Monday, January 01, 2007

Step Right In!

I've resolved to not make any resolutions. This is a good thing because it's the only resolution that's not doomed for failure. I can break all the rules without breaking all the rules...if you know what I mean! I'll move on while I'm ahead!

Yesterday was spent doing little other than limbering up for the start of the Fifth Test today. Thousands have been lined up outside the Sydney Cricket Ground since before 4am to rush in to get seats when the gates open at 7am. With Warne, McGrath and now, Langer, all retiring when this Test is over, we will be witnessing the end of an era. Will Australia's cricket team retain the mantle of 'the best cricket team in the world' after these three walk off the field for the last time? It will be with great interest that we welcome the new blood into the team. Whomever they will be, they will have big boots to fill! I think Stuart Clarke is well on his way to filling the pair put out for him!

It'll be an emotion-filled time watching their farewell but on the other side of the coin, it will interesting and exciting watching the 'new-blood' come into the side and perform. All good things come to an end, the saying goes...the 'old step aside to make room for the young' (that's my saying...I think!)

I must stop dilly-dallying...a few things I have to get done before the game starts! Shhh...don't disturb me after 9.30am!


  1. You and me both!

  2. Hi,

    Well, all things concidered I do hope you enjoy watch your cricket game or is that match?


  3. Hey there either. Rain is pouring in Sydney at the moment so the start will be delayed. It just helps heighten the anticipation and excitement! :)

    Hi there, Lee...I reckon the first day in January 2007 was spent by many of us recovering from the last day of 2006! I wonder why this always happens at this time of the year? I start my new year on the 2nd day it always seems...somehow the first is lost in a muddle! ;)

  4. Gave up on resolutions years ago... just kept tripping over them throughout the year like so much left over TV junk (you know - the stuff they bombard you with on day time TV... "Buy this now - and get two - FREE!). It get's dangerous you know - and before you know it, you've taken an eye out on the bloody things... lol!

    HOpe all was well for you Lee... and the new year too. The new year finds me in Ballarat this time around... I have my other half's (known to one and all as the XO) family here. It's a good break for mthe west to be honest - as it's one of the only places where I get ot have a break and a holiday... well - till now - as I have my soon to be 1 year old son with me too (he refused to stay at home with the critters - some children eh?! Oops!!!)

    So have fun... and enjoy eh?!


  5. I hope you kept your feet dry during the flooding down that way, Belongum!

    All is well with me...I'm kinda glad all the Christmas/New Year madness is at an we can go back to some sort of normality!

    Have a great 2007, Belongum. :)