Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Track Winding Back.....

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This is a not-very good picture I took of one of my paintings that I gave to my friends Paul and Fia. My camera was not to blame. I'm guilty. The lighting was all wrong. I took it in a hurry because I was thirsty and had a glass of champagne waiting for me! One must get one's priorities in order!

It's "countdown" time. This is post Number 490...so I'm on the downhill slippery slide to 500! I'll have to get my fingers working and start writing more! I've just started on Chapter Sixteen in "Reaching Out To the City Lights". "Just started" being the operative words.

I do have a good excuse though, even if you don't want to hear it...oh! okay, then...I won't tell you what it is!

Before I do that, I think it's about time I posted some more recipes. I'll see what I can drag up for you in my next post. In the meantime, I've got to get back to training for tonight's final "State of Origin" game. Queensland has already won the series, two games out of three, but we "Cane Toads" want it to be a "white-wash", a "clean-sweep" over the "Cockroaches", so our boys are going to need the power of my lungs this evening to get them over the line....many times! Stomp! Stomp! To the uninitiated, I'm talking Rugby League...the greatest game of all!


  1. You might get some argument from my friends who swear by Australian rules football.

    Thanks for the comment and the good wishes.


  2. Wow, almost 500 posts. Good for you! Hey, I want to hear -- what is your excuse? :-)

    From what I can tell of the small photo, I like the painting.

  3. That I may, granny...but I'm only repeating the advertising blurb. ;)

    Nice to see you.

  4. Hi there Serena...nope...my lips are sealed! I really like this particularly painting myself...and when it was framed the frame really made a difference as all good frames do. Next time I go over to Paul & Fia's I must remember to take my camera with me so I can see if I get get a more "true" picture of it.

  5. Lee, I love that painting...I've got just the place for it on my wall...the colours are perfect! Heheh!

    Yep, we're going for it tonight...let's play squash the Cockroaches to give us the series...woohoo!

  6. The colours in real life are much better than is showing in the pic, Robyn...the lighting was all wrong and I took the photo in a bit of a hurry. I'll try to take a better one of it next I'm at Paul & Fia's. I really like the painting, myself...and particularly after I saw it framed. It's one of my favourites of my own work. You'll have to fight Paul & Fia for it! ;)

    It's going to be a good game, that's for sure!

  7. Well, I can't see anything wrong with the photo and it's a lovely painting. Do post some recipes! Looking forward to chapter 16, too. Glad you explained it was rugby league as I'm ashamed to say I know nothing about it! there's something especially for you on my blog today so I hope your youtube sound is working. Auguri.

  8. It look’s like a nice painting to me and I like the title ………. One of my favourite singers used to be Peter Dawson (although he would be considered very old fashioned my most to day) who made famous ‘On the Road to Gundagai’, written by prolific Australian song writer Jack O’Hagan.

    There’s a track winding back
    To an old-fashioned shack,
    Along the road to Gundagai;
    Where the blue gums are growing,
    And the Murrumbidgee’s flowing
    Beneath that sunny sky,
    Where my Daddy and Mummy are waiting for me
    And the pals of my childhood once more I will see;
    Then no more will I roam,
    When I’m heading straight for home
    Along the road to Gundagai”.

    Is that one your mother would have played on the piano ?

  9. I'm not sure where you find the time to blog when you can paint like that!
    I remember seeing other pictures you've posted that you've drawn...I think that would take up all of my time if I could paint like that!..no.. I KNOW it would!

  10. I've just dragged myself away from Patrizio, Welsh...it was difficult but he's off having a drink of water ready for another round. Meanwhile I thought I'd answer your comment! ;)
    Thanks for the most pleasant surprise...he certainly is...umm....well....ummm...you know! ;)

    Great old song, Lindsay...yes...it was played on the piano many a time...I wouldn't be able to call myself an Aussie if it wasn't! ;)

    I must admit, Deslily...I've been very slack with my painting lately and keep reprimanding myself for not putting aside some time each day. Every time I walk past my easels I feel guilty!

    Glad you all like the painting. Thanks for your comments. :)

  11. Lee
    It is so hard to photo a painting and get it to show the true colors. The composition was great and I thought it lovely.

    Sorry, do not know anything about your game but hope your team wins.

    As for me if I wish to paint I must go away from home. Maybe you should bundle up and take the easel outside.

  12. Hi Lady Di...our team lost the game last night by the score but they played like heroes...they were quite amazing and incredible in defeat. However in say that, they were the victors as last night's game was a "dead rubber"...Queensland had won the first two games out of the three games in the "State of Origin" competition, against New South Wales...so Queensland was the victor in the series.

    I prefer painting in the area I have set up here in my back room to plein air...I have everything around me that I need and it's just simpler in my book than to have to cart everything out and then back home again...call me lazy! ;)

    I will get a decent pic of the painting...Paul and Fia have four of my paintings so I must line them up properly and take pics of them all for my own records. I've got a brilliant digital camera, so I really have no excuse! ;)

  13. Well that's a painting I'd be happy to have on my wall.
    Painter, poet, writer. General all-round Renaissance woman.
    500 posts. I just passed 100 and I thought that was pretty brilliant myself.
    Do you realize you've written at least a 500 page book? And published it too!

  14. Hi there jmb...I'm not quite at the 500 mark yet...but close to it...only nine more posts to go until I reach 500.

    I'm glad you like the painting...I found it hard to part with, as I do with all my paintings, actually. They become such a part of me...it's kind of a personal thing and it's difficult to part with them. I have to be brutal! ;)

  15. lee,
    I've never witnessed a rugby game, live or otherwise. Maybe in September when I'm in Paris. I understand there is some kind of big rugby shindig going on there then.
    500! Crikey, I feel lucky to have reached 300. ;-)
    Good on You Lee.

  16. That will be the Rugby Union World Cup, Rel...I'm talking about Rugby League. The French do play Rugby League, too...so you may catch a game or two.

    I've not made the 500 mark yet, Rel...still a few to go...I'm on the downhill race to Number 500...I think this one is post 491 or so.

  17. OH LEE! That is so gorgeous. I'm sorry I am so far behind. Is that the picture you gave to your friends and they recently had framed? I hope so. It is a gorgeous frame too. Looks wonderful with your art.