Friday, January 12, 2007

Here's Our Chance!

And we should grab it with both hands! Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali *again* has opened his big sloppy mouth during an interview on Egyptian television. He mustn't have very much room left in his mouth. He's already got both of his feet well-planted in it! Now he claims the Muslims in this country are more entitled to live here than those of us with Anglo-Saxon heritage! He and his followers wouldn't be living in this country and enjoying the fruits of the labour of our forefathers, if it wasn't for the blood, sweat and tears of those unfortunates who were bundled off from England, often because of minor misdemeanours such as stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving families. For his information, I don't have 'convict heritage'. My great-grandparents on my maternal side came to this country from Scotland and Ireland under their own volition. On my paternal side, my grandfather and grandmother married in Ireland and came to Australia in search of a better standard of living to raise a family. However, even if I did have a 'convict heritage', I wouldn't be ashamed. I'd be proud, for those people who arrived to this country in shackles worked hard to build the country I live in and love today. I would be ashamed to have a heritage similar to Alhilali, though! He and his ilk are leeches on and looters of our society. He chose to live here. If he doesn't like Australia, Australians and our way of life, we're not forcing him to remain here! He is free to leave...but I would love to be there to give him a boot up the butt to help him swiftly on his way! Bye! Bye! Mr. Mufti!

Also, I take umbrage at being called a 'liar' by this freak of nature! Who or what gave him the right to say I am a liar?

He has chosen the wrong career path. He would make a wonderful 'stand-up comedian'!

Stay in Egypt, is where you hail from and where you belong. You are not wanted in Australia!

Shake a leg, Sheik...we will willing send the rest of your belongings to you in Egypt to save you the trip back here! They'd only be a couple of bundles of old sheets, anyway, wouldn't they?


  1. Hi Lee, in your island hopping days did you ever catch one of the very well named fish "Mouth Almighty" a fitting relation for the Sheik or is that Shrek?

  2. No, Peter, not that I am aware of, anyway. However, I've seen a long of land-based "Mouth-Almighties"! ;)

    Please don't insult "Shrek"...he's a good guy! ;)

  3. Amen and amen lee. I loved this. Well said. Now kick back and relax.

  4. If you only knew, Cliff! I've been here for hours trying to write and post my recipe post that appears after this one! Boy! Blogger does get very frustrating sometimes and is sent here to test one, I do believe! ;)

    Glad you agree, Cliff...this idiot should be banned from this country!

  5. Well said, Lee. I couldn't believe the guy when I heard him on television. As Kevin Rudd said, he's several sandwiches short of a picnic and I can't help agreeing. Even the Muslim community here are distancing themselves from the so-called "sheikh" and his rantings. The guy is a first-rate nutter!

  6. He sure is, Robyn...he is a clown and is not needed in this country. I just wish 'the-powers-that-be'...the government and the Muslim people in this country, would get rid of him, once and for all. He is nothing but trouble. Let him go ride a camel in the Sahara!

    He is not welcome in the country. If he has friends who share similar thoughts to his...they, too, can join him!

  7. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I don't know who he is, but I have to agree with you. Time to pack and go home or somewhere else.

  8. He's the so-called Muslim 'leader'here in Australia, Steve...the only thing he leads with is his big mouth!

  9. Hi Lee, He sure gives new meaning to the words " lost in translation" doesn't he?
    How can one person be so stupid.He should thank his lucky stars he does live in OZ, if he spoke about Egypt as he does OZ he may literally choke on his own words.
    (With a little help from friends.)
    Cheers Margaret

  10. He certainly does, Margaret...but I think we're all getting sick of the excuses given by his family and those who believe in the old goat that he is misunderstood because of his lack of knowledge of the English language. He's supposedly so clever...and he's been here long's about time he conquered our language or move out...I suggest move out!

  11. I reckon so too Lee - why don't they just not let him back in?

    I liked the comment one of the other muslim leaders responded with, he said: "I am offended too by this, doesn't he know there were muslim convicts among the first settlers?"

    I guess there were, too - strange to think about that...

  12. He let's his mouth run free without any thought behind the process, Della...I doubt he knows much at all about this country and it's history.

    Let's make him history!