Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl, Hot Dogs....and Prince!!!!!!!!

Who needs Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake or Paul McCartney? Eat your heart out Michael Jackson! What a wonderful performance by Prince at half-time of the American Football. I'm a huge fan of Prince. He certainly is a talent! Michael Jackson could take a leaf out of his book and learn a lesson or two.

The Super Bowl is a magnificent spectacle...I always watch it.

(This is the reason the third episode of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" has been delayed. I promise as soon as the game is over and a soon as the guy comes to measure up for a new, large screen door that is being soon as he arrives, does his job and leaves...I will continue where I have left off and will complete the story...patience, dear folks!)


  1. Awwww...alright, you fan of the diminutive Purple One.

  2. Sure am...I reckon he's one sexy little fella, Robyn! ;)

  3. We shall wait patiently.(said whilst tapping fingers on desk)
    The half time show was the least offensive I've seen a Super Bowl produce in some time.

  4. Ya'll watch this down there? I will seek a sports channel that carries the Ashes here next round.

    Well.. at least Prince stayed on key.
    ..Paul, Mick.....aarrgghhh

  5. Ahh...Prince....he plays a mean geeetarr! Top performer. I've got a brilliant live show of his on 'im!

    Yes, it's always telecast live down here, Gto....I always watch it...have done for years.

    Cut out that tapping, Cliff! :) I'm working on the last chapter's the most difficult one to write...and I want to get it right.

  6. I love Prince and I think Prince, Niel Voung, and Eric Clapton are all remarkable in the way they have kept their careers going for so long.

  7. For sure, Gary....Eric Clapton is due to tour down here in Aus shortly. He would be great to see.

    Thanks for visiting, by the way. :)

  8. Now lets see... how many maids a milking were there???
    Better squirt episode 3 into that bucket Lee.

  9. It's coming,'s coming. But I won't have it completed today...I promise I will have it finished tomorrow, though.

    So you still need to go out and buy a carton of milk for yourself!

  10. I've never watched the super-bowl, it sounds like I've been missing something.

    I did watch Carie Web win the Australian Open Golf though, does that count?

  11. Hi Lee ~~ Enjoyed Part 2 and look fwd to Part 3. Thanks for your visits and comments. I am having terrible strife today with my line dropping out every few minutes. I love Kookaburras so your Sunday sounded almost perfect. Looks as though we both should buy a book my Maya to read. Take care, Love, Merle.

  12. Sure it does, Della...that was a great win by her! What a lead!

    Yes, I'm going to make enquiries about her books, Merle...thanks for your visit. :)