Friday, June 09, 2006

Unders or Overs....It's a Dilemma!

It's crazy some of the little things that can be so annoying! I was at the supermarket yesterday, vainly trying to find the edge of the next plastic bag to tear off the roll in the veggie section. After battling with it for what seemed like half an hour (in fact, it was only a few seconds), I discovered it was an 'under' not an 'over'! Grrrrrrr! Yes...this is of major importance...I'm an 'over' toilet paper has to be placed on the holder enabling the paper to flow freely over the 'top'...if I go into a bathroom and find the roll is an 'under', it takes all my effort not to rectify the situation...9.5 times out of 10, I just can't stop myself...I have to change it!

Once I used to say 'at least I'm fortunate, I know what my destiny in life is' matter where I was...whether for work or pleasure...far and wide afield...always, it seemed I was the 'chosen one' to replace a used toilet roll! Hundreds could have gone before me finding the task far too difficult to approach...until I entered the inner sanctum. Without fail, I fulfilled my destiny with aplomb. Now, I don't venture as far afield...and as I live alone, that duty is mine and mine alone! Yep...I'm a happy little vegemite, knowing what my position in life is!

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