Friday, February 23, 2007

A Little Bit of Pimping Hurt Nobody!

If you have a few moments or more to spare, hop into "Wino's Blog"....he tells a great story, worthy of your time! His stories are rollicking good fun. His other posts are intelligent and thought-provoking.

While you are there, vote for "emmekelley" in the "give-away" post. She is well-deserving...a worthy recipient.

I went out and about this morning taking photos of everything and anything that wasn't moving, also of that which was moving! The latter might not have been captured in the frame because they were moving too fast!

As I was standing outside of my favourite restaurant up here on the mountain taking a few shots of the exterior, the chef/owner poked his head out the kitchen window. In his hand was a massive knife. I quickly re-introduced myself to him (I have met him previously, and I know he reads my weekly food articles in the local rag). Upon recognising me, he put the knife down! Whew! I experienced a few nervous seconds there for a while!

If any of the photographs I took are worth showing, I will post them later. All criticisms are welcome. Treat me gently and handle me with care. I'm a sensitive soul, you know!

I read an interesting little article in today's paper. A Channel 7 TV reporter who supplied chains to lock an 84-year old woman to a nursing home door for a story in their current affairs programme shown each week night at 6.30pm to beat-up a story, has been sacked by the Seven Network. Makes one wonder just how many other stories shown on our 'illustrious' current affairs programmes are similarly set up. All done in the art of telling a good story! Well, it didn't do much good for that reporter, who is now looking for another job. "He's gone to pursue other opportunities," the Network said last night. I guess that's another way of putting it!


  1. good stories all, thanks Lee...

    love the photos, are we going to see a picture of the 'step' your friend made for you?

  2. You have the most interesting experiences! Yes, I'd like to see a picture of the step, too. I'm guessing you'll discover other things that need to be built, too, based on your description of the "builder.":)

  3. Hey, you two! What's all this about my new step? The 'builder' is a very good friend of mine, as is his wife! They were my luncheon guests last Saturday...the three of us are always lunching together, either at my place or theirs. We're all good mates.

    But perhaps I should take your advice and take a pic of it! Paul's a very 'particular' person when it comes to building/making things, so this is a very sturdy piece of work he has produced! I gave them three of my paintings, which they have framed, hanging on their my step is kinda like a 'contra' deal. :)

    I won't abuse his goodwill and graces, Serena....until the next time! ;)

  4. Wow that was really nice to put in a plug for me. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. I am having a lovely time going from your stories to Wino's. They are so excellent to read and they make my day.

  5. Hi Lee ~~Good post. It is amazing how they set up stories on current affairs. Scary that restaurant owner
    with the massive knife ~~ Warning --
    Be careful what you photograph !!

    Many thanks again Lee for your advice and help. They are much better, not
    perfect, but I was wondering what was going on with those huge spaces.
    I thank you most sincerely. Take care, Love, Merle.

  6. You are more than welcome,'s my pleasure. :) Glady you're having fun with the blogs! lol Thanks for visiting and for your comments...I appreciate both.

    Yes, chefs are all insane! ;) I've got one knife here that has a 14-inch that keeps all strays away! Hehehe! I'm glad I could help, Merle.

  7. For those who don't know, I'm Wino, and I am currently in Saudi Arabia. I've offered a free T-shirt from either the Harley Shop or Hard Rock Cafe from Saudi or Bahrain, respectively, to the one who gets the most votes on my blog (Lee has linked to it on her sidebar).

    Sandra (here) is emmekelley on my blog. Lee received a few votes, but has asked that folks vote for EmmeKelley/Sandra instead of her. I'm giving away the T-shirt, so I have no preference. Voting will remain open for about another week, and the first post is locked in place until that time, so you don't have to search for the giveaway.

    In addition, if you vote this time, you're automatically entered for the next giveaway, which will be quite a bit more than a T-shirt, I hope.

    The main difference between my stories and Lee's stories is that mine are only loosely based on real events, sorta like the docu-dramas on TV.

  8. Oh, and thanks for "pimpin' my blog" over here, Lee. I appreciate it.

    For those who use tags, most of my stories were published under "humor," and in January or February of this year, for those who use the archives. "A Rambling Confession" is a single post, where "A Perilous Tale" is in four parts. The current story, "European Adventure" has only the first part published, and it is immediately below the giveaway as of this writing. I hope you all enjoy them.

  9. Hey, there Don! It was my pleasure.

    I've been taking pics I said in my blog and I'll probably post some up tomorrow...when I sort out which ones I think are passable! ;)

    Don's a friend of mine everyone and I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of his stories, too...they are lots of fun.

  10. Cool, Lee. Ever since I heard about you receiving the new camera, I've been waiting with baited breath (it's "baited" because I ate shrimp last night).

    You keep telling us how beautiful your mountain hideaway is, but we're yet to really see it. By the way, I have some webspace, so if you want to put up some bigger versions than allowed here, email them to me, and I'll send you links to put into your 'blog to point to them.

  11. That's nice of you, Don...thanks...I might just take you up on that offer. I'll leave doing so, though, until you get back home...I think that would be a better idea, don't you?

    The grand unveiling of the pics I took today will be tomorrow...Sunday.

  12. Love the photos again. Will check out Wino's blog. I'm glad that reporter got caught out but I'm sure the media often set stories up like this. Relieved the guy put his knife down! Love, WL.

  13. I'm sure the media does it frequently, too, Welsh...anything to make their stories more appealing (or more gory) to the gullible public! ;)

    Good to see you, as always.

  14. Please everyone, go to Don/Wino's blog and vote for EmmeKelley. Just say "I vote for EmmeKelley", hit the "other" button, type in your name and submit. Unless you have a blog, then go to blogger and do the same thing, but add your blog! It is a very worthwhile endeavor! And thank you on behalf of EmmeKelley/Sandra

  15. Oh...I just discovered you here, Neo...sorry. :) We'll get that shirt for emmekelley, yet! :)