Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Things Mean a Lot

I shared a bottle of champagne with a couple of my neighbours late on St. Valentine's Day afternoon. A little soiree we sometimes have. I don't see them often, mainly because I keep pretty much to myself and am always doing 'my own thing'. As it was St. Valentine's Day, we thought we would enjoy a tipple, while also, I was introduced to their new family member...a beautiful furry little kitten. Of course, I became immediately smitten! He is a darling little fellow. They didn't have much luck with the kitten they got a couple of months ago. "Polly" was free-spirited, very sociable and very, very adventurous. She disappeared one morning never to be seen or heard of again. In positive mode, I believe she found herself another home, probably one with a large dog that she can tease and terrorise. I think the new kitten, "Olly" is of a different disposition. Already he's a home-body, enjoying many cuddles and not venturing far from their verandah.

Just before heading up to their home I somehow did something untoward to my back. The wine eased the burden a little, but for the balance of the evening after arriving home, I had difficulty sleeping and then all day yesterday I was either resting, trying to exercise the damn thing or feeling sorry for myself! Resting and feeling sorry for myself won the battle....with "feeling sorry for myself" easing its nose in front.

Then out of the blue last night, I received a couple of longed-for emails from a friend and then a call from said friend. It had been a while since we had spoken (a little while can seem like an eternity to me sometimes). His contact was a magical elixir for not only my back, but my spirits. I hope he realises just how much hearing from him means to me. His contact was the medicine I needed. My back is still a little stiff, but I can feel it's much better this morning than yesterday, so it's well on the mend. My spirits...what can I say....they are high! Definitely mended!

While we were talking my cats were grumbling as they wanted me to go back to bed. When I eventually did, Remy, my male cat, who weighs half a ton, decided the best way to keep me there was to lay on me. This he did as if to say, "You ain't going anywhere, lady!"

As I have a tendency to prolong any celebrations, I've decided to extend St. Valentine's Day.


  1. Here is the photo of Nancy Drew holding Wino's camera at the last BrewHaHa.

  2. Thanks, sandra, for doing that, but for whatever reason known only to photobucket, the pic won't load. Being a persistent person, I will keep trying though! :)

  3. Try this one:

  4. lee,
    all in all...sounds like a small price to pay for an otherwise splendid day.

  5. good for you! Extend anything nice for as long as you can!

  6. Thanks for doing that, worked fine this time. :)

    Hiya Rel...most definitely a small price to pay...the back will get better as the day progresses, I'm sure.

    Hey there, Deslily...good to see you. It's a good policy to have, I do believe! :)

  7. Hi Lee, do we detect romance in the air... or on the mountain?

  8. A lady never divulges such things, Peter...but I'm sure there is a lot of love up here on the mountain...being such the beautiful area that it is! :)

  9. Got it will send you the photo along with the link to see the whole album.

  10. Thanks, Sandra...I appreciate that. :)

  11. Hi Lee, I am glad your spirits got lifted, I have a very low threshold for pain, I think in those circumstances you would be allowed a little self-pity, sometimes a good wallow makes all the difference. Have you tried exercising the pain in your back? I know it sounds painful, but it works for me...

    I am really really hoping that no little kitten comes to live with me - I miss my cat so much I would have to take it in - and I've decided for now not to have a cat.

  12. Hi there, Della...yes, I've been doing some minor exercises...just the turning of the body etc.,...the one's they say you should do.

    I've rarely been without a cat throughout my life. I could easily have pinched this little fellow the other day! ;)

  13. I now have two cats. One was the cat of a dear friend who died suddenly and unexpectedly of cancer, and she asked me if I would take her in.

    The other was about to be abandoned by someone who knew better, but was going to do it anyway for problems beyond her control. I can't see letting a cat get abandoned like that, so I took him in, too.

    They get along famously; Patton and Rommel were both famous, right?

    Glad to hear you got the call and emails, Lee. I spent most of last night trying to get my connection to work.

  14. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Just a quick hello. Not back yet, but wanted to stop by.

  15. Remy and half a ton? Now that's a big cat.
    Glad to hear of the giddy mood inspiring phone call. My phone calls never turn out that good.
    I had a 'back' spell a while back. I was in the little grocery we have here when my back said lay down and don't move. I resisted but it wasn't easy. I made it out of there but if anyone was studying me they may have thought I had a bearing go out or something.
    Have a lovely weekend and hope your phone rings again.

  16. Good for you, Lee! A well-deserved extension of Valentine's Day. "Olly" sounds delightful and as for your own cats - well, animals know us so well! He was trying to protect you from going out, I'm sure. Hope the back pain clears up soon. I do know exactly how you feel!

  17. Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day after all. Most excellent!

  18. Good to see you, Steve...I've popped into your blog a few times to see if you're back. Don't stay away too long! :)

    Hiya Cliff...there's nothing worse is back seized up on me one time when I was in Sydney doing a travel expo at the Sydney Holiday/Travel show...and I really didn't know what I was going to do until a guy from another stand did Reiki on me and I tell worked a dream! Otherwise, I would have been stuck in the one place and that was a bit of a worry with hundreds of people filing through my display on Hinchinbrook Island. I used a bit of poetic license/exaggeration on Remy's weight! ;)

    Hey Welsh...good to see you. These two cats of mine are very spoilt...I think they're humans in disguise...or at least they think that they are! ;)

    Back is a little better...a couple of champers and some red wine will surely fix it, I reckon!