Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Damned If It Be Dammed!

"Beattie's Folly"...the proposed Traveston Dam must be stopped from going ahead. The people have to make a stance against this travesty of the Traveston Dam. Only non-stop 'people-power' is going to win this battle. They must not relent...Beattie and his cohoots are giving no respect for the farmers and others living within that area and its surrounds. Beattie believes he can't lose 'face' over this....I can tell him...he can! It's a face only a mother could love anyway...so who cares if he looses it!

It's so wrong that the government think they can just trample over people this way. They should not be able to do so and lots of noise has to be made...Mr Beattie is deaf in both ears over this one.

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