Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not Bloomin' Likely!

A couple of blooms from my garden to brighten up the day to help blow my "mean reds" away. Accompanied by Remy and Shama, my furry four-footed mates, I grabbed my camera and went for a stroll in between hanging out the laundry. The kookaburras joined me, as did the magpies, currajongs and butcher-birds. No doubt the crows had their binoculars trained on me from beyond as well. It's a bit of a menagerie here and as soon as I poke my nose outside, my world comes alive. I call my cats, and the birds appear!

So if my previous post was a little to's something to lighten the day.

Protea pictured first with a bromeliad beneath.


  1. Theses are beautiful flowers, and scenery, no doubt benefiting from your recent refreshing rains!!

    Solitude of the Heart.
    I thought your verse was very hauntingly beautiful and I would encourage you to post more of your thoughts. We often feel unless we express ourselves and events in the most positive of manner it may be somewhat droll or sombre for others to read, but this is certainly not the case!!

    In relation to your previous post I think the idea of going for walk to cool off is always good one!

    One I have employed myself several times; otherwise one is likely to say things that are later regretted. I must say that often those with their own business, particularly where it has beeen a successful for a long period reach the dangerous stage where they can become quite arrogant and seemingly invincible. So it is not surprising to me the attitudes taken, infuriating as they may be. As I have said before in relation to your earlier experience of this Q guy on the island with the odd body he appointed? (I think it was the same Island!!)to oversee matters, he needs a proverbial kick up the rear, whether or not he remains your friend or not. I think you showed good sense and an equally good sense of humour!! It also reminds me of the song …We all live in a yellow submarine.

    Best wishes

  2. Same island..."Q" is no longer my friend, Lindsay. He lost my respect and that will do it every time! ;)

    I'm glad you enjoyed my poem...thanks for your comments thereon. :)

    We did have some good rain up here last week...the grass is growing to prove it, even though the weather has been exceedingly chilly!

  3. Hi Lee. Glad to hear the mean reds are fading to a softer shade of pink.

    Cats are great to have for these moments that creep up on us...they don't judge and they purr...very soothing.

    Lovely flowers, too. I was hanging out the laundry this morning and the local wildlife seemd to congregate to watch the fun...funny, that.

  4. Hiya Robyn...I think the birds are all "foreman" material and like to check that we're doing it correctly! ;)

  5. Gorgeous shots Lee. I had to laugh about the birds. I do miss the wonderful Australian birds, ours are so wimpy here, not beautiful or singers of great song. Then they are often just passing through, either north in the spring and south in the fall.

  6. Beautiful flowers Lee, Protea's, Waratah's, Banksia's and the like are my favourites.

  7. lee,
    I enjoyed your poem and feel I've been to asimilar place before, though I've not called it the reds.
    Immersing myself in the solitude of nature brings solace for me almost always. The "simple" creatures offer insight. Nothing beats the rhytmic hypnosis of kayaking the undulating river waves.
    I seem to be communing more keenly with the avian visitors to my yard this year???

  8. Hi Lee ~~ Glad you are feeling brighter today. Love your flowers and bird songs are wonderful aren't they?
    Glad you got some rain, it freshens everything up. It never seems to be as cold when it rains. I hope you can go to the next blogger convention.
    I think they all enjoyed it.
    Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  9. Hi're right...our birds are a happy lot...they've a character of their own.

    Rel, I'm glad you liked my poem. The "simple creatures" around here aren't that simple...they know I'm a bit of a sucker and they get the scraps of the cats' food! ;)

    Hi Peter & Merle....seeing you two are siblings, I decided to answer you together. :) I thought the flowers would be a bright start to the week. Glad you like them.

  10. I thought they'd brighten up things a bit, Welsh...glad you like them. :)

  11. No luck in the used book stores I frequent. Maybe these are legitimate.



  12. are an officer and a gentleman...I shall now bury the hatchet! ;)

    Thanks very much for that information...I'm looking into it at the moment and shall be order. I really do appreciate your help. If you run into Wino at one of the Brewhaha's, tell him I said he's to buy you a drink of your choice, on me! :)

    You're a gem!

  13. Update...gto...I ordered a copy through Midheaven...they had one in stock. My friend on whose behalf I've been searching the world is thrilled to bits. :)

  14. "I shall now bury the hatchet! ;)"

    I knew you were waiting for a time to strike. There is a reason why I fear and serve you, and the tomahawk which may be drawn again if I incur your wrath.

    (I love a running joke and ain't letting go of this one, strangler)

  15. You may note, gto...I didn't say "where" I was going to bury the hatchett! Just keep up your servitude! ;)

  16. Lee
    Loved the flowers. They do cheer one up and a walk with cats is just heaven in another form.

    keep warm and have a glass of wine and be happy

  17. G'Day Lady Di...I'll have a couple of drinks this evening as I cheer (yell) during the rugby league State of Origin final will hear me over there! ;)

  18. Gtotracker...I'm sharpening up the blade on the hatchet again...I just received an email from one of the music sites...and "The Cowboy & the Lady" are out of stock...however, I've not yet given up..just a pause in the search...I'm off again, magnifying glass in hand, deer-stalker cap on my head! ;)

  19. I'll keep looking when a rainy weekend drives me to the used book stores. Which seems to be every weekend of late.

    Btw, when looking through used CD's I came across Brian Setzers' Dirty Boogie CD. After the second listen I like it and will look for more of BSO. And a few other CD's I came across I would not have otherwise been looking for. So, in a round a bout way, thanks for starting this.

  20. You're welcome, gto....I've been searching other sites today...still to no avail. But I've not yet given up hope. There certainly is a vast amount of great music out there...where does one begin...or stop! I've just ordered a couple of Jerry Jeff Walker CDS, together with a couple of Rodney Crowell and also Ricky Van Shelton. I'm expecting delivery this week of Springsteen's Live in Dublin CD together with Lucinda Williams' last one. When all these arrive, I'm going to put in an order for a couple of the Marshall Tucker Band CDS...I'm on a roll at the moment! Plus I've got my eye on a couple of Amazing Rhythm Aces!! ;)