Friday, June 23, 2006

Roast Lamb or Tom Cruise?

No competition, in my book! Roast lamb every time. In fact, I think I'd rather choose roast lamb in lieu of men any day! At least, I know what I've got with a leg of lamb and I know it's going to be good! It's consistent and my expectations are met every time! could say I'm in the mood for a juicy, golden roasted leg of lamb. Armed with a bundle of fresh herbs picked straight from my garden, the leg awaits to be studded with garlic and rosemary. I will then place it on a bed of rosemary, oregano and marjoram. I'm already swooning at the thought of the delicious, delectable meal that's ahead for me in a few hours time. My mint has died back during these chillier months, but fortunately I still have stocks of sauce I made when it was abundantly and rampantly taking over my vegetable/herb plot. I've booked myself a date with a leg of lamb with its accompanying roast vegetables tonight. Now, if there's a man around who can beat that, speak now or forever hold your piece...whoops, peace!

Farewell, Harriet...

A solemn cloud fell over Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo and elsewhere yesterday with the announcement of the passing of 'Harriet', the 176 year old Giant Galapagos tortoise, believed to be one of three animals Charles Darwin brought back from his trip to the Galapagos Islands way back in 1835. Later, Darwin gave them to a friend headed for Brisbane. Poor old 'Harriet', for 100 of her 176 years she was thought to be a 'Harry'. Thankfully, this error was recognised in time! One would hate to have had gone through life with mistaken gender! 'Harriet' spent the past twenty or so years in Irwin's she would have had a happy life munching on the hibiscus flowers she loved so dearly. Swing low, sweet brought pleasure to many and you were an important part of history.

No Sex, Please, We're Men!

A comment I read somewhere today caught my interest. 'Do some men have trouble reading women writing about sex?' Ummm...interesting thought. Perhaps men believe women haven't the imaginative minds that would enable them to write descriptively about a subject they, men, believe belongs to them, but I beg to differ. Change that...I don't "beg' to differ". I strongly differ. Women are more capable writing about sex than men as women place a higher value on sex than men do. More demonstrative, (and dare I say, sensitive?) women recognise sex as a wonderfully, powerful, erotic sharing of feelings.

What I find even more interesting is we read openly, without embarrassment, about murders, killings and all forms of violence and torture daily, but how often do you see books of erotica on the shelves or coffee tables in your friends' homes? If they do have them, nine out of ten times, they'll be well hidden, out of sight. It would seem, as a generalisation, we have a problem discussing or reading about sex...or discussing that we're reading about sex! Just a thought!

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