've had to contend with.


  1. Look at how many years it took for the 'media' and 'those people' to forgive Shane Gould. She was 15 and the pressure got too much. Thorpie absorbed all that pressure and has still performed at his peak for ten grueling years. If he wants tro retire then we should let him. I don't see the journos getting up at 4:30 a.m everyday to interview him as he does countless laps.

  2. I agree with you, Lee. What he does is his business. I, too, love to watch him swim, but if he choses to retire, for whatever reason, so be it. That being said, I hope he doesn't !!
    Have a great week.
    Take care, Meow

  3. Hi scorpy and meow,

    We expect so much and sometimes too much from our sporting identities. Thorpie has the right to make his own decisions and if he decides it is time for him to quit, so bet...I wish him well and am sure he will succeed in whatever other paths he chooses to follow. He has been a marvellous ambassador for this country and his chosen sport.

  4. Well said, Lee. Too much of the tall poppy syndrome affects these journos. They just revel in someone's misfortune - parasites that they are!

    To think years ago, when I left school, I wanted to be a journalist. Thank God I'm not. What used to be quite a respectable profession is now seen as something akin to politicians and car salesmen!

    Anyway, back to the Thorpedo. He has been a wonderful role model for young Aussies and even if he gives up swimming, I can't see him taking it easy. He will be doing something to encourage young people.

    Onya Thorpie!

    And Lee, I have recovered my equalibrium - it's amazing what a good night's sleep does for one. As for the wine, I didn't feel like any last night so I'm making up for lost time today, lmao!! Thank you for your kind comment.

  5. Swimming seems to be the least forgiving sport in Australia, the shame of Dawn Fraser, Shane Gould, even Kieren Perkins for a time and now the hooks are into Thorpie, as you said Lee, leave him alone.
    Only comparison I can think of is the Medias election of an Australian Cricket Captain, just because "They" want one.

  6. I agree with you 100%...Ian has every right to leave his swimming career and do what he wants to do! I remember watching him in the Olympics, what an amazing young man!! I wish him the very best in his future choices.

  7. Yes, he's an amazingly stunning athlete to watch. So focused, sleek and terrific