Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Wonder of Dreams....

Often I wish someone would invent equipment/technology to monitor and film my dreams. How I wish I was smart enough to do so myself. In no time at all, I'd race past Bill Gates in the multi-millionaire stakes, I'm sure. I'd make my fortune and begin living the life I know I would rapidly become accustomed to. I know , in all honesty, I'm meant to be accustomed to that lifestyle. I turned left at the cross-roads instead of right...or perhaps I should have gone on straight ahead! I'm living in my present state of existence just experience what it's like for myself. Well, "Hughie"...enough is enough! I know what it's like...let's move on!

Last weekend, I had a dream. A dream, which continued over three nights. It was like a mini-series. Each night, the dream picked up from where it ended the previous night and so on. Even if I woke during the night in the midst of the dream, upon falling into sleep once more, the dream continued. It was if there was a comma at the end of the sentence, a full stop at the end of a paragraph or the page was turned to commence the new chapter. It was fascinating. During my waking hours, my dream remained vivid in my mind. I knew, without question or doubt, that that night the dream would reappear and chapter two, three, four or whatever would commence. The storyline was never repeated. In my dream the location was the same each night. Each night I travelled back to the location in my dream and continued living the experience throughout my weekend. It was like having a 'weekend away' when not having a weekend away! A "Clayton's Weekend", I guess one could describe it.

I have wonderful adventures in my dreams. Once I was riding with Genghis Khan across the plains of Siberia! I dream in full colour, huge screen, sound, smells, tastes, emotions...the whole catastrophe! In my dreams, I meet real live people and those no longer on this earth. Many of the people I've never met in my life and never likely to meet, but we greet each warmly as friends, because we've met previously, many times in my dreams. We converse discussing what we have done in between visits.

Of course, some dreams are not as pleasant as others, but they obviously are all part of the tapestry, rich or otherwise, of my subconscious/unconscious.

Each night upon going to sleep, briefly I wonder what my dreamworld has in store for me in the bewitching hours to follow.


  1. Hi Lee, judging by your reference to "Hughie" I'm guessing you may have grown up with a saying that I haven't heard in years, during a rain storm my parents used to entreat, "Send 'er down Hughie".
    I notice a few bloggers that I read from the USA use "Big Ernie" because I grew up with it I prefer "Hughie".

  2. Hey there, Peter...."Hughie" was the word we used in our surfing days. "Hughie" not only controlled the weather but "Hughie" controlled the waves.

  3. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I'm a dreamer...I mean when I sleep. Sometimes I remember them, sometimes just fragments. My wife almost never dreams or if she does she doesn't remember.

  4. I find it so strange that some people say they don't dream or if they do, they can't remember the dreams. I know such a lot of people like that. Not me, though...as I wrote, my dreams are so vivid, so real....some are so real, I almost believe they are at times.

    Some have come true...not in the 'winning the lottery' type.

    I remember dreams that I had years and years ago.

  5. I once had a reoccurring dream.. and i'm glad it didn't come true!.. I had it from a young age until I was well into my 40's. Not often but the exact same dream... it was scarey!! I wouldn't have minded a nice dream, sheesh!

  6. I, too, have recurring dreams, Deslily...some that have continued for year after year.

    It's really annoying, also, when in the middle of a really good dream, you wake up...and unlike, my continuing dream of last weekend, on going back to sleep, you can't get back into it!

  7. lee,
    I'm a piker in the dream dept. next to you.
    It's a gift girl. Truly, a gift.

  8. Lee, you are a kindred spirit indeed, for I have exactly the same feeling when I go to bed each night - "I wonder where my dreams will take me?" As you say, some are more pleasant than others, though! Often I can "will myself" back into a dream if I wake up too early and was enjoying it! Thank you for reminding me of it all.

  9. Hi, Lee. That was a wonderfully thought-provoking post. I dream just about every time I fall asleep, and I've had a recurring dream for years. I'd be petrified if they could film my dreams, though. Based on some of them, I'm pretty sure they'd lock me away in a quiet little padded room.:)

  10. Well, apparently, you'd not be alone in that room, Serena Joy...Welsh and I will be in there with you to keep you company!

    I've done similar 'willing', Welsh...but I didn't do that with the continuing soap-opera last weekend...it just kept picking up where it left off. "Very interesting!" spoken/written in my best Maxwell Smart impersonation!

    You'll be dreaming about marathons up until May and probably thereafter, Rel! ;)

  11. I read once where only a small percentage of folks dream in color. I'm not really sure I'm among them.

    Cherry tomatoes, no. Fresh seafood, yes! Sea scallops are my wife's favorite dinner entre when we go out.

    Glad you have your printer. I'm still shopping for a computer. Then for a new printer, router, internet service, anti-virus software, etc.

    Meanwhile, I'm at the library.

  12. Aha...an interesting time for you, Dave...making the decision on which brands etc., you need for your purposes.

    I'm amongst the small percentage then...I can't imagine what it would be like not dreaming in colour...how strange it would be.

  13. Wow, what an experience, Lee. There was some famous author who dreamt his books, I can't remember who, but each morning he'd wake up and write down what he'd dreamed and he made a fortune. It was someone like Charles Dickens or R L Stevenson...someone of that ilk.

    I, too, dream in glorious technicolour with sound effects as well. I also see words and numbers in colour. (Ooops, here come the men in white coats!).

    I had a strange dream earlier in the week that stayed with me for a couple of days and even writing this now, I can still feel the effect of it. And of course, I did dream of winning Lotto which came true.

    Great post, Lee, very interesting.

  14. It is a very interesting subject, I believe, Robyn. Dreams are fascinating and they certainly captivate me.

  15. I have no idea whether I dream in colour or not. I don't dream very often - not that I'm aware of. I have wanted to go back into dreams sometimes but I never can.

    And sometimes it's just ooh-oh worrying to wonder where that dream came from!

  16. It's very rarely that I remember dreams, sometimes when I first wake up, the dream is there in detail, but by the time I open my eyes, it's gone...

    I've had a few that have scared me a bit too, ones that don't disappear - like one night I dreamt that I saw a plane crashed into a building (no, nothing like 9/11) - it was a large round-bodied cargo plane, and it was on the ground when it went into the building, the next night I saw exactly the same scene on the world-news, it happened somewhere in Europe, and it was exactly the dream, even down to the colours on the plane, I never discovered why that dream was given to me.

    I can make dreams though, by putting my focus onto something as I go to sleep - ever tried that?

  17. Yes, I have, Della...and I believe what you say about dreaming of the plane crash. At one time, I was forever dreaming about plane crashes to the stage it began to concern me. So every time I heard and saw a plane go over, I would concentrate on it and force the thoughts from my mind. Those dreams left me, thankfully. This was years ago.

    Liz...it does make one wonder often where certain dreams originate...I must have a kaleidescope or one hundred cans of worms going on in my mind with the array of events that occur in my dreams.