Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Little Bit of This And a Little Bit of That!

I was thinking the other day...yes, I do that sometimes...depends on what day it is, though, and if the weather is conducive to such a ponderous activity.

A saying we're all very familiar with...'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him/it drink". This applies to the heart as well.

You can lead a heart towards love but you can't make it love. And what are you left with...either a thirsty horse or an empty heart!

My mind works in mysterious ways...please don't ask my to explain its machinations!

Remy, one of my two cats, is occupied this morning. Out near the back door is a monitor I've been meaning to take to the refuse tip for quite some time. I never seem to remember to put it in the car! Anyway, Remy has spent the past thirty minutes or so, sitting in front of the dead computer monitor.

Now I could make a couple of things out of this spectacle. He's watching his reflection or perhaps he's waiting for it to come on. To him it's very similar to what I'm always sitting in front of here in this room. And, it's also very similar to a television screen. Perhaps he's waiting for his favourite show to commence! It's very generous of me to supply my cats with their own personal screen.

My mind has been in overload since this past Tuesday when I, as a gift from a special friend, a Konica Minolta Dimage A2 digital camera. Having always been the 'point-and-shoot' kinda gal, hoping for the best end result, this camera is a whole new ball game! If I appear more vague than I usually am, please forgive me. My head has been buried in learning all that I can in a very short period to become a most proficient operator of this magnificent beast! It is necessary that I do become extremely proficient as I am required to take photographs of food that I will be preparing for an article I write for a northern newspaper! They really put the cat amongst the pigeons when they asked for photos to accompany my article! Who do they think I am? A professional photographer! Well, I'll show 'em! I'm up for the challenge! "Never-Give-In-Lee" is my nickname!

Today, I've slipped into the "mean reds" as Holly Golightly would say. The 'mean reds' are a couple of steps up from the 'blues' or down from the 'blues', whichever way you choose to look at it. I know the reasons why this mood has descended upon my fragile being but I won't share those secrets with you. Suffice to say, the 'mean reds' will depart as quickly as they arrived last night! I might have myself a mean glass of red wine later to help them on their way! Either that or a damn good cry to wash them out of my system...maybe both! Why do things in half measures when you can do the whole damn performance? Lady Macbeth...look on your toes!

To top it I was turning into the entrance of the car park to the local supermarket, a couple of 'young turks' on skateboards were skylarking along the footpath. Right in front of my car, one smart young brat decided, purposely to stumble of his board and very slowly bend down to retrieve it. It was all an act to cause delay to me turning in off the road. Well, he picked the wrong person today. I purposely stared straight ahead, purposely not seeing him and I purposely didn't lessen the rate if my progress. He soon got the message of my purpose! What he didn't know is it was I who wrote the script to all their games!

Yep...there are a few 'getting on my goat' today! I'd better quit while I'm ahead! I'm going to bury myself in the instructions' manual! See you when I a better mood, one would hope!


  1. Oh,oh Lee, sounds like you've got a dose of what I had a few days ago. Don't fight it, just go with the flow and I reckon we come through it quicker that way.

    Tears are the way to go, washes it all out of the system, for me it did, anyway.

    Hope you're back to your feisty self soon.


  2. Hi Lee,

    I'm sure you'll learn that camera and turn some great pics.

    Hang in there, and don't let the young turks get you down, or the blues, or the reds.


  3. Hey you two! No, I never let 'young turks' get me down...I won that 'stand-off' today! ;)

    I'm fine...just a passing mood...I'm going to snuggle up into bed early tonight with a book...and I'll probably watch "Midsomer Murders'...and dream about winning tomorrow night's lotto! ;) You've gotten me programming my brain on that one, Robyn! ;)

  4. Hi Lee, sounds like you are on a winner with the camera, I just had a look at a couple of reviews and it comes up very well, we will expect to see some "mountain" photos soon.

  5. It is a beauty,'s got everything but the kitchen sink...and I'm sure as I keep studying the manual, I will discover it has that, too! ;) Now I just have to become expert at using it...and I have to start taking pics for a food article I'm writing for a newspaper magazine up north!

  6. Oooh, hope you have lots of fun with the new digi camera. Hope you'll share some of the photos you take !!
    Have a great weekend.
    Take care, Meow

  7. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Lee, congrats on the camera. A couple of years ago I bought the Konica Minolta Dimage A1. I love it. Especially the 10X telephoto. I'm near sighted and it comes in handy. Why do so many youngsters have to try and impress their friends with their false bravado? I suppose we may have done the same in our youth, but not so bold if I recall.

  8. I think we had that seem-to-have-been-forgotten "respect", Steve.

    I might pick you brains on the camera-front if you don't watch out, Steve! ;)

    Nice to see you, Meow...I know I'm going to enjoy this camera...look out mountain! Thanks for the good have a great weekend, too...and stay clear of those bush fires.

  9. Good luck with the camera, Lee.

    I'm expecting to see more pics up on the blog, now that you've got it.

  10. Hi, Lee. I so identify with you. I like the term, "mean reds" - I've got them, too! If I were you I'd have a good cry. Like you, I don't believe in half measures, so you make as much noise about it as you like! Good luck with the article. I'm sure you'll take great photos. You are not alone, you know.

  11. Thanks, Don...I'm getting up close and personal with this camera, I'll know it inside out soon! I've not gotten as far as putting them into my computer yet....I've still to get the USB time all will be revealed!

    Hi there can borrow the saying anytime you like. I like it explains the mood extremely well, I think. Thanks for your wishes re the article. I already write one, weekly, for the local paper up here on the mountain and have done for the past four years, but fortunately, they don't require pics to go with it! This other paper it's to go in a monthly 'home-style' magazine they put out with the paper...Thank God it's 'monthly and not weekly'! lol

  12. I've always said what your mother said, too, Welsh. I'm not one and never have been to go out in search. I hated dating when I was a teenager and still to alleviate the pain, I don't! lol

    I've taken on snakes, too, Welsh! Three here at the cabin and one I had help with up on Hinchinbrook Island. When you get a moment, go back to a post of mine 3rd November...I wrote about my moments of drama with an 18ft python...I admit I had help with that one...while, again, I stood on alert with my trusty broom in hand! :)

  13. Gidday Lee,
    Welcome to the digital world. You'll soon see that instead of taking a few photos with the ole' 35mm film camera, you'll go "crazy" without even noticing it and before you know it, whereas you used to take one roll of 12 or 24 photos you are now taking 50, 60 or 100 photos in one "sitting"
    The beauty is when you download them you can delete, edit, crop, and resize your photos to your choice.
    There is a programme called Photocleaner which you may want to have a look at. Go to Google and enter Photocleaner into the search engine.

  14. Thanks for that information, Wazza...I shall have a look at the site you mention. :)

  15. Good luck with the camera Lee, it is all about reading the manual - mine lives in the camera bag, I can never remember the more advanced bits when I need them, so it's back to the book when I need to get specific.

    I find keeping busy banishes blues - it's when I don't have a project underway that my mind takes me into places it's better not to go...

  16. I will heed your advice, Della...on both counts, though I've been busy as a bumble bee in a working bee this past week or so! ;)

  17. I wish I had your nerve, lee, when youngsters deliberately stroll across the street. There's a dog who lives on my way yo work and he stands on the edge of the kerb, playing chicken with motorists; I slow down every time!

  18. I would slow down for the dog, Liz, but when it's brazen brats who should know better and are trying to play their game with me...I don't back down! ;)