Monday, June 12, 2006

Floundering Whale Backflips Into Shallow End!

Poor Kim Beazley's grasping for straws...again!

When will the Labor Party find a new leader, with new ideas of his who doesn't resort to populism politics. Beazley's worn out his welcome. It's time he packed up his marbles and went back home to Western Australia. He's behind the times...doesn't he realise that the day of union power in this country is over and is likely to continue its downhill slide? Unions will never revert to the strength of previous times. These days, only one in five Aussies are members of a union. And, wait for it...last week it was announced unemployment in this country had dropped to a thirty-year low of below 5 per cent...and that was without the 'aid' of unions.

Of course the Australian Workplace Agreement is going to be attacked each and every which way by Labor...but it's time the Labor Party came to the party! Hawke and Keating instigated labour market reforms years ago with EBA's...enterprise bargaining...John Howard is pushing forwards to the future with AWAs...Beazley is going backwards...with no eye to the future! Howabout a bi-partisan approach to this matter!

Business (both employers and employees) has to become more flexible to be able to thrive and to ensure survival when faced with the increasing competition from countries like China and India.

Don't Beazley and the Labor Party realise they need a new broom?

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