Friday, January 19, 2007


The aroma of Mexico is floating through my cabin this morning. I soaked a whole packet of dried red kidney beans overnight. Presently, they're cooking in a huge pot with finely chopped onions, garlic, celery, red capsicum/peppers, cherry tomatoes from my garden, canned Roma tomatoes, fresh herbs, again from my garden, tomato paste, powdered chicken stock, a pinch of dried chillies, again from my garden, coriander/cilantro, a couple of teaspoons of raw sugar and freshly ground black pepper. I couldn't see any point to preparing a small quantity. My intentions are to have tacos, tortillas or nachos over this weekend, whichever one takes my fancy when starvation kicks in. The balance of the beans, I'll freeze in meal-size quantities for devouring later.

Other than preparing the beans, I've done little this morning. With all this tennis going on here at the moment, my nights are very active and lengthy! The quarter-read Saturday paper is still spread over my bed that I've not yet. made. One cat's on the roof, running to the guttering, poking his head over, meowing every time I venture out the back door. My other cat is inside here with me, sleeping. I did a quick dash to the supermarket again this morning as I wanted more peaches. They're on special this week. I ate most of my stock purchased yesterday watching the tennis last night until an ungodly hour. Very tasty and tempting they are, so I needed to refill my stores. I eat lots of fruit. The only difference between me and a fruit bat is I don't sleep upside down, hanging by my ankles. And that is debatable at times, particularly on a day like today when I have a friend urging me by email to pop open a bottle of wine to assist her in celebrating her birthday! As if I need any excuse! The sun's has almost reached the yard-arm. It looks like I'll have to concede and hand her the victory medal for the day. Excuse me while I pop the cork from this bottle!


  1. Hehe I can just imagine you hanging upside down by your ankles after quaffing the bottle of wine!

    I absolutely adore Mexican food! It's the combination of the various spices that really appeals to my palate and your bean concoction sounds wonderful!

  2. Yes....try it some time or other. You can add mince to it, too, if you wish...or to half of it in another pot...either or. It's very tasty and I make it often. Tacos etc., always make a good meal with a tossed salad on the side,melted grated cheese on the top of the tacos etc., not the salad!

    Excuse me while I go back and put my ankle braces on! ;)

  3. I should have added in my post...add a little amount of water to the beans , as well...not a lot...use your own discretion.

  4. Do tell what are you going to do with the kidney beans as part of nachos/tacos etc? I've only heard of pinto beans used for refried beans. Do kidney beans work too?

  5. Yes, very much so, Robbie. I just had some on nachos with melted cheese over the top...delicious. I only ever use the red kidney beans.

  6. Yummy, we had tacos the other day ... love them. Unfortunately, I make the packet variety ... yours sounds much yummier. I'm waiting for some cooler weather, to make some hot chilli !!
    Hope your weekend is going well.
    Hope Lleyton wins tonight !
    Take care, Meow

  7. And Molik, too. I like her. I'll be watching...of course!

    Making your own re-fried bean mixture is much nicer, Meow...try'll love it!

  8. Hi Lee ~~ Love the sound of the kidney beans and your recipe and will try it for sure.
    Had to smile at you hanging upside down like a fruit bat!!! Thanks for your kind words about my Dad and Peter did well with his tribute.
    Take care Lee, Love, Merle.

  9. Great, will enjoy it and it's a very healthy meal, too. And as I said, you can make a heap of it and freeze it in meal-size portions. I do that with lots of dishes as I see no point in making small issues for myself...easier to make a lot and then I've got future meals. I do that when I make lasagne...I make a large one and then cut it into portions for later meals. Always handy, too, if you get unexpected dinner or luncheon guests (which I don't, thank goodness!) ;)

  10. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Wish I could stop by for some Mexican. Now that is one thing I miss about being away from California. My home made is not the same.

  11. Try this recipe, will like it...great with tacos, nachos and tortillas. Also a good filling for baked whole potatoes, topped with grated cheese.

  12. Thank you for the comments on my paintings. I wanted to see yours, but there are none, lol ! Don't you publish them ?

  13. You're welcome, Gattina. I have posted some scattered throughout my posts but I've not done so for a couple of months. You'd have to scroll back when you get a spare moment to find them...sorry. :)

  14. Hi Lee, been reading and enjoying your stories. Your positive take on life is always refreshing. Glad to read you only shoo unwanted reptiles back to their world.

    Mexican food is great but with so many places to choose from around here we save that for dining out. Why compete with so many pros?

    It's cold and misting here but I've got a nice fire going. We're grilling a steak tonight and having a Lindemans' cab to go with it. I say "we're grilling", actually I've locked the wife out on the patio until she is finished cooking the steak. Pretty sure it will be nice and rare that way. uh-oh,.. hear breaking glass, gotta go..

  15. "Excuse me while I pop the cork from this bottle!",

    ummm... excuse me Lee, but this was on Friday? Are you there? Lee, hellooo..... hellooo... Lee...

    Love the mexican style of food, I try and always make extra chilli so I can freeze a batch, then we can have enchiladas at the drop of a hat! I use bought tortillas, which I also keep a supply of in the freezer, layered with chilli sauce and grated cheese on top, in the oven for about 30/40 minutes - delicious...

    Hahaha - I have a story about the hanging from the ankles - but I don't think it's one I can tell on a public forum...

  16. sorry, I should have said .. this is Sunday - afternoon...

    I just realised, comments don't have the date on..

  17. Della...the date and time on my posts is Texas time not Queensland time! lol That's why it's all out of skewer! Haven't seen you for a while and was thinking this afternoon you must have run away to that cabin in the mountains again...just to annoy me! ;) mind is spinning thinking about your unwritten story about hanging from ankles! *cough*

    Hi there Gto...haven't seen you for a while. Nice to have you back! :)

    I used to be a 'pro', cooking that is!!! Many a restaurant I've cooked in but never a Mexican one. That steak sounds nice...tell your good lady to throw an extra one on for me...I'll be over in a few minutes! Glad to hear you're washing it down with an Aussie red! :)

  18. How wonderfully evocative this post is. I can smell the food right here!

  19. G'day, Welsh....I'll plate up some nachos for you!

  20. Red wine has never made me do bat impressions. Newts, yes. Bats, no.

  21. Shoot! One must be very astute
    When sipping on wine of the fruit
    'Tis many a man of good repute
    Who from careless pursuit
    of the juice from the fruit
    Quickly turns into a newt
    At such times he should remain mute
    The silly coot,realising he blew it
    It's not cute, nor is it a hoot

  22. Said the man who wasn't a bat
    "I am really amazed how that
    You have made newt-rhymes
    Over ten times!
    Impressed, I raise you my hat.

  23. You may doff your hat
    Oft times at this bat
    Who knows where it's at
    When chewing the fat
    I’m very fond of a chat
    Although you may be a gnat
    And at times even a brat
    When I tire I’ll be out flat
    Here on the mat with the cat
    And that will be that!

  24. Seuss! Said the man with the wine
    Forgive me if I respectully decline.
    Best I stay off the mat
    When you and your cat
    Are flat out, in sensuous design.

  25. I hate to whine
    is it by design
    I’ve had no wine
    you didn’t ask me to dine
    tho’ I would decline
    I’d rather we be clandestine
    shall I now define
    and call you a swine
    or my thoughts I’ll confine
    forever to remain mine
    I know you prefer Catharine
    As I sit alone with my feline

  26. Hahahaha! You're both mad! Haven't you got anything better to do than to make up Dr Seuss rhymes?

    Seriously, very clever. My cat in the hat off to both of you...

  27. Ahhh...madness is great...frees the spirit!

  28. Good lady I must really protest
    (As a policy, honesty's the best)
    I have no intentions
    For the Catherine you mention
    If I touched her, my teeth would go west.

  29. As a newt
    You’re very cute
    But as a gnat
    I must refute
    It’s tit-for-tat
    I am very astute
    That’s where I’m at
    Stop being a brute
    Cease this dispute
    Let’s have a chat
    Do you compute

  30. There is no dispute, please believe me
    Your assurances on this would relieve me
    I've said what I've said
    Now I'm heading to bed
    My senses are threatening to leave me.

  31. You deemed to mention
    It was never your intention
    To grab Catharine’s attention
    Tis beyond my comprehension
    Therefore it is my contention
    This is your mind’s invention
    And it’s causing me tension

    I, too, am calling today a night
    If I might
    I'm not taking flight
    Nor running from the fight
    At morning's dawn light
    I will be all right
    Ready to continue to write
    Good Night

  32. What a witty exchange, very clever reading on this blog.

  33. It was a bit of fun, Gto...I enjoyed the rapport. :)

  34. As I said earlier, you're both, make that insane. BTW, who's Catherine??

    Just curious as she seems to feature reasonably regularly...

  35. I have no idea who "Catharine" is, Robyn...I just used the name because it rhymed! She doesn't exist but in my imagination! :)

  36. Oh woman, can you realise what pain
    Your Catherine has had me sustain?
    My wife thought I was cheating
    And gave me a great beating.
    Please give her a call and explain.

  37. I’m so sorry dear Mr Newberry
    In shame my head I do bury
    From now on I’ll be more wary
    Not to make your wife contrary
    I hand to you this yellow canary
    My gift to you to make you merry

  38. A bird in the hand, dear Lee,
    Is quite heavenly, or nearly.
    A canary is fine,
    (But a tit is devine)
    And I appreciate your efforts, sincerely.

  39. That you are well pleased
    And don’t mind being teased
    This moment I have seized
    Poetic licence I have leased
    To add to your whimsical post
    I hope you are not displeased
    Tho’ you thought it had ceased
    Your whimsy caused my riposte

  40. The count of these comments is up to forty
    In my good mood I’m going to be naughty
    By utilising the spirit of being very sporty
    So I decided to allow you the rare liberty
    As I hand you a slice of Sienna Panforte

  41. She's sporty and naughty and bold,
    Where the recipe I had been told
    (Sugar and spice
    And all things nice)
    Actually makes panforte, best eaten cold.

  42. Under the shade of a tree it was so nice
    I’ve sipped on a beer more than twice
    Enjoyed a wine or two which was suffice
    Well, more than two if I must be precise
    Along with good food tempered with spice
    With little left over for the mice