Thursday, July 05, 2007

I, Myself And Me!

"Gone But Not Forgotten"...painting by Lee

This morning a friend visited. Together we shared some wine, cheese, salami, olives and smoked mussels as we chatted, laughed and listened to music. He gave me a CD of his for me to burn for my enjoyment...Doug Ashdown "A Career Collection 1965-2000". It includes "Winter In America", which is one of my all-time favourite songs.

Years ago, my first husband Mervyn and I shared a table with two strangers late one night in a candle-lit, small, downstairs club in Brisbane called the "De Brazil". The four of us talked as we sipped on scotch for an hour or so until suddenly the two left our table and suddenly appeared on the small stage. It was then we discovered our fellow imbibers were Doug Ashdown and Lee Conway. I will never forget that evening. It was one of the greatest "jam sessions" I've ever witnessed. They propped themselves on a couple of stools, guitars in hand, and branched out into song. The "De Brazil" didn't open its doors until 10pm, closing around 3.00am. It was a fun place owned and operated by one, Johnny Morris, who performed nightly at the National Hotel until 10pm, after which he then proceeded onto his own club to do similar interspersed with guest artists.

I've gone a little crazy with Amazon at present. A delivery arrived about an hour ago of CDs I had on order. "Bruce Springsteen Live In Dublin", a double CD set, which is blasting forth from my stereo at present, to be followed by Lucinda Williams' latest, "West". I'm awaiting the arrival of several CDs. Two each by Ricky Van Shelton, Rodney Crowell, Jerry Jeff Walker and The Marshall Tucker Band. I've got a few more in mind, as well, including a couple by Shel Silverstein, Lee Hazelwood and Guy Clark. It's time I added to my music collection because I've not bought any CDs for a while. Amazon and others of its ilk seem to be the most suitable way for me to purchase music as I'm not one who likes to frequent shopping centres. Plus, it is far cheaper buy on-line, even including the freight charges. Not only that, there is a far wider and more varied choice than what is available in stores. I like to veer off the "mainstream" in most cases.

So, here I entertaining me, not quite in the background, more in the foreground, a glass of red wine to the right of me and feeling quite at ease with my immediate surroundings. I think I'll have a little party with me and me. It's been a while. It's due!

I'm in one of those "moods". "He" whom I wish was here, is not here. "He" is but a fantasy. "He" is never here! I think "he" doesn't exist, but in my own mind. It's probably the best place for "him" to be! There's no room in my bed, even though it's a king-size. With the cats and me...there's no room for anyone else!

Don't misunderstand me...I'm in a mellow mood, a good mood. After a few more wines, I'll even be better!

In my fridge a thick rump steak awaits my attention. Some fresh mushrooms also are begging to be sauteed alongside the steak. My mouth waters at the thought, but it will have to continue doing so for a while as I'm not yet ready to begin cooking or eating. The time now is for music and partying...all that can come later.

After all it is Friday...time to party!


  1. Hi Lee, it seems there is a bit of country twang to a lot of the music you mentioned.... good stuff.

  2. Music and excellent combination!

    Not a steak fan...I'm having home made fish and chips, using whiting fillets (lots) and potato wedges with sour cream...better than any takeaway!

    Here's to Friday nights!

  3. I can 'feel' the ambience from here! Hope you enjoy that steak when you get round to it.

    I love Springsteen but haven't heard of any of the others!

  4. Anonymous2:05 AM

    I hope your evening was a good one.

  5. Hi Peter, yep, there is a bit of country amongst that lot and some alternate-country-blues. Some I've already got on cassette and am updating to CD.

    My steak was great, Robyn...and it was nice and tender, too. Remy enjoyed it as well! ;) Your whiting sounds great, too. I like whiting.

    Hey there, Liz..Springstein is great. I say him in concert back in the eighties...he is awesome live.

    Welcome back, Steve. I pulled the plug on my "party"...cooked my steak, turned off the stereo, grabbed my book and settled in for a read before watching some television. I think I've just about covered it all! ;)

  6. lord that place makes me spend money! lol

    we all need some guilty pleasure sometimes.......

  7. Hi Lee ~~ I like a lot of the music you do, and Rodney Crowell is a
    favourite of mine. Glad your steak was nice and tender. Lovely with mushrooms. I plan to cook a leg of lamb tomorrow with all the goodies with it. I explained a bit about our Shepp. cows on my blog. Glad you liked my fairies and the Visiting Hours. Take care, Lee, Love, Merle.

  8. Lee
    What a fun party and a rewarding meal afterwards. It is rare for me to be with Me, Myself and I.
    It reminded me of the days I lived alone and I would listen to records and have a glass or too. Then I would settle back and read with my lovely chow chows at my side. The female was red and her name was Ling Ling and the male was black and his name was Chu Tu. Thanks for sending me down memory lane again.

  9. 'He' probably is allergic to cats and red wine and wouldn't do the dishes on a bet.
    The 'rump' in the fridge is probably as good a rump as one could hope for.

  10. No offense, but this is not the kind of post I should be reading when I'm trying to diet. You make food and drink sound so sumptious.

    I got my first CD off for my birthday last month. It was the Alex Harvey Band's Delilah. You can't buy it in stores anywhere. That's another good thing about shopping for CDs on Amazon. Greater selection.

  11. Hi, Lee. You sound mellow and happy there. there's nothing like music and wine, knowing you have some nice food in the fridge for later. Party on!

  12. Hi Lee,

    Online shopping is my downfall too. Books, CDs and DVDs. All so much easier to find online than sort through the chaos in the stores. Well I do visit the bookstores regularly, to hold the books and turn the pages.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. G'day to you all, Deslily, Merle, Lady Di, Cliff, Dave and make me feel as if you were sharing my musical, whimsical afternoon with me! :)

    Amazon is certainly a trap for young players! I can spend hours just browsing through all the music genres and artists, and as you say, so much is available that you just can't find in the stores. There are a few other good sites I've been digging in, too. Oh! For a big fat bank balance! ;) I love music over all types, which can be disastrous...except damn hip-hop...I just can't stand it!

    And I sorry to say you were right, Cliff! At least the rump in my fridge was there, hot and dependable! ;)

  14. That's some great music you've been buying! Good music, good wine, a good steak -- sounds like an excellent Friday night to me. Enjoy!

  15. lee,
    Amazon is my all time favoritist store!!!
    He will be the perfect man that stays in the imagination. ;-)

  16. And that's where I intend to keep him. I won't be disappointed that way! If I had an attic I might also keep him up there! ;)

    Amazon are great!

  17. Gidday Lee,

    Ah! how well I remember De Brazil. Spent many a time there eating, sipping a wine and/or having a coffee. Will not look at Amazons..too tempting. Have over 700 CD's, 1000 records, hundreds of cassettes, soon I'll need a house to keep them in...oh wait a minute I have a house, guess I'll need a bigger house.
    If you like Roy Orbison, go get a DVD called Black&White Night. Brilliant great sound especially on DVD and playing & singing with him is Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, k.d.lang, Bonnie Raitt, Tom Waits and more