Thursday, January 04, 2007

Spontaneous Combustion!

I was here quietly going about my own life when a loud rap sounded upon my back door! Well, some would say it was my 'front door' but I've blocked off my 'front door' with potted and hanging plants so, in actual fact, it is my back door. My back door is my front door. Confused! I'm not!

In the midst of the Aussies annihilating the Poms, a good friend of mine arrived, just when I was arguing with myself whether or not I should open a bottle of wine to celebrate the soon-to-be win by our cricket team. His appearance soon answered my question. I opened a bottle of white for him and a bottle of red for me. Putting together some cheese, salami, olives, dill pickles and crackers, we sat together, on the sofa, for a change, (instead of my dining table) to watch the dying moments of the Pom's defeat...yes! Defeated...5-0! Oh! Dear! *smile* *giggle* *joy*

As soon as the test was over and the presentations were made, off went the television and on went the stereo! Not that we hadn't conversed in between times...we did...lots of conversing! He has just left on his merry way...and left me feeling good things about life. Isn't it nice when that happens...spontaneously?

So, here am I...left with my thoughts and my music...and an almost empty glass...and empty bottle!

We discussed many things as is our habit to do. He wonders at my desire to stay reclusive. I don't. As I've said/written many times before, I enjoy the way I lead my life. Sure...I could make changes...but I neither have the money or the want do do the moment.

If I had the money, there are a few things I would change, of course. 'Want'...well, that is another story entirely. The majority of times I do what I want anyway, within my means. There is little I want other than being totally independent, without money worries. Some silly bugger said once, and it's been often repeated, 'money doesn't buy happiness'...I bet whoever said that had money!

I 'want' someone in my life who understands me and cares for me. Someone who contacts me often. But again, I have that in my close, good friends. I don't have a 'loving partner' but that is okay...I can live without that...I've succeeded so far...and believe this is the life I'm meant to lead.

It's silly times like right now that I wished I had someone here to enjoy a bit of 'madness' with me. I enjoy being 'mad', if you've not already guessed!

Over there, somewhere in the wide blue yonder, I know there is someone who would like to share these moments with me, if only he saw the light!

In the meantime...and forever, it would seem...I will continue enjoying what I have. It sure beats living under a bridge with a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag! Even my two cats believe that! Remy has just pushed me off my computer chair! Do you think that is a sign for me to stop writing?


  1. Yep, beat the Poms - bloody brilliant! Hopefully, if Branson and Botham have their way, the urn will be held in Australia. Maybe the Poms are too scared to let it go in case they never see it again!

    I can understand your preference for being on your own. Sometimes, one's own company is preferable to some of the blots on society that are out there. Friends are essential and the best of that is choice - choice of friends, choice to see them or not and choice to call them or not.

    I feel I have the best of both worlds, don't you? Sometimes I think a loving companion would be nice, but generally it doesn't bother me. Amazing what one gets used to, isn't it?

  2. You'd probably keep a love interest of yours up way past his bedtime anyway!

  3. You, again, Robyn!!!!? :) We saw no sign of the little urn during the presentations! I wonder what will happen! Heehee...but whatever happens, we have it in spirit! ;)

    I know, Robyn...I think we do have the best of both worlds...I've had a wonderful day today. I've spent it with a couple of very good in particular, who is extra-special...and yet he is miles and miles away. But them are the breaks!

    I'm going to pour myself another glass of wine! ;) Here's to our 'boys'...they did themselves, and us, proud! :)

  4. Me? Moi? Nevahhhh! I'm a gentle, kindly soul...never known to party...never known to overstep the mark! Me? Naaaaa...I'm the sweetest person you would ever stumble across! ;)

  5. It was an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi, day wasn't it, seems sad that it's all over (sadder for the poms though!!!)

  6. Who gives a shit what the Poms are feeling, Peter!!! ;)

    It was a wonderful result! I had a great day! lol

    Hic! I'm going to pour myself another glass of wine in celebration! I love a winner! ;) Particularly when it's us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stop?? You're just getting the hang of it. I am sure that someone will come knocking eventually, just make sure the door opens! Wasn't the Cricket great?

  8. It sure was great, Lee...and I celebrated the 'whitewash' in fine style you all probably have gathered by now!;)

    Girls just wanna have Cyndi Lauper reminded us!

  9. Hi Lee ~~ The cricket was magnificent. Fabulous, and a treat to watch it on TV. We will miss the retirees, but always seems to be more coming up. My favourites are McGrath and Gilchrist. Didn't Gilly bat well in 3 rd test. Thank you for your condolences Lee on the loss of Sandra. Love, Merle.

  10. Gilly was fantastic in the Third Test, Merle....I was jumping around here like an idiot. He just kept slogging those balls, left, right and was amazing! That whole Adelaide Test was outstanding.