Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm Not Really....

The other day I was joking around with a friend when another person, a social worker, joined us. I didn't know this woman but the conversation continued on in its jovial manner. Something was mentioned about 'anger management'. The woman related a humorous tale and my friend jokingly nodded towards me and said, laughingly to the other person, that I'd be a good candidate or words to that effect. We all laughed but I've been thinking about this on and off ever since the comment was made.

I don't believe I am an 'angry' person. There are many things, I know, that make me feel anger like, for example, paedophilia, rape, terrorism, ignorance, stupidity, ill-treatment of animals, being taken for granted, to mention a few! Oft times some people make me angry but I tend to 'stew' privately 99% of the time!

I believe rather than being classed as an 'angry' person, I would consider myself to be 'passionate' person. I feel 'passion' about certain issues. I'm not afraid to speak my mind if and when an issue arises.

I don't suffer fools easily, if at all. And that includes myself if I do something stupid when I should have known better!

Standing up for what one believes in and not being afraid to voice one's thoughts or feelings, doesn't make a person an 'angry' person to my mind. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.


  1. Perhaps your friend just needed someone to be the butt of a joke and didn't mean that about you at all, or only a little.

    To me, anger isn't wrong. It's what you do with it that can be wrong, or not in your best interest. That is why there may be a need for anger management, to learn a more healthy means of expressing the emotion.

  2. It was done in jest because we were fooling around and the conversations we were having weren't in serious mode...I was acting the goat a bit at the time and the mood was a light and happy one. I was helping out at the RSPCA Op Shop, which I do periodically on a Thursday afternoon when one or the other of two of my friends is unable to do it. To liven the afternoon up I always clown around a bit, stir up the customers, have a bit of fun and cause general mayhem! ;)

    What was said was said in jest, but I do believe there was a little truth in the comment, not that it worries me or "angers" me! lol

    The thrown-away comment just got me thinking. It's not surprising to me really, that some people could perhaps think this way about me as I'm not a "shrinking violet", that's for sure and that has never been in dispute. I probably see things in 'black and white' more than in 'grey' and am intolerant over certain issues.

    I've never been a person to sit around discussing babies, sewing and the 'genteel' things of life, preferring discussions that have some 'guts' in them...with something worth chewing on! When at parties where all the females would congregate at one end of the room, you would always find me over with the fellows as I found the conversations to be far more interesting than those over with the girls! I wasn't flirting with the guys...I've never bothered with flirting, and if the truth be known, probably haven't a clue how to flirt! I just enjoy a good hearty discussion...and I always have...and I enjoy enjoying myself.

    My motives are harmless and if they are misunderstood, so be it...that really isn't my concern! Sometimes assumptions are made and they are the incorrect assumptions, but that's okay...we are all guilty of that at some stage or other in our lives.

  3. Even though I have never met you, Lee, "passionate" is the adjective that comes to mind when I think of you. It shows in your writing - sure anger is there also, but honest anger towards an injustice or a hurt. There's nothing wrong with that.

    But what also comes to mind is that everyone mirrors something in ourselves. So if your friend indicated you with regard to anger management - was he indirectly saying something about himself? Just a thought...

  4. It was all done in fun, Robyn and I had a 'go' at my friend this afternoon about it and told her I'd written about it in my blog! We laughed and carried it on a bit all afternoon. It was all done with good humour...it was a toss away comment that made me think. But yes, I do get 'passionate' over things! ;)