Friday, July 06, 2007

Blame It On The Moon...Blame It On Whatever! Let's Crank It Up!

I don't know whether I was born cranky, or life has made me this way. More likely it's some of the humans that inhabit this earth that have caused my angst. This past week or so, I think I've been crankier than usual! Perhaps I should get it "off my chest" and then I'll feel better, renewed to begin again with a much better frame of mind. Big things and little things make me cranky. I'll list a few, in no particular order.

Terrorism and those who partake in it
The envy and hate that causes such acts and intentions of terrorism
Those who leave the table without putting their chair back in place
Phone calls from "Call Centres"....(I told one caller, politely, the other evening, "I don't accept these calls", to which I received this answer, "Just listen to me!" I promptly, firmly and quite angrily replied, "I don't HAVE to listen to you!" And I slammed the phone down! I wasn't polite then, purposely!)
People who suddenly ignore you without rhyme nor reason
Those who do not acknowledge receipt of gifts
Unexpected knocking on my door
Those who do not understand nor respect the feelings of others
Being taken for granted
Bad table manners
People who talk to hear their own voices and don't give time or effort to listen to another
Running out of wine
Slow and careless drivers
Biting my tongue...literally!
Those not sensitive to the feelings of another...or have I sad that in so many other words?
Bad spelling
Making own
Breaking something valued, if only valuable to myself
False snobbery

That should do me for now I'd better stop before I convince you completely that I'm a cranky person. I'm not...only sometimes! I think this is one of those "times". I can be as changeable as the wind. And the wind has certainly changed a few times this past week!

One bright spot upon my immediate horizon is I have fresh fish fillets to be cooked and eaten later. My landlords called by with some of this morning's catch. That is something to look forward to, as simple as it may seem.

See...already I'm feeling much better!


  1. Must be something in the water (fish?)...we're having fish for dinner tonight too.

  2. The big risk in being cranky is that someone may wind you up.

  3. That's a very long list Lee. There's bound to be something cranky-making quite often. Funny but sometimes things get to you and other times they slide right off, like water off a duck's back. Who knows why?
    Enjoy the fish.

  4. It must be the water, or lack there of Lee...I'm not waiting for tonight to have my fish...I'm just about to throw it into the pan now...the chips are cooking away (what's fush without chups!) I hope you enjoy yours...I'm sure I'm going to enoy mine! ;)

    That is so true j cosmo newbery...but they dare not! ;)

    You are correct, jmb...I'll blame it on...umm...the water, can't blame it on the water as the water gave up its delicious fish that I'm soon to devour!

    Have a great weekend you two...:) Oops...three! ;)

  5. Tailgaters
    Obnoxious and rude teenagers
    People who don't take responsibility
    Arrogant gits
    People who push in, in queues

    I have my cranky making lists, too, Lee, so you're not alone.

    I guess there are things people don't like about me, but I do have respect for others...pity it's not returned sometimes.

  6. I'll bet if I knew you on a personal basis... I could make you cranky.
    BTW I could have written that list. Amen.
    It may be that with age we tend to lose patience with those who are so obviously self centered. I know I have no use for those kind no matter how important they try to appear.
    In my other job as the chairman of our board (a county position) I run into folks who try to impress with their money. They may as well have a neon 'phony' sign on their forehead. I'm not at all impressed with earthly holdings. The quality of the person is all that matters to me.

  7. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I try not to dwell on the things that bother me...I just get pissed off. The American pissed, not the British.

  8. Lee
    We all have our list and now you have it off your chest, you can get back to entertaining we blogger who enjoy the paintings, the pictures, the poems, the recipes, and most of all your STORIES.
    It is nice to see the TALENTED ONE bangs her head against the wall like the rest of us.
    Enjoy the fish and wine and like Scarlett, tomorrow will be another day.
    Have fun and do what ever makes the heart sing.

  9. Hi Lee, I find it happens often, I read a comment that Cliff has made and start nodding in agreement, Your list includes a lot of things that most of us don't like but getting cranky about them is usually counter productive.
    I woodn't inclood bad speelers tho.

  10. Hehehehehehe! That got you all thinking, Robyn, Cliff, Steve, Lady Di and Peter. ;)

    We all have our moments and I'm sure I make people cranky too.

    For now I'm not going to think about all of that as I'm about to watch the women's final at Wimbledon.

    Thanks for your comments.

  11. HI Lee ~~ i think most of us agree about your choices and feel the same way. but I try not to let them worry me, because I feel worse if I do. Avoid as many as you can and ignore the rest. Glad you liked the photos. Geoff's mansion is wonderful, but the only history it has is what they have made there. They built it about 13 years ago and have decorated it well.
    I will put more pics on one day. Couldn't get any on tonight. Blogger wouldn't open the "Add image" icon tonight. Take care my friend. Glad the fish cheered you up. Love, Merle.

  12. Wow! Merle...I thought your son's home had been built many years ago. It really has a "heritage" look about it. From that photo I would never have picked it as being new. How wonderfully different. Next time you're there sneak us all a peak inside! ;)

    I think we all get cranky at times,'s no big deal...just gave me something to write about! ;)

  13. lee,
    I don't find anything abnormal in your list.
    Thenthere are the simple things to make us happy.

  14. I agree, Rel...and it's the simple things in life that make me most happiest. :)

  15. You needed to get that off your chest, Lee. I'm with you on most of them, in particular unexpected knocking on my door. I'm just not used to it. I'd better not start on terrorism or I'll be here all night! But I think I abhor unkindness above everything. Enjoy your meal, my friend.

  16. The fish was wonderful, Welsh...being so fresh helps a lot, too. I did it in a light rice flour batter, which was light and crisp.

  17. Hi Lee,

    Well, that is a good list. Most irritate me also.

    One to add that you probably don't see. The person who refuses to let you merge peacefully at the entrance to a 70 MPH Freeway. They will run you off of the road for no good reason.

    Here are new posts Lee.

    I really like my new camera. At least some of my pics are comming out well. See what you think.

  18. Yep, that too, Marc. Another thing that annoys the hell out of me...banks and their ridiculous fees. No wonder they make billions of dollars profit each year!

  19. I was going to add doctors' receptionists but just had a pleasant one!

    I could start on about drivers who pull out alongside me so I can't see and who're impatient and who won't let me in and ... but I won't!

  20. Hi Lee. A rather long and impressive list of tiresome and bedevilling traits, but I think we also encounter an equally long list of acts of occasional good will, especially from those volunteering their services in offers of kind help in word and deed. I hope you run across a few of those soon!! as I daresay you inevitably will. Maybe we will meet more of the latter in your next chapter

    Best wishes

  21. Other drivers and their impatience or their ignorance can certainly be annoying, Liz. :)

    Oh! Don't worry, Lindsay, I meet good people and experience good deeds every day...but I was having a grouch...and that is allowed sometimes! ;) We all have our times of crankiness...I don't think we would be normal if we didn't. :)

  22. I came over here to catch up on my reading but forgot to leave a comment. I truly enjoy reading your stories and I even enjoy checking out the recipes where I look forward to saving them and soon afterwards to print and cook. :) I will continue to look forward to reading your stories.

  23. Hiya Sandra...always nice to see you. Thanks for your comments. :)

  24. Gidday Lee,

    Now don't pick on me for bad spelling especially on comments I leave (or is that leeve) as dat is dun on porpose.
    Getting cranky is related to getting old (hey not that I'm picking on your age but youse profile says that youse is there youse hava reason.

  25. Actually, Wazza...I think equating crankiness with getting older is a lot of crap. The things I listed have always made me nothing's changed with me! ;)

    I guess I've always had a lack of patience with certain things and certain ways of people.

  26. Lee - You are the most UNcranky person I know. You are so organized. I marvel at how you do all these dinner parties and run Inns and manage with the sweetest of smiles and all the managing at the hosiery company. I marvel at your people skills. You have not met Cranky. You have not met me.