Sunday, February 11, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For!

As is often the case, I’ve placed my fingers on the keyboard, not having a clue what I’m going to write about in this post.

Sunday evening I was lying in bed watching television. To many of you this may appear strange, but as I live alone, other than my two cats, I can see no point in my having to sit up on the sofa to watch television when I have a perfectly comfortable bed from which I can view the night’s entertainment.

Anyway, to cut to the chase…I thought my ‘Valentine’ had found me…finally, particularly after putting out the ‘call’ in my previous post! Both cats were on alert, their ears pricked and their luminous eyes staring towards the glass sliding door that leads out to my patio area. ‘Valentine’ would have to be agile of foot as I have many potted and hanging plants that act not only as beautification, but as an obstacle course for anyone daring to venture forth. Remy and Shama’s actions caused me interest, so putting the remote control down carefully, I slipped out of my comfortable bed to investigate the cause or object of their inquisitive behaviour.

Alas, alack and woe! It wasn’t ‘Valentine’, though my heart was all a-flutter in expectation. On the floor beside my hall-stand (I don’t have a hall nor a hallway!), was my friendly skink (lizard…he’s about 12 inches long).

Once again, I grabbed my ever-ready broom. Sneakily, I crept up on Mr. Skink, gently pulled open the sliding door and eased him outside where he rightfully belongs!

Then I began to wonder…like in the story about kissing the frog that turned into a prince, perhaps I should have planted a big smooch on Mr. Skink and he might have turned into ‘Valentine’! This thought arrived too late, however. Mr. Skink had already joined his fellow skinks in the darkness of night, probably grumbling to himself for missing his favourite television programme.


  1. Hey, there's nothing wrong with watching TV in bed. I do it every night. I finish up whatever I'm doing downstairs, then head upstairs to get in bed and watch TV 'til I fall asleep.

    The biggest lizard I've ever seen in a house was green and about 4 inches long. And it wasn't my house. I think your foot-long Mr. Skink would have freaked me completely out. And I would not, under any circumstances, have considered kissing him. LOL.

  2. I love watching TV from my seems all very logical to me, Serena. :)

    Well, if I'd smooched him he might have turned into a six foot four inch hunk of a man! Now, I will never know...unless, of course, he revisits! *eg*

  3. I think watching TV in bed is most sensible! Why fall asleep on a sofa when you can fall asleep in comfort.

    Oooh, I must have a look and see if I have any likely skinks This could be quite interesting, Lee. Frogs are likely to let out a loud croak, which could be interpreted as something not very complimentary, anyway. As far as I know, skinks don't make a sound. Now that could be a good thing...

  4. Lee, hang in there with Valentine! Love is funny and it usually comes when you are not looking for it.

    I'm not sure what that bug recipe was, but sounded good. Are they some form of crawfish?

    Get ready for Neocon and I to visit. We are working on plans! You may cook, and I'll do the dishes, even though I think I will be getting off easy!

  5. Hi there, southerntragedy...nice to see your friendly 'face' in here....Bugs are a crustacean and their meat is pretty similar to that of lobster...that's about the best description I can give you. I'll take you and Neo up on the washing up...I'll do the cooking and the popping of the corks! ;)

    Robyn...I'll let you know how it turns out with my skink. I'm sure he's determined to return!

  6. Hello sunny.... They're killin' me over at LST. Geeeez... You have a wonderful idea. I think I'll go lie in bed and watch some TV. I just hope my wife didn't let the critter in there! (critter = my 7 yr old boy) I have to toss him out every night so I can claim my rightful spot! :)

  7.'s getting a bit heavy over there, I agree, fasternu...Sarge is wound's been going on since yesterday! lol

    I hope you manage to get your share of the bed! ;) Thanks for popping by.

  8. Hi Lee ~~ I also have TV in my bedroom, but usually go to sleep watching it. Sorry Valentine didn't turn up - still a day or so to go. Hang in there. Your cats are good watchdogs!! Glad you have had good rain up there. My seedlings look good.Your vegie garden sounds great with all the things you grow. I cannot do much now, but love to grow things to eat as they taste so much better. My cherry tomatos are done, have a couple of Romas still going well. Take care, Love, Merle.

  9. That’s the second time you have been visited by a lizard, fiest a blue tongue and now yeat another friendly species, when are you going to take your friendly valentine lizards seriously!!
    Best wishes

  10. having to live with my disabled brother and david.. "my bedroom" IS my "home".. you can bet I watch televsion in bed!!

    can't say I've ever seen a foot long skink!! good thing the cats didn't get at it!

  11. I think living with lizards might throttle any 'Valentine' from approaching you. You might should have kept that quiet.

  12. Do you think that's where I'm going wrong, Cliff? Oh! Dear!

    It looks like there are more than me who watch TV from their I have no reason to feel guilty now, Merle!

    Lindsay...I do take the lizards seriously, I promise you! I would take their metamorphosis even more seriously!

    Hi cats are fine. They wouldn't touch it...they just watch from afar when it comes to reptilians. No touchee!

  13. Gidday Lee,
    Waal at least you know what next to do when Mr.Skink shows up again.
    Leave the broom alone, pick up Mr. Skink, pucker up and give him a big smooch and who knows.
    Knowing my luck if I did this Mrs. Skink would come along and bite me on the ankle for being "trying to take Mr. Skink away from her" hahahah!!!

  14. On the other hand,'d just be my rotten luck that Mr. Skink is actually Mrs Skink! I didn't think of it that way! Dammit!

  15. Hi again, Lee. I don't have a TV in the bedroom but I stretch out full-length on the sofa to watch, which is nearly like being in bed. A girl has to kiss an awful lot of frogs [and maybe lizards] to find a Prince but you never know! Treat that lizard kindly if he reappears tonight and hang on in there!

  16. Yes, about having to kiss the frogs,'s pretty tough when one has to start on the lizards! ;)

  17. ummm, no, I don't think kissing the lizard is a good idea, are they the ones with the really skinny poke-out tongues? shudders!!

    I cannot stay awake to watch tv in bed, it's always been a good way for me to get to sleep, so I go to sleep in my chair in front of the tv instead!

  18. Yes, I think they are, Della...they're harmless but I'm with you, I don't think I'm that desperate...yet! ;)