Thursday, February 08, 2007

Friday's Ramblings

Before I come up with something delectably, deliciously, decadently, temptingly tasty for your weekend's menu, I thought I'd toss a couple of useless thoughts around. Grab them as they fall from the cyber-sky if you wish or just ignore them.

I admit that I have a pretty crazy sense of humour. It goes without saying, really. I watched the first of the new season's episodes of "My Name Is Earl" last night. If any of you heard someone laughing in the distance and you were wondering from where it was echoing and who the perpetrator was....well, I cannot tell a lie...'twas I! It was so damn funny...very clever and so beautifully not politically-correct! I think that's why I enjoyed it so much!

A couple of things amused me yesterday, it would appear. One in particular being when Premier Peter Beattie was called a 'prostitute' in parliament by Mr. Messenger....Messenger then went ahead and apologised to all prostitutes! Hehehehehe....a bit of light relief, I thought!

While laying in bed last night, I jotted/scribbled down some notes of what I wanted to write about in my post today. It's pretty disturbing when one can't understand one's "handwriting"! Sorry...whatever profundities* I was going to share with you will have to remain in the back-roads of my mind and in the indecipherable scribble in my notebook!

* I wrote "profundities"....not "profanities"....I just want to clarify that with you.

I promise I will return later with a couple of recipes for you to ponder over for possible weekend treats. I'll post some that you will not be able to resist!

In the meantime, I'm posting a poem I wrote. I hope you like it.

Carnival of Torment

I star in life’s carnival veiled in my disguise hiding my torment
Concealed from the games you play and your art of manipulation
Offender of my heart wearily I am accustomed to my discontent
Borrowed instances of happiness are only a momentary aberration

Walking as if in somebody else’s skin I’m a face lost in the crowd
Has it ever occurred to you the damage caused me by your deceit
Despairing bitter suffering enveloping me like a long grey shroud
Confused tortured by my inadequacies forlornly I admit final defeat

Lost in the darkness of the real world I give my plaintive cry intense
Rendered in the midnight hour abducted by the wind’s jarring echoes
Shall I ever learn to breathe again soften a heart hardened in defence
Will someone be my savior shall my tears keep falling like dominoes

Maybe a day will come when at last I shall be able to return the favour
Or perhaps I’ll abandon the pain stow away from the torture you cause
Detouring past the hazard of you finding happiness to be my endeavour
No negative threads left of you and no thoughts of you to give me pause


  1. The poem is very nice, indeed. Do you write a lot of poetry?

    I haven't seen much of 'My Name Is Earl' -- it seems there's always something on another channel I'd rather see. The few times I have seen it, though, I agree with you -- it's funny and deliciously politically incorrect.

  2. Yes, I do write a bit of poetry, Serena...I enjoy putting it all together.

    This is the second season of "Earl" that commenced here last night...and I think it was funnier, so far, than the first. There really were some classic moments...the script, the asides, the was very well done, in my opinion. It had me laughing out loud almost throughout.

  3. Lee; Oscar's trying to drink my wine...dreadful cat! I loved that performance in Parliament yesterday! The "Media Tart" should have lapped it up (so to speak) as it got him in the news...again!

  4. was funny, wasn't it, Robyn? Premier Pumpkin-Head hits the headlines again!

    You're raising a wayward child there! I caught Ruska, my beautiful ginger cat that got taken by the python on Hinchinbrook Is. lapping away at my rum and water one night! lol

  5. lee,
    Beautifully scripted my friend. I'm glad? I inspired you. ;-)
    The poem; Too true, and too sad.
    There is too little time to dwell on past sadness.
    "in particular being when Premier Peter Beattie was called a 'prostitute' in parliament..."
    That was worth a chuckle and a half.
    I await your profundities or even some profane profundities.
    My menu for the wknd: strawberries, chocolate, and wine.
    See you Monday, God willin'

  6. Sounds like you're in for a great weekend, Rel...enjoy yourselves snuggled up in front of that log fire!

  7. Hi there, I’ve been relying on using Bloglines to do my daily rounds of the blogroll for a while now, it’s a very time saving method but it feels a bit impersonal at times, so it’s a hot Saturday, I’m gonna sit here and visit with everyone, It won’t feel any different to you but know that I chose to visit today instead of just answering an electronic reminder.
    Have a good day.

  8. Hi Peter....nice to see you on a 'personal' note! Have a good weekend. :)

  9. Hi lee ~~ Thanks for that poem which is a bit sad. Loved the prostitute joke, which happened in parliament.
    Very funny. Sorry I was so full of woe until Bunnings helped. Hope all will sonn be fixed. Glad you liked the story of Billy and the little fawn. Have a great weekend, what is left of it. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  10. Thanks, Merle....I hope my day gets better than it's been so far! lol There's only one way but up!

  11. I do like it, thankyou Lee, you always write from the heart, which is special.

    I don't know about 'my name is Earl' - I will look out for it..

  12. Thanks, Della for your comments.