Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Am I The Only One?

Everyone seems to be complaining because we're experiencing a cool summer! Not I! You will not hear even a murmur of a whinge from me! I'm loving this cooler weather. My hope is that it remains throughout summer. I hate the oppressive heat we normally experience at this time of the year. The weather throughout the Christmas/New Year period was magnificent. I even wore cotton-knit jumpers/sweaters during those glorious rainy days from Boxing Day onwards, and loved every moment of it.

Spending days dripping wet from perspiration, stepping out of a shower attempting to towel one's self dry only to become wet all over again without even taking a step, trying to find something cool enough to wear, muttering to one's self when clothes stick to the skin when trying to dress, hair clinging annoyingly around the face, mascara running in dark streams, turning one's appearance into that of a circus clown, is not my idea of 'pleasant'.

Sleepless nights spent tossing and turning with not a breath of air, only dense, exhausting humidity pressing heavily down, sucking out every last skerrick of energy. Languidly suffering inertia, day and night. One's strength sapped, overtaken by lifeless torpor. Scorching days when a relenting, heartless sun beats down causing plants and trees to forlornly droop, beseeching it to cease its taunting, unforgiving furnace. Hot water flows from the 'cold' water tap. Drinking copious amounts of liquid in an attempt to replenish the body's supply until one can handle no more. When it's too hot to enjoy an alcoholic beverage...now that is tortuous!

Do I miss the smouldering, broiling, torrid, sweltering heat. No...I don't. If I'd chosen to live in a kiln, I would have been a piece of clay!

If you think I'm enjoying the refreshing coolness of this summer...then you are correct!


  1. Damn...I wish we had some cooler weather. yesterday was 38 and the day before 36.. Today isn't far behind either of them and we have no rain in sight. the humidity is low and that is both good and bad. We don't sweat as much but the sun feels even hotter. I am having another fours dady off and spending at the ebach with my LLs as of tomorrow :)

  2. Rocky is always hotter than elsewhere up that way. It's that damn Berseker Range. Whoever decided to build Rockhampton on that side of the range needed his head read! ;)

    You will enjoy yourself at the beach, Scorpy with your two girls. Don't get too burnt! ;)

    Good to see you again, btw...it's been a while! Cut that out! ;)

  3. I'm with you every step of the way Lee, even though you speak from the relative cool of the mountain and I from hot ol' Gympie.

  4. Yes, Peter...the mountain is much cooler than Gympie, that I know. Gympie can get very hot...again, I know from personal experience, having grown up there, and living back there again as I've mentioned previously.

    Gympie and Ipswich always seem to run parallel in the temperature stakes, but I think Ipswich just noses ahead!

  5. We're having a great time in Texas, so far. It's been averaging at least 65, since "Winter" set in.

    This is a bit warmer than usual, but not unheard of. I think it is supposed to drop toward freezing starting this weekend.

  6. The weather is acting a little out of the ordinary everywhere, it would appear, Don. But it's nothing that hasn't happened in past years. It's just nice to have a cooler summer here for a change...well, at least up here on the mountain, anyway. It's been cloudy and dull all day here today...no rain...and I've not yet poked my head outside....trying to learn something today....every day is a learning day, so 'they' say! And I'm a true example of 'that' at the moment! ;)

  7. Yep Lee, I'm enjoying this cooler weather, too. It's not too cool I'm still wearing shorts and Tees, but it isn't that enervating heat we usually get at this time of the year. There have been no cyclones off the Qld coast, either. They will be very pleased about that up in Innisfail!

    I loved your story about the precooked mud crabs and Newry Island. That was my good laugh for the day, thanks!

  8. Well, to be honest with you, Robyn...after my shower this morning, I've sat here all day in front of my computer dressed only in my bra and briefs! lol As it was overcast outside and I planned to go no where but work on what I've been working on...I could see no point getting dressed! lol

    Glad I gave you your laugh for the day! ;) Thanks for commenting.

  9. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I guess you have global cooling while we are experiencing the opposite. We are both getting what we want.

  10. Nature has 'em all fooled at the moment, Steve. One moment the weather is being blamed on 'El Nino' , then when they tire of that, 'La Nina'...and then, of course, the good old stand-by, Global Warming...they just can't seem to make up their minds! Funny how nature has a way of tricking us humans! ;)

  11. aaw... go on Lee, tell us what you really think!

    I used to like the hot weather better when I was younger, but these days I agree everything you said, I noticed it more too coming down from the mountain this week.

    We tossed up a couple of times even getting the log fire going, but it really wasn't that cold...

    I am SO enjoying the rain we are getting here on the Coast - great stuff.

  12. I could quite easily and comfortably hide-away forever somewhere in a little cabin miles from everywhere and everyone with a log fire in a stone fire-place...and just disappear from view.

  13. Gidday Lee,
    Nope, you're not alone ah love the cool weather. This Christmas day was one of the coolest days we've had in years. I thought I was in the wrong part of the world. A friend of mine lives in Colorado and she had 4 feet (that's FEET) of snow on Boxing day, then a week later she had another 2 feet. That sounds so marvellous. At least you can put on two hundred jumpers and get warm, but in our "wonderful" summers you could wonder around naked (and scare a lot of people) and still not get cool.

  14. And that I do, Wazza...even scare myself! ;)