Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ad augusta per angusta...Achievement Through Effort

There's only one way for me to go now; that's onwards and upwards, forward to the goal of my five-hundredth post. However, let's not yet become too carried away or excited, this is only my four-hundred and onethestethestest!

A friend popped in, hence my writing of this post was interrupted for an hour or so, while we shared a bottle of wine, a platter of cheese, olives and crackers. At my request, he made for me a little step, which will serve many purposes. His visit heralded its completion. I could, perhaps, have hammered together a remote likeness of what I wanted, but he is very adept and most particular in the department of cabinetry etc., plus he has all the suitable tools required. My sparsely equipped tool box contains various sized nails and screws, two small hammers, brackets, hooks, a variety of screw drivers and a couple of pairs of pliers thrown in for good measure. If I'd attempted to make what I needed, the end result probably would have fallen apart at first glance, let alone stepping upon it! I asked if he would do this for me over lunch last Saturday. So here it is Friday, and already he has built and delivered it to me. Now, that's what I call 'good service'. I don't offer everyone a bottle of wine and cheese, though...only my very best friends!

Back to the filming of the sales/marketing video for the island and our dear protagonist, Mark. I should have learned my lesson from previous performances by Mark and not let myself be fooled by his photogenic self. He was a fairly good-looking young lad, in a home-spun kind of way. A thick crop of wavy black hair framed his open face. He wasn't built like "Arnie", but he was of a fine physique. I'm not fond of men with similar physiques to that of "The Terminator", anyway.

Depending on the winds, it wasn't often boat trips could be organised to Zoe Bay on the south-eastern coast of Hinchinbrook Island. Being on the outer, eastern coast of the island, the seas were frequently under the commands and pressures of the south-easterly winds, making travel south along that side of the island impossible or far too uncomfortable for our guests. Fortunately, during the making of the video, a perfect day dawned. After a rapid early liaison with Bob over in Cardwell, the owner-skipper of the "Reef Venture", a trip to Zoe Bay was organised and announced to the guests as they breakfasted in the restaurant. My chef prepared a picnic lunch for everyone. I decided, for once, I would go on the boat trip. I didn't want to give up an opportunity to visit Zoe, a place I'd heard so much about; and everything I had heard about Zoe Bay and Zoe Falls had been enticing. Both lived up to my expectations.

Peter, Maree and I joined the merry band of guests aboard the "Reef Venture", with the intention of not only enjoying the day-trip, but also to film the day's adventures, together with the picturesque land and seascape along the way and, of course, the magnificence of our destination, which lies under the protection of the mighty awe-inspiring Mount Bowen, with its peaks almost permanently shrouded in clouds that rise above and drift out from its majesty.

Once the "Reef Venture" was anchored securely in the bay, only to be re-boarded later in the day for the return trip to the resort at Cape Richards, we disembarked, full of high-spirits. Making our noisy way ashore through the crystal-clear waters of the bay, everyone was in the mood for a fun-filled day. Once across the reasonably wide stretch of clean, fine sand, we were met with the entrance to a tropical rain-forest. With about only one percent of the sunlight that shines on the crowns of the trees' canopies reaching the forest floor, the dense shade and coolness have a pleasant effect on a hot, tropical day. The luminescence, an essence of a translucent pale-green light filtering through the many, many species of rain-forest and palms, diffused in places by a fine mist, casts a spell over all who wander in it presence. It's a magical, evanescent experience. One would have to be without feeling not to succumb to its wonder and breathless beauty.

For the latter stages of the trek from beach to the pool beneath Zoe Falls, we hung closely to the banks of the creek that gushed mountain waters into the sea. Climbing over large, smooth river-boulders and stones, the happy group of 'adventurers' chatted amongst themselves along the way. I stayed close to Peter and Lyn assisting them with their camera equipment. After about twenty to twenty-five minutes, the forest opened up to a splendid vista of the falls, its foaming waters a continual fulsome stream flowing into the welcoming open mouth of the pool at its base.

It didn't take long for everyone to toss off their outer clothes down to their swimsuits beneath. Eagerly, we all joined the fresh-water Perch that showed no fear of the human presence in their underwater domain. I guess they knew they would be in for an easy, tasty lunch that day from our lunch scraps. There's nothing quite like mountain water. It's so crisp, crystal clear and clean. It makes one's skin feel like silk and one's hair like the finest spun gossamer. There is no product produced by man that feels as good as mountain water upon your skin and hair.

Peter was hard at work, filming. To the southern side of the falls and the pool, was a thick 'Tarzan' rope. All the guests, and the staff
(which included Mark and Bronnie) who came on the trip, were soon clambering over each other and the rocky cliff-face to swing from the rope out across the water, to then let go of the rope, to crash into the refreshing effervescence of the pool, as you do in such situations. I didn't and don't. I'm not that brave. Unashamedly, I admit that to you right here and now!

Of course, Mark had to try his prowess! Up he went with great fanfare. Down he came with equally great fanfare! Unintentionally, he performed the best belly-flop I've ever seen. And, I still have it on video tape to prove that it was! As for the role of 'Tarzan'...he didn't get it.


  1. A fitting finish to the 400th Lee.

  2. Thank you, Peter. :)

  3. Hi Lee,


    That must have been one hell of a belly flop!


  4. Hi Lee ~~ I enjoyed the end of your filming days and I guess Mark wishes you didn't have that flop on video!!
    Thank you so much Lee for your e mails and info. I will try it later and hope I can figure it out. It was so nice of you to do that for me, especially having to repeat it.
    According to my Dashboard page, I did 255 for Herons Nest and 152 for Third Try, so I'm up to 408 posts since Jan. 2006. You write so much better than I do and in a shorter time, so you still win the prize.
    Thank you again, Love, Merle.

  5. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Lee, I did read your blog... honest... but my wine glasses are a bit smudged and I cannot... for the life in me... recall what you
    Have a groooovy weekend my friend.
    Lots of love, Nicole xox.

  6. It sure was, Janice! ;)

    Merle, you are welcome. I'm sure you will work it I said, if I can...anyone can...and that includes you, my dear! :)

    Congratulations on your tally, too, Merle...and don't decry your own ability. You do so very well...I love reading what you write. :)

    What are you up to, Nicole! lol Good for you! I'm enjoying a couple of rum and cokes at the moment! I got the feeling I need a rum or two, so rushed down to the nearest liquor store and ambushed the friendly guy down there. He's always so pleasant, so I told him of my urgent desire and need! He was very obliging...rum-wise, that is! ;) You are just going to keep those wine glasses smudge-free...and use your glasses when doing your artwork, girlie! :)

  7. I knew this would happen! I read your latest post and it's a follow on from the previous. So then I read that and go on to the previous previous because I'm afraid I'll miss something! At least I do keep up...even if it's a week later!

    Only next week to go...

  8. Keep reading, have your wine there to keep your palate lubricated! ;)

  9. Sounds like something out of Swiss Family Robinson. I love tropical settings. Only worry is the snakes that inhabit them.

    Wow, you're already past me in number of posts and I've been at this blogging biz for nearly two years. Keep up the good work.

  10. Ohhh i love the looks of the area with the falls!!! beautiful pictures!!! I could go for a trip like that!

  11. Ahhh...Dave...Dave...snakes are far less of a hazard than humans, humans in cars and white-pointers! ;)

    And you would love it, DesLily...lots of time to put your feet up and read a few good books.

  12. I've noticed, Lee, that all the 'friends' who drop in to see you are male. As it should be.

  13. Liz...same friend! lol

  14. My brother beat Mike doing something similar at "Coke Lake." It was a body of deeper water in a swamp, and the water was a dark brown color from the decaying vegetation.

    Anyway, he swung out, and didn't let go of the rope in time, and landed hand-first on the bank of the lake, breaking his wrist so severely that it took three operations and over 16 weeks to heal properly. He was lucky that he got one of the finest orthopaedic surgeons in the US, just by chance. Otherwise, he would probably not have gotten back full use of his arm.

  15. "Mark" that is.. Sheesh!

  16. Hi Lee what wonderful pictures. Such hard work out photographing in Paradise, I know some one has to do it tough as it is.
    Your descriptive writing conjures up pictures too, ouch, that belly flop must have been something to witness.
    Cheers Margaret

  17. What a lovely post, Lee. Congrats on your 401st [I can't do it in letters at this time of night - sorry!] and we're all willing you on your way to the 500th and beyond. Yours is a wonderful blog. A cabinetry sort of friend is a friend indeed and I wish I had one! I'm sure your plate of olives, cheeses, etc., was much appreciated and, although I've just eaten, the thought of it, served with style as you would do it, makes me hungry again! Your descriptive prose is so vivid, Lee: I ask you again, when are you going to get published?!

  18. Your brother was very lucky, could have been much, much worse. So many tragic accidents are caused this way. I'm glad it wasn't worse for him. Mark landed in the water, thankfully...mostly what was hurt was his pride! ;)

    Margaret...I didn't take those particular photos of the island...I 'stole' those! ;) They're not part of the video shots...but I do have equally as good photos and, of course, the video. Thanks for your comment. :)

    Hey Welsh...good to see you. I don't know if I would ever be published. Just a pipe dream...but a nice one. Thanks for your vote of confidence in me. :)

  19. Lee you should really write! Thousands of books are published every day! Some of the books I've seen in bookstores, I can't really believe someone published them! "An Inconvenient Truth" comes to mind! ;)

  20. I'm with you on that one, Neo! ;)

    Between you and Welsh...I won't have much choice soon!