Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's The Big One...Number 500!

Lonely Illusion

When feeling lonely it is better to feel lonely alone

'Tis heartbreaking being lonely amidst a crowd

Descending into bottomless lurid crypts unknown

With no one to listen to the cries she cries out loud

Standing aside looking in viewing a life mislaid

Imagining different chapters diverse paths taken

Mercurial rare random glimpses of love betrayed

Afloat in a fickle mist of dreams so long forsaken

The future is known already written on the wind

Past not forgotten remaining to torment and haunt

Piteous wails like the woeful sound of a lone violin

With solemn perverse mockery often they taunt

Unrequited loves misplaced passions burning heart

Cursed by a hostile antagonist thrust into seclusion

Damned by rejection a once blithe spirit torn apart

Melancholy realization of life’s shattered illusion

Poem by Lee

This is post Number 500!

It's time to bring out the streamers! Pop the cork on a couple of bottles of champagne! Let's blow up some balloons! Yeehaaa!

My mind is a blank. I wanted to tell you a story, but I can think of not one amongst my many hidden away in the depths of my memory.

I read an article last weekend about "on-line" dating. Has anyone succumbed to joining such a dating service?

A friend of mine has, a few times, and she keeps trying to talk me into doing so. I stand firm and determined in my resolve not to do so. I have nothing against such sites. They're just not for me. I admit at times, just out of curiosity, I've scanned through RSVP's site, but I will never join in, nor put my profile up for all to see.

These dating services are growing in popularity from all reports, particularly in this state of Queensland with its high concentrate of single men in the central and northern regions working the mines and in the construction and engineering industries. Also the Sunshine and Gold Coasts have high membership due to people who have made a lifestyle change. They're often separated or divorced.

I guess as we grow older our choices of meeting people become diminished. The pubs and clubs hold little appeal. So, where else does one go to meet people of similar interests? Sporting clubs, for some, I guess...I'm stumped...I'm not the one to be giving advice on where and how to meet people as I'm the world's most dedicated recluse!

I can see nothing wrong with meeting people through the internet as long as all the guidelines and safety requirements are utilised.

As the Relationships Australia Director of training Paul Simmons said..."The important thing is not how people first meet, it's how they move on from that point."

I agree. (What is a "Relationships Australia Director of Training, anyway?)


  1. Congrats on the Big 500! That's quite a milestone.

    You are such a talented poet. 'Lonely Illusion' is just beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Serena...on both counts. I can't believe that I've written 500 posts! Incredible...I should stop "talking" so much! ;)

  3. Damned Blogger! I had written a comment and it was eaten.

    Congratulations on the big 500. May you keep on keeping on. Cheers!

    Ok, it's a deal...I'll share Lotto with you. It's too much money for one person anyway...more of a headache I think.

  4. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Lee, I enjoyed the poem. Happy 500.

  5. Hi there Robyn...I don't think it's too much money for one person. I've got many plans for what I would do with it if I won it. It sure wouldn't be a headache for me! lol There are quite a few friends who would share in my good fortune. If I'm going to be a millionaire, they will be too. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the poem, Steve.

    Thanks to you both for being part of my celebration of my number 500!

  6. Congratulations Lee, I can't imagine writing that many. There is definitely a writer of a book trying to get out here.
    I wonder now that I have met so many blog friends what internet dating would be like. Just a generic interest, because I'm not on the market. But I can see how it would be seductive.

  7. Hi Lee ~~ Congrats on the big 500.
    You have done well and they have all been so good and interesting. So
    don't stop now and leave us hanging.
    The poem is very good, but sad.
    Thanks for your comments about my flowers. Bit different tonight.
    Take great care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  8. Sorry I'm late but congratulations, Lee! Hope you had some lovely champers. I identify completely with the poem, as you will guess and I'm with you on online dating - I've nothing against it but it just wouldn't be for me.

  9. Lee, Merle, Jmb and Welsh...thanks for your comments. The champagne will pop today when my luncheon guests arrive.

    If there is a "book in there", jmb...I wish it would come out and earn me a fortune! ;)

  10. Congratulations on 5-0-0!!!

  11. T-h-a-n-k y-o-u, CD! ;)

  12. You will certainly make 1000 also.
    Congrats from me and Stormy.

    I most likely will not see her for a week or two, as the last Potter book arrived in the mail today and her nose is firmly planted.

  13. Congrats on your 500!

    My friend,Shirl, of H, H & H blog, met her husband through online dating ( but had several disasters first!!) I've looked at some sites out of curiosity and from what some men write about themselves, I suspect they have either never looked in a mirror or have no idea what is meant by attractive!

  14. Hi Marc and Liz...thanks.

    You'll have to get your own copy, Marc! ;)

    The truth eventually comes out, Liz! ;)