Friday, July 13, 2007

Blame It On Robyn!

This is for Puss In Boots, aka Kat’s Cradle…aka Robyn who put me in a Meme regarding music that means a lot to me and causes me to remember special moments in my life. I’m afraid my list is endless, but I will try my best in giving you some of my favourites.

Concierto de Aranjeuz by Rodrigo…by classical guitarist Julian Bream (or any other, for that matter)

Although the person who introduced me to it ended up being the biggest jerk out, I do thank him for drawing my attention to this exquisite piece

Clair de Lune by Debussy….by many.

I always imagine drifting across a calm, peaceful lake in a punt, with me dressed in a long, white flimsy dress, with soft green embroidery adorning it…trailing my hand in the cool waters, with a warm sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing.

Dancing With the One You Love…The Amazing Rhythm Aces

It brings back haunting memories of a special time.

A Soft Place To Fall…Allison Moorer

One of the most sensual, romantic songs that reminds me somewhere in the world there maybe that “special” person.

The Last Farewell….Roger Whittaker

I’m always reminded of one romantic night sitting on the deck around the pool on Hinchinbrook Island after all the guests had retired for the evening and being serenaded by a certain someone who was to play a special role in my life for a couple of years. He played guitar and had a wonderful singing voice. Our first “date” and a sure-fire way to a girl’s heart!

The Closest Thing To Crazy…Katie Melua

Just because….

Always On My Mind…Willie Nelson

Special moments…to many to list

Spirit….the whole CD by Willie Nelson

The first time I heard the whole album it immediately resonated with me…I was going through a difficult time and somehow it helped.

West Texas Heaven…the whole CD by Kimmie Rhodes (Same comments apply as above and I always play the two CDs together…or rather, one after the other!)

Breathless…the whole CD by Kenny G

Every time I play this CD reminds me of wonderful weekends I spent in a little cabin right on the beach at Rose Bay, Bowen, looking over the turquoise water out to Gloucester Island. Bowen has some of the most beautiful beaches in Queensland, if not Australia. I have very fond memories of those times I spent at that cabin, which coincidentally was called “Laguna”.

London Homesick Blues…Jerry Jeff Walker

This always reminds me of a good friend who introduced me to some very good music. We spent many hours listening and recording while sipping on a wine or three. He went back to his wife and another life…silly fellow!

Me & Bobby McGee…Kris Kristofferson, harmonica by Jackson Browne

Sunday Morning Coming Down…

Help Me Make It Through the Night

Loving Her Was Easier All by Mr. Kristofferson!

Defying Gravity & One Endless Night…Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Still Feeling Blue….Gram Parsons

Streets of Baltimore…Gram Parsons

You Still Move Me…Dan Seals

I Could Go On Loving You….Kieran Kane or Alan Jackson

Kickin’ Back in AmsterdamKevin Welch

You Needed Me…Ann Murray

A Bushman Can't Survive...Tania Kernaghan and Lee Kernaghan

The Universal Soldier….Buffy Sainte-Marie

Dark End of the Street…The Flying Burritos Bros


I've Been To Bedlam.....both by Jack Clements

See…I warned you! I could go on forever and ever and a day...and I almost have!


  1. Gosh Lee, that's a very eclectic selection. Did it just come rolling off your fingertips or did you have to think about it for a bit?

  2. I had to think a while, jmb...I have a lot of favourites...and just added another two to my list after you read the original one. The lists goes on and on.......

  3. Lots of good stuff there Lee, and you really got me with Lee & Tania. "A bushman can't survive."

  4. Yes, Lee. I agree with Peter...Tania and Lee. Good stuff. I knew you wouldn't let me down...great list.

  5. Wow, there's some wonderful stuff in that list.
    A Bushman Can't Survive is one of the songs on the Blogger CD I have put together. Will be sending them out soon. Did you want one ??
    Take care, have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Meow

  6. Anonymous5:25 AM

    These is some mighty fine music listed here.

  7. lee,
    I see a commonality in our music interests with at least 50% of this list, so now I'm going to have to check out those here that I'm not familiar with yet, such as; A Soft Place To Fall…Allison Moorer.

  8. Peter, Robyn and Meow...Isn't "Bushman Can't Survive" just so wonderful? I love the piano work by's such a emotive piece of music.
    Sure, that would be great, And how much?

    Steve...there is so much more to be added...I love music of all genres...except hip/hop and most techno.

    You will love "A Soft Place to Fall", Rel. It was the song Robert Redford and Kristin Scott-Thomas danced to in "The Horse Whisperer". I have it on a CD put together by Redford called "The Horse Whisperer"'s not the soundtrack of the movie, but music dedicated to the cattlemen.

  9. Lee
    I like the descriptions of how you feel as much as the list. My eye ears are tired.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. Hi Lady have a great weekend as well. :)

  11. Wow! What a selection, Lee and how much we have in common. I love the Concierto de Aranjuez, always think of "The Last Farewell" when I leave Italy and "Always on my Mind" makes me think of my mum. "Bobby Mcgee" is a favourite, too. Do tell us of more favourite music!

  12. Hey there Welsh...when my fingers thaw out (and my brain) I will. It's freezing here this morning!

  13. Gidday Lee,

    A great selection and some of my favourites too. Now there's a name Kris Kristofferson. I saw one of his first movies called "Cisco Pike" and a lot of the background music was of Kris's songs and I was hooked. From then I hunted for all his records. Saw him when he played at Festival Hall with his then wife Rita Coolidge. What a show.
    The there's Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson and Katie Melua and Kenny G and...... Alright enough already, don't get me wound up!!

  14. Hi Lee ~~ I loved most of your music choices. and some are also favorites of mine. Lee and Tania, Willy Nelson, although I also like Elvis singing "Always on my Mind", love all of Kris Kristoferson's songs. I like Johnny Cash singing "Sunday Morning Coming Down" Must do my own list now I am on my own again. I think there are about 50 cows scattered around Shepparton. Some people grizzle about the cost of them and repair (vandals)but I like them as a tourist attraction.
    Take care Lee, Love. Merle.