Saturday, February 24, 2007

You Asked For It!

The first photo at the top is a partial view of my jungle on my patio. To the right is a pond on this property, followed by pink water-lilies in said pond. As you can see as you cast your eyes further down this colourful post are more photographs of the pond.

This property is 3 acres in size. The many trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetable gardens, rows of healthy rhubarb plants that adorn this acreage act as a safe harbour and restaurant for the myriad bird-life, hares, bandicoots (for Don...another of our mystical Aussie animals), possums, marsupial mice and whatever else that may roam hidden under the cloak of darkness.

The rock face is on a lower escarpment about half a kilometre from where my cabin is. I slipped that one in to confuse you.

The lower photograph is the vista that greets me when I walk out my front door to my patio area.
You can see some of the rows of rhubarb between the protea trees.

My cabin, which I rent from my landlords, who also live on this property, is situated about half-way down the land. The pond, on my side, is surrounded by conifers of various types with many other shrubs, lilies and trees. This foliage forms a private barrier from my landlords' home, which I fondly call "The Manor". A narrow track runs to "The Manor" between avocado trees on one side and the pond on the other. The gentry can't see my cabin from their home and I can't see their home from mine. In fact, sometimes weeks go by before our paths cross. We did have a soiree up on their veranda late this afternoon, when we solved the world's problems over a couple of wines.

I took other photographs today. I will post some more later.

Mount Tamborine is a beautiful area with village-type shopping. Further along towards the southern end of the mountain at Eagle Heights is "Gallery Walk". "Gallery Walk" is a tourist strip with an abundance of art/craft stores, cafe's etc. There are numerous Bed & Breakfast accommodation houses on the mountain, together with, restaurants, wineries, a cheese-maker and a liqueur distillery amongst other inviting temptations. The mountain can, at times, seem a million miles from everywhere else and yet, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland is only approximately 90 minutes drive away...less depending on the weight of one's foot, and the Gold Coast is approximately 30-45 minutes away.

I hope as I become more familiar with the laying out my photos and can claim a little amount of expertise at doing so, my posts won't be as "higgedly-piggedly" as this one is. Bear with me, please...I can only get would hope!


  1. No wonder you say you don't get down to town much! I'd buy a deep freezer and some other storage bins, and only leave once a quarter or so, when absolutely necessary to do so.

  2. I know...I'm very much that way...and love it! I hate going off the mountain and have to be dragged, kicking and screaming! ;)

    I hope you like the pics...I've got a lot to learn...but it's fun learning.

  3. A very pretty spot to live Lee, the photos are great.

  4. all I can say is... want a roomie from New Jersey? lol..

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  5. G'day Peter and is a beautiful area up here...glad you like the photos. Thanks :)

  6. Wowwwwwww those are so beautiful. The photo out of your front door looks like something I would see in a movie,Indiana Jones or something. I agree with you I could spend days just taking in the beauty of the whole surroundings.

  7. I'm a city girl but love escaping every now and then to a place like that. Luckily most of my family live in the country.

    That looks like just the spot too but I can't get the idea of Big Scarey snakes slithering around there out of my head ever since your story about the one in your bed.

    Great pictures!

  8. Hi Sandra....I'm not quite as remote as some of the places Indiana Jones frequents! The mountain is populated but as most of the blocks of land are acreages and are well-treed and planted, neighbouring properties are hidden from view, mostly. We have a couple of hotels, 2 gas stations, 2 2 supermarkets (though, not large shopping malls), 2 post offices, 2 banks together with agencies for others, 2 chemists/drugstores, 2 medical centres, 2 dentist surgeries etc., it has a country/village feel about it. It's not as primitive as you might think! lol

    The population is around 3,000 on the mountain.

    Hi Robbie...that large python I described that was on my bed, was up in the tropics...when I was on Hinchinbrook Island...not down here in south-east Queensland, where Mount Tamborine is.

    As I said in my post, Tamborine Mountain is not far-removed from the bright city lights of Brisbane or the Gold Coast (the Gold Coast is a city...second largest) and very rapidly Brisbane and the Gold Coast are merging.

  9. What beautiful photos, Lee and you arrange them much better than I can! Your descriptive writing is superb, you know. - Found a oublisher yet??

  10. Still looking, Welsh...don't stop your urging! ;)

    My wonderful camera is responsible, Welsh, not me...I'm just its apprentice, albeit a very willing one!

  11. Paradise on earth? I think Lee found it! Absolutely georgous! I'm green with envy! ;)

  12.'s just the trees and grass reflections! :)

  13. Wow, that's beautiful. Lucky you.

    I find that photos throw out my spacing on the blog and don't really go where I want.

    But I think one of your first posts (that I read that is) was talking about - what was it? A lizard in your room, maybe? (I leapt onto that subject because I stopped to read the rest of teh comments in the midle of writing.)

  14. Hi Lee,

    Love your place! Blogger did some weird stuff with that next to last photo -- it's wonderful at full size.

    I sure wish I could stay at my cabin and not go into town! ;-)

  15. Hi Stormy...I think it was more my trying to fit it into my post that distorted that pic...more than blogger. I take the blame! ;)